captain whizbang

Things to Do at the Carol Corps ATL DragonCon Meetup! Part One

Part One: Learn the Secret Handshake which is in no way a requirement for Corps membership.

Yes, we have a secret handshake. No, you do not need to know it to be part of the Carol Corps. All that requires is that you love Carol Danvers. But, it is pretty fun to have a secret handshake.

Step One: place one fist on your hip.
Step Two: raise your other fist like Rosie the Riveter. Make a “smashing the patriarchy” face.
Step Three: fist bump the other person or persons.
Step Four: Reach up for the sky and open your hand as you raise it. You may make sparkle fingers or go “whoosh!” if you like.

This was developed by the Whizbang of Carols and Corpsmembers at GeekGirlCon 2013, in Seattle, WA.