captain's log

but like…

a few members of the team accidentally seeing steve and bucky sitting down on the edge of the tower’s roof, legs dangling over and shoulders brushing, and they think ‘i wonder if something’s wrong’ but then bucky just looks at steve with the brightest smile and steve’s got a happier look in his eyes than any of them even knew he was capable of and bucky tucks steve in under his arm, steve’s head resting on his shoulder, and they both let out this big relieved gasp of laughter and that’s when the team understands

steve wasn’t irritable - he was just lonely

The next time Steve and Bucky appear in a movie together, I want them to be in a fight scene on a helicopter or a very high ledge and Bucky will slip and go tumbling over the edge but Steve will grab him by the tips of his fingers and drag him back up with all his strength and then he’ll kiss Bucky so hard and gasp “not again, I’m not letting you fall again” and then I will cry, you will cry, probably Bucky will cry