captain zap

Memo: Attn. Montgomery Scott

scotty this is your captain

scotty plz

would you just

just stop

oh no

i know you want to protect the ladies but no more jumping in front of beings that control lightning bolts ok

xoxo jim

(also bones will kill me if i let you do that again)

anonymous asked:

Zap? What is that? Lyk.. is it a Zouie thing?? I'm confused

I could have sworn I’ve made a Zap post before, have I not? Either way, I cant find it, so let me just tell you—Yes, its a total Zouis thing!

Let me explain…

So, I couldn’t quite tell you where or when they came up with it, but Zayn and Louis had their little inside jokes and quirks like anyone else has with their friends. I think its not surprise Zayn and Louis both love their comic books and action figures; real man-children they are, but I find that charming and endearing. Anywho, at some point in 2012, they both decided to make up a saying, a phrase, to spread around like all other super heros have regarding their super powers. No one quite knows exactly what its supposed to mean, but according to Zouis, they made up Zap as a way or wishing they could have something, relive something, or do something in an instant. Zayn even got it tattooed on himself because it was such a concept between those two!

I personally, prefer how the original looks more, but that’s just me. Still a very cool and Zayn-like tattoo. Fits his charm and personality well.

Anywho, the very first incident in which we heard of ZAP was actually through Twitter! They had sent a few silly tweets one day using the hashtag #Zap. Nobody had a clue what they were getting at, but they were tweeting at the same time, so everyone was quick to notice that it must be a Zayn/Louis/Zouis thing.

They must have been in or en route to Australia at that time, becuase a few days later, Zayn tweeted this

Which prompted interviewers to start asking what it all meant. The first time they were publicly asked about it was on air in Australia. They were asked what Zap meant, as I believe Zouis made it trend on Twitter or something, but don’t quote me on that. They made a very vague response about what it meant, but made sure to confirm that Zayn and Louis were Zap Captains—Zaptains, as I like to call them—and that the other boys were in the club of Club Zappers, but were NOT the captains. That was strictly for Zayn and Louis.

Now, please, if you all will explain…

If Zap wasn’t a Zouis thing, why are Zayn and Louis the only Zaptains?

Exactly. It’s always been a Zouis thing, despite so many people I’ve seen try and refute that.

The second incident in which Zap was brought up in interview was a year or so later, on their Take Me Home livestream. The boys were asked to explain one of their tattoos. So, naturally, Louis wanted Zayn to brag about their inside joke. This is how it turned out:

Zayn straight up refuting that it had ANY significance to Z*rrie…

“Because that’s private, bro…” STOP, ZAYN. I don’t need this.

Why Louis got so defensive when the meaning of Zap was questioned into existence is beyond me. But i’ll gladly take more of that married banter, thank you.

So, that’s pretty much all that we were ever told about ZAP. It was a Zouis joke, first and foremost, that grew to what it became. But honestly, Who else would LOVE to see Zap make a resurgence?

I hope that answers your question! Thank you for asking! : )

Beatles songs for Band of Brothers characters

AND HERE IS PART THREE OF MY TOTALLY UNPLANNED BUT AWESOME (i hope) HBO WAR PLAYLIST TRILOGY! It’s going behind a read more because it’s insanely long, and I do apologise to anyone who doesn’t have their fav on here, but the cast size and the discography scope could’ve combined to have me doing this forever. I had to throw down some limits. Thank you for coming on this wild ride with me! Or if you’ve just tuned in, welcome, and I hope you enjoy <3

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