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Levels of the ‘80s fantribe, v.2

Bands italicized denote that if you like them then you are AUTOMATICALLY that level and you relate to me in some way.

level 1 - generic ‘you tried’ 80s fan

Duran Duran, Wham!/George Michael, a-ha, Depeche Mode, Madonna, Michael Jackson

level 2 - not as generic but still

Adam Ant, Tears for Fears, The Police, Spandau Ballet, Kajagoogoo, Blondie, Thompson Twins, The Cure

level 3 - good

Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, Madness, ABC, The Bangles, INXS, Wang Chung, Kate Bush

level 4 - hard boiled

The Human League, New Order, Ultravox, Visage, Men At Work, Men Without Hats, Nik Kershaw, Howard Jones, The Buggles, Soft Cell, Go West, The Dream Academy, Kids In The Kitchen

level 5 - ASCENDED

Split eNZ, The Cars, XTC, The Specials, The (English/British) Beat, The Selecter, Devo, The Pretenders, The B-52s, The Jam, The Stranglers, Big Audio Dynamite, Blancmange, Elvis Costello, Talking Heads, Fine Young Cannibals

level 6 - WOW U R SUCH A NERD

Level 42, Pseudo Echo, Icehouse, Yaz(oo), Bow Wow Wow, OMD, A Flock Of Seagulls, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Haircut 100, Heaven 17, NKOTB, Roxette, Simple Minds, The Fixx, Cutting Crew


Scritti Politti, The Associates, Lipps Inc., Johnny Hates Jazz, Martha & The Muffins, Models, Breathe, Living In A Box, Mike + The Mechanics, Pel Mel, ART OF NOISE, King, Big Pig, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Bros, Captain + Tennille


On this day in music history: June 21, 1975 - “Love Will Keep Us Together” by The Captain & Tennille hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 4 weeks. Written by Neil Sedaka and Howard Greenfield, it is the first chart topping single for the husband and wife duo. The song is originally recorded by Sedaka in 1973 and included on his album “The Tra-La Days Are Over”. The album is a collaboration between the singer/songwriter and the band 10cc. It is not released in the US, but tracks from the set are issued in November 1974 on the US compilation “Sedaka’s Back”. It is here that The Captain & Tennille hear the song, and record it for their debut release on A&M Records. As a nod to Neil Sedaka, Toni Tennille name checks him by singing the line “Sedaka is back” during the play out section of the song. Issued as a single in March of 1975, their version quickly becomes a smash. Entering the Hot 100 at #98 on April 19, 1975, it climbs to the top of the chart nine weeks later. “Love Will Keep Us Together” wins the Grammy Award for Record Of The Year, and is ranked the top single of 1975 by Billboard Magazine. The Captain & Tennille also record a Spanish language version of the track (“Por Amor Viviremos”, translated by Armando Martinez) that also charts, peaking at #49 on the Hot 100 on September 13, 1975. “Love Will Keep Us Together” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Legends of Tomorrow — S1E1  {Sentence Starters}

  • ❛❛ He has achieved what no one in human history ever has. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What’s your name…? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Your mother was brave. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We are not warriors. We possess no army. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ The golden age of gasoline engines, online pornography, and those silly little smartphones. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ This feels good, being back in the field. Not that this is a field, but… ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Too late to turn back now. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ My night’s about to get a whole lot worse, isn’t it? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ They have guns. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Join me for a drink? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I have come quite a long way to meet you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I thought I told you to be careful! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ What’s the use of sharing my intelligence if you won’t listen? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You, my love, almost got us killed. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Cops’ll never hassle a dad buying diapers in the middle of the night. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Why don’t you ask the dude who knocked us out and kidnapped us? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ While you were incapacitated, I may have tampered with your weapons. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You got the wrong guy. ‘Hero’ ain’t on my resume. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ It’s fun to watch you kick and punch and skewer bad guys, but I need a minute of your time. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’m as trusting as you are cynical. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I died once. At least, the world thought I did. You know what happened? Nothing. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ God, if you only knew how I loved you, and how much… how much it hurt every time he took you away from me. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Be a hero in the light. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You’ve lived in the shadows long enough. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I can’t believe you’re thinking of hooking up with the Englishman. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I have no desire to save the world. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We hate working and we love money. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You want me in, I’m in. But I’m not gonna be anyone’s hero. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Do you have any idea what an extraordinary opportunity we’ve been given? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I think we’re being punked… do people still say ‘punked’? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You don’t look too happy to be here. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Whatever you roofied him with, I’d like some. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Just hang on and remain calm. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I can’t believe you kidnapped me. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Why does this stupid station play nothing but reruns? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You still don’t remember me, do you? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I don’t remember you. I’m so sorry. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ The more the world is focused on destroying itself, the less it notices an immortal psychopath in its midst. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Who wants to listen to some Captain and Tennille? My mother played it. A lot. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You’re not my type. But your lady, on the other hand… well, she looks just my speed. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Me being here - it’s all a big mistake. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ You need to get us out of here now! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We’re not going anywhere unless our son’s coming with us. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We go out for one lousy drink, and you guys somehow manage to pick a fight with Boba Fett. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ We’ve barely begun, and already this is the worst, unmitigated disaster of my career. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I see why you got the hots for that one. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ My son is hurt because of you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Start telling the truth! ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Of course I lied to you. I needed your help. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t kill you. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I like being part of a team, man. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ If we have the power to change the world, don’t you think we have the power to change our own fate? ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I like killing people. ❜❜
  • ❛❛ I’m just trying to make this world a better place, one war at a time. ❜❜

I love how beautiful David Productions is making the Stardust Crusaders’ antagonists.  As sacrilegious as it is to say, I think it looks better than the manga.  But also love the attention to detail.  The cards are the same.  Devo has the same scars.  The Imposter still has his douchey goatee.  IT. IS. AWESOME.

I couldn’t create this kind of monstrosity and keep it all to myself, so here it is: my ultimate Supernatural playlist, Greatest Hits of the Mullet Rock!

On this playlist you will find almost every single song ever played on Supernatural, as well as tracks that had episodes named after them, songs that were referenced on the show, and pieces from the score. There is also a “lite version” for those of you who don’t want the instrumentals, anemic pop music, or “Carry On Wayward Son” repeated more than ten times.

I hope you enjoy rocking out to this playlist as much as I enjoyed putting it together. The entire very long track listing is below!

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okay, i’m too stressed looking at election results (fuck you florida, get your shit together) so have a stripper au i was too chickenshit to post (bc i don’t really like stripper aus, so this was a challenge). i don’t think i posted this already, but i did share it with a bunch of people privately so my brain is all confused. ~1700 words, adorable cat named pizza

“Come here often?”


Eren looked around at the half naked bodies lining the stage and the horny middle-aged women screaming at them and Jean smirking as the stripper pulled him into the VIP room.

“Relax, it was a joke.”

The man pushed him into the dimly lit room.

“Sit, but try to only sit on one asscheek these cushions have so much shit and spit and cum on them it’ll make your head spin.”

Eren’s mouth hung open, still a little buzzed from the shots earlier until the words registered.

“You’re…not very good at sexytalk,” Eren said.

“Not paid to talk, I’m paid to dance,” the stripper said, teasing by dipping his fingers down beneath his thong.

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Belli aralıklarla kendini gösteren, kendimi pofuduk yastıkların arasına attığım, kucağımı yiyebileceğim en saçma atıştırmalıklarla doldurduğum, bacaklarımla kalorifer peteğine sarıldığım günler var. Yoğun duygu değişimleri ve ani dert güncellemeleri beni mahvetmeden önce açıp bir Jane Austen romanı okur veya Sex and the City’i yeniden izlerim. Filme ne kadar hayran olduğumu bir başka günün yazısı olarak saklayıp birkaç müthiş müziğinden bahsedeceğim:

Title: Love Will Keep Us Together

Author: @blaineandsamevanderson

Fandom: Legends of Tomorrow with The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow

Ship: Captain Canary

Rating: G

Summary: During a little post mission multi team gathering, a certain song is played….



After fishing a very disgruntled Leonard Snart out of the time stream, Team Legends decided to head back to Central City for a little R&R.  Of course, given their luck, they popped up in the middle of another battle, Teams Flash, Arrow & Supergirl vs some particularly nasty meta-humans.  Because, well what else would they do, they joined in and the battle was wrapped up in fairly short order.

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characters not taken for badlydrawns/poorlydrawns
  • part 1: poco,dire,ton petty, jack the ripper,wang chan, dubbie,bruford and tarkus,dario brando,george joestar,pajyu,jones,pluton,barnum
  • part 2: mark, messina and loggins, Bruto,Wired Beck,mario zepelli,donovan
  • part 3: gray fly/tower,captain tennille(dark blue moon),jgiel(hanged man),zz(wheel of fortune),justice,lovers,empress,death 13,cameo(judgement),high priestess,chaka,osiris,atum,kennyG,willson phillips,oldsuzieq,roses,Malèna,
  • part 4: echoes,badcompany,nijimura dad,Tamami Kobayashi(thelock),Toshikazu Hazamada,harvest,Yoshihiro Kira,Ken Oyanagi(boy II man),highway star,enigma,Ryohei Higashikata,Anjuro Katagiri(aqua necklace),Aya Tsuji(cinderella),Masazo Kinoto(cheap trick),koichis family,Mushikuidenai
  • part 5: doppio, formaggio, gold experience,sticky fingers,moody blues,purple haze,aerosmith,spice girl,polpo,gironos mom,buccelatis dad,sale(kraftwork),mario zucchero(softmachine),littlefeet,maninthemirror,grateful dead,baby face,talking head,clash,greenday,part 5 silver chariot,leaky eye luca
  • part 6: kiss,diverdown,stand weatherreport,,guess(googoodolls),whitesnake,c-moon,lang wrangler(jump'in jack flash),thunder mcqueen,johngalli,miraschon(marilyonmanson),miuccia miuller(jailhouserock),sportsmaxx,guccio,viviano westwood(planet waves),kenzo(dragonsdreams),DandG(yoyoma),green baby,ungaro,underworld,romeo,hermes sister
  • part 7: ball breaker,pocoloco(hey ya),sandman(in a silent way),the boomboom family,oyecomova,gyros dad,mrs.Robinson,fritz von stroheim,Pork Pie Hat Kid,scarlet,Norisuke Higashikata, urmad avdol,danny,diegos mom,eleven men,Nicholas Joestar, george joestar,civil war
  • light novels: EVERYONE but jorge joestar
  • spin offs: EVERYONE
  • previous works: EVERYONE SOME ONE DO BAOH
  • other works: EVERYONE
  • hopes this helps for any new up and comers
  • EDIT: i update the list regularly i reblog each update so dont use this list in particular just find the most recent list reblog from me

stillthewordgirl  asked:

#captain canary, #48, if you can! :) Please and thanks!

So not sure this will be quite what you had in mind, but after the idea came up I couldn’t help it.

Captain Canary - Established relationship

               Leonard watched Sara dress from his place on her bed, running a silent bet with himself to how many weapons she could fit in the tight jeans and black top. “Enjoying the view?” she glanced over her shoulder at him.

               He smirked, “Always.” He shifted to his feet, walking over to rest his hands on her waist from behind. “But I like it better when you’re taking things off.”

               She rolled her eyes, tilting her head back to place a kiss against his jaw. “That comes later.”

               “Promise?” he whispers against the shell of her ear, causing a shiver down her spine. She just hums in response, then steps away to pick up her simple necklace from the desk. He follows, this time reaching around her. “Allow me?”

               She smiles, giving him the chain before reaching back to hold her hair out of the way. “Thanks,”

               He fastens the small clasp, pressing a kiss between her shoulders before stepping back. “Anytime.”

               Now it’s her turn to watch; leaning back against the desk as he opens their shared closet. Her eyes wander over the scars on his back, down to where his tight jeans accent his – “Now who’s enjoying the show?” he drawls, smirking as he pulls on a shirt and grabs his leather jacket. Holstering his Coldgun in one smooth motion as he saunters back over to her.

               “Like you mind,” she peers up at him.

               “Well, I am quite a catch.” He steps between her legs, hands spreading on the desk at either side of her.

               “It’s your humble nature I love so much.” She grins, tilting her head slightly, “We’re going to be late.”

               “Timeship,” he leans to capture her lips, only pulling back when they are both breathless. Her hands have moved to hold the lapels of his jacket, and for a moment he thinks she’ll pull him back down, give up on their plans.

               “Come on Crook,” She pushes him back so she can get to her feet. “You owe me a drink.” She makes for the door, pausing to look back at him. “I’m going to go tell Jax he’s in charge until we get back, meet you on the jumpship.”

               He just nods, waiting until the door has closed once more to move to the closet. Kneeling he pops open a compartment on the floorboard, retrieving the small velvet box which he tucks carefully into his coat. He’s made it halfway down the hall when he bumps into Raymond. “So did I hear you and Sara are having date night?”

               “I don’t see how it’s your business.”

               “Where are you taking her?” The other man asks.

               “If you must know,” Leonard allows a huff of play frustration. “We’re going to a bar in the 70’s”

               The scientists brow furrows. “A…bar?”

               “Yes, and if we are lucky we’ll get into a nice brawl before getting thrown out.” He crosses his arms across his chest. “Any more questions?”

               By now Palmer is simply staring at him, “You know…after that last trip when Sara took you to steal from the Mafia and you were nearly shot, I really didn’t think the two of you could get less romantic.”

               Leonard tilted his head slightly in response, “And what has ever made you think either of us are romantic?” He shook his head, “You can keep your sappy gestures Boyscout.” And with that he brushed past the younger man and made his way toward the Jumpship once more.

Other Notes:
I feel like the pair are actually very romantic in their own ways, it’s just far from traditional.

Also; details that wouldn’t fit in this drabble. After drinks he turns on Captain & Tennille, there’s some dancing, and after they enjoy the bar fight he proposes. 

Still taking requests (x)

jjba characters who do not have eyebrows

i didnt include unnamed characters, animals, random zombies and characters who otherwise are not human in appearance. some names may be missing from the list. some may be incorrect because i used mainly just pictures from wiki because i didnt feel like browsing through entire manga just to check which characters have eyebrows.

  • Dire
  • Dario Brando
  • Tonpetty
  • Tarkus (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Esidisi
  • Loggins
  • Polnareff
  • Impostor Captain Tennille
  • J. Geil
  • Khan
  • Daniel J. D'Arby
  • Kenny G.
  • Nukesaku
  • Okuyasu Nijimura (sometimes he appears to have eyebrows but mostly he doesnt seem to have eyebrows)
  • Ken Oyanagi
  • Anjuro Katagiri
  • Pesci
  • Cioccolata  (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Secco (arguably. its not easy to tell with the mask thing)
  • Ghiaccio (arguably. i cant be 100% sure with the glasses obstructing view)
  • Carne
  • Loccobarocco
  • Guccio (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Benjamin Boom Boom
  • Dot Han (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Tsurugi Higashikata (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • A. Phex Brothers 
  • Tamaki Damo

The song that plays over Nathan’s Bronco’s radio at end of the episode is “Love Will Keep Us Together,” made famous by Captain & Tennille. It was the song that played on the Audrey’s bedside radio as she first woke up in the first scene of Haven’s first episode, which we now know was the first moment that Agent Howard awoke her in the original Barn and the first moment that Audrey Parker, as we know her, came into existence. The song was specifically chosen back then not just because it’s cheesy- as noted by Audrey - who complains when she hears it again in her car in the pilot episode; but because the song spoke to the message at the core of the show and her relationship with Nathan.


After Leonard’s inevitable return to Team Legends, they head back to Central City 2016 for a break and wind up in the middle of a multi-team battle.  After they win, of course, all the teams are at STAR Labs, chatting when suddenly Mick bellows, “Ah ha!  Yes!”

Everyone looks up and he’s over by the computers.  Team’s Arrow and Flash have a moment of freaking out before music pours out of the speakers.

What song is it?

A little ditty called Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille.  

While Team’s Flash and Arrow are baffled and watch Mick shuffle to the song, Leonard tips his head to the side and raises a brow to Sara. “Assassin.”

She smiles at him.  “Thief.”

That’s all the communication they need as Leonard pushes off of the wall and offers Sara his hand so they can dance.

Now everyone is equally gobsmacked.  “What in the…is that….?” Cisco says,  baffled that a Lance sister is dancing with Leonard Snart.

“That is Captain Canary,” Jax says, cuz he and the rest of Team Legends are happy for them.

Quentin just sigh because he’s given up questioning Sara’s taste in men and just wants her to be happy.

in a practical light:

Been out of here for a while because fuck this hurts.

So I finally was able to put together the arguments I’ve forgotten few days back.
But ok, this is what I think.
Seeing things in a very practical way.

Please, take off your fan and shipper glasses and think with me.

  1. Heavyweight: Wentworth is the biggest name in LOT. Of course you have Victor Garbin who has done many movies and is certainly respected in the field as he should be but if we are speaking of popularity specially among teen and adults viewers (the ones who get the ships floating) Wentworth is their guy, the heavyweight in the cast.
    So if you have this actor compromised to this character (who is a very important one not only in the arrowverse but in the comics) topping this show, you wouldnt write him off like that.
    The way I see it is that Went is busy with Prison Break right now and needed time to shoot that. So the writers saw the last events as an opening to allow him to do both. But of course, why not add the drama to it?
  2. Hook: That takes us to whats the ship with most followers in this show? Captain Canary. So while Captain has to be a time away, lets give them what they want WHILE planting a hook for the next season. A good show/book has to have hooks. And then BAM! Destiny happens and we, poor bastards that we are, are now miserable together while reinforcing why we ship and love CC as much as we do in a daily-basis.
  3. Captain Canary: while we had cc moments here and there throughout the season, many happening off script because of the actors own accord, EVERY scene with Snart and Sara in Destiny was a scripted CC scene. So why would they develop these two characters’ bond (and yes, romantically) so thoroughly , considering none of them have an easy time with feelings (which was stated by BOTH in the show) only to… kill the ship as soon as it happened? This would a not only exceedingly stupid, but could also be suicidal for the show.
    Ps. The Virus playing Captain and Tennille can only be a tribute to the ship. Not only that but it’s the creators official stamp recognizing that first scene at the bar as an OFFICIAL CC scene.
  4. Numbers: which brings us to what makes TV shows possible. As TBBT’s Sheldon has once said: “We are living in the golden age of television”. We have many good shows on air or in the making/production and that’s good. But that just raises the stakes of the competitive edge of the business. Many good shows have been cancelled before for one reason only: not enough viewers. The latest example being Agent Carter, a show I haven’t watched, but am very aware of its popularity. LOT has to be even more careful about this because it’s a very expensive production, so they can’t play with their chances as much.
    Now this reminds me of fans of Arrow (now referred to as Error, apparently) complaining about Oliver’s endgame being Felicity instead of Laurel. If you think as the creator of the show, you can’t really blame him for giving the fans what they want (and I’m referring to Olicity here, NOT Laurel’s death. Don’t get me started on this). And they did this ignoring the fact that Oliver and Laurel ARE canon in their source material. But why would they kill a ship that has become so popular among the viewers?
    So that brings us back to Captain Canary. Contrary to Oliver and Laurel, neither Leonard Snart nor Sara Lance (who was created by the show) have a predetermined romance in the comic. So it’s even more logical for this to happen. Nothing is on the way.
  5. LGBTQIA: the only complains concerning the pairing I’ve seen are that they erase Sara and Leonard’s sexualities. Now, while Sara is bi in canon and has been involved with women in the show, there is no evidence or official word from the creators that Snart is pan. I like to see him through Went’s eyes when he pitched his characters as pan, but his word is not final. That aside, I’ll continue believing that everyone who is reading this is well informed about what Bisexuality and Pansexuality mean. If not, go wikipedia yourself.
    Now, to appease these critics, they may have Sara getting involved with another woman some time during next season. Something I personally would hate to happen. And no, it wouldnt matter to me if it was a woman or a man. There’s no way that what happened to Leonard doesn’t become a kind of trauma for Sara and Mick. I mean, for all, but specially for them who were not only closer to him but were there moments before it happened. If the writers ignore this, Sara opening up to Snart, to start something with him, and Mick finally having his partnership with Snart back, then I’ll loose the rest of my shit.
  6. Hawkman: Now, why did Hawkman return? He wasn’t important to the story anymore. His love story with Kendra wasn’t that popular among or attractive to the fans. He can’t kill Savage. Kendra was with Ray and was happy. He wasn’t around enough to become a likeable character to the viewers. So why? Because he is an important character in the comics.
    Now, you reverse everything I’ve just stated about Hawkman and there you have Captain Cold. Just as important in the comics, but also one of the most beloved characters in the SHOW.
  7. how and when:
    1. flashback: no. they can’t make use of Went only for flashbacks. why would we need Leonard Snart’s flashbacks? only if it was a way to save him. other than that, they are useless to the story.
    2. earth-2: no. leonard snart is the mayor there. what would the poor guy do in this plot? and that be the same to erase the comic character/villain(-turned-hero).
    3. doppelganger: as in from the past? moments before rip recruited them? hmmm… maybe. id find that lousy considering the major development of the character.
    4. leonard himself: changed, probably, due to the occulus. meta-snart? maybe. leonard stranded somewhere? perhaps.
  8. Went as recurring actor: this annoys me as well, but it may be a temporary fix while he is busy with Prison Break, where he is the main one. For example, they can’t kill Heatwave in LOT. It would be laughable. And it’s ok, because Went’s role is bigger in PB than Dominic’s.

if you made it till here, do you agree with me? or am i trippin’? ☺

by the end of this my dog was jumping at me and ALMOST deleted everything! uuuuuuf…