captain unicorn


“Sir Francis, he was a figurehead of great courage and bold exploits. No one like him ever existed in my family. Why do you think I drink? Because I know I’ll never be like him.”


A/N: My little cousin owns a pink unicorn plush toy and its name is Pinky. Need I say more?

Words: 1227
Warnings: smut

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Sorry for the spoilers! But I had to. I HAD TO. You don’t understand how important this was. How important it was back in Season 1 when it didn’t happen! Finally! FINALLLLLLYYYYYYYY ♥♥♥

“Where are we going?”
”The future.”

Ok, people, it will take a while before I post anything new, so, please, consider this quick celebratory salad of colors a “sorry”.

I’m currently working on a thing for @coinelot , a Merlin/Arthur convention that will be held in Berlin in October.  Do I need to say how excited I am to be able to contribute to all the fun?
Meanwhile, as October’s still a couple of months away, the team has something special to offer to all Merthur fans out there - wall and desk calendars that contain pieces of art created by awesome artists exclusively for the project. If you want a delicious treat for yourself or need a special gift for a friend, take a peek [here], guys.

My stucky fellas, hope to see you in a month or so. ♥


       ❝They took your scroll, Tintin! It’s gone.❞

       ❝How? What happened?❞

       ❝It was Allan! He-He knobbled me in the garden and then…❞

“You mean… love as motivation? Hmm. Humans do claim a great deal for that particular emotion.” 


Well, everyone, life’s been very busy for me, so here’s some soft Spirk. Based on an actual picture of Nimoy and Shatner. Of course, I put Spock in a dress because I think they look too damn good on him! And the infamous Unicorn Dog is present!

I wanted to try out a new brush! It was interesting, but it’s a bit too messy for my liking… Oh well.