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Belli aralıklarla kendini gösteren, kendimi pofuduk yastıkların arasına attığım, kucağımı yiyebileceğim en saçma atıştırmalıklarla doldurduğum, bacaklarımla kalorifer peteğine sarıldığım günler var. Yoğun duygu değişimleri ve ani dert güncellemeleri beni mahvetmeden önce açıp bir Jane Austen romanı okur veya Sex and the City’i yeniden izlerim. Filme ne kadar hayran olduğumu bir başka günün yazısı olarak saklayıp birkaç müthiş müziğinden bahsedeceğim:


After Leonard’s inevitable return to Team Legends, they head back to Central City 2016 for a break and wind up in the middle of a multi-team battle.  After they win, of course, all the teams are at STAR Labs, chatting when suddenly Mick bellows, “Ah ha!  Yes!”

Everyone looks up and he’s over by the computers.  Team’s Arrow and Flash have a moment of freaking out before music pours out of the speakers.

What song is it?

A little ditty called Love Will Keep Us Together by Captain & Tennille.  

While Team’s Flash and Arrow are baffled and watch Mick shuffle to the song, Leonard tips his head to the side and raises a brow to Sara. “Assassin.”

She smiles at him.  “Thief.”

That’s all the communication they need as Leonard pushes off of the wall and offers Sara his hand so they can dance.

Now everyone is equally gobsmacked.  “What in the…is that….?” Cisco says,  baffled that a Lance sister is dancing with Leonard Snart.

“That is Captain Canary,” Jax says, cuz he and the rest of Team Legends are happy for them.

Quentin just sigh because he’s given up questioning Sara’s taste in men and just wants her to be happy.

characters not taken for badlydrawns/poorlydrawns
  • part 1: poco,dire,ton petty, jack the ripper,wang chan, dubbie,bruford and tarkus,dario brando,george joestar,pajyu,jones,pluton,barnum
  • part 2: mark, messina and loggins, Bruto,Wired Beck,mario zepelli,donovan
  • part 3: gray fly/tower,captain tennille(dark blue moon),jgiel(hanged man),zz(wheel of fortune),justice,lovers,empress,death 13,cameo(judgement),high priestess,chaka,osiris,atum,kennyG,willson phillips,oldsuzieq,roses,Malèna,
  • part 4: echoes,badcompany,nijimura dad,Tamami Kobayashi(thelock),Toshikazu Hazamada,harvest,Yoshihiro Kira,Ken Oyanagi(boy II man),highway star,enigma,Ryohei Higashikata,Anjuro Katagiri(aqua necklace),Aya Tsuji(cinderella),Masazo Kinoto(cheap trick),koichis family,Mushikuidenai
  • part 5: doppio, formaggio, gold experience,sticky fingers,moody blues,purple haze,aerosmith,spice girl,polpo,gironos mom,buccelatis dad,sale(kraftwork),mario zucchero(softmachine),littlefeet,maninthemirror,grateful dead,baby face,talking head,clash,greenday,part 5 silver chariot,leaky eye luca
  • part 6: kiss,diverdown,stand weatherreport,,guess(googoodolls),whitesnake,c-moon,lang wrangler(jump'in jack flash),thunder mcqueen,johngalli,miraschon(marilyonmanson),miuccia miuller(jailhouserock),sportsmaxx,guccio,viviano westwood(planet waves),kenzo(dragonsdreams),DandG(yoyoma),green baby,ungaro,underworld,romeo,hermes sister
  • part 7: ball breaker,pocoloco(hey ya),sandman(in a silent way),the boomboom family,oyecomova,gyros dad,mrs.Robinson,fritz von stroheim,Pork Pie Hat Kid,scarlet,Norisuke Higashikata, urmad avdol,danny,diegos mom,eleven men,Nicholas Joestar, george joestar,civil war
  • light novels: EVERYONE but jorge joestar
  • spin offs: EVERYONE
  • previous works: EVERYONE SOME ONE DO BAOH
  • other works: EVERYONE
  • hopes this helps for any new up and comers
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jjba characters who do not have eyebrows

i didnt include unnamed characters, animals, random zombies and characters who otherwise are not human in appearance. some names may be missing from the list. some may be incorrect because i used mainly just pictures from wiki because i didnt feel like browsing through entire manga just to check which characters have eyebrows.

  • Dire
  • Dario Brando
  • Tonpetty
  • Tarkus (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Esidisi
  • Loggins
  • Polnareff
  • Impostor Captain Tennille
  • J. Geil
  • Khan
  • Daniel J. D'Arby
  • Kenny G.
  • Nukesaku
  • Okuyasu Nijimura (sometimes he appears to have eyebrows but mostly he doesnt seem to have eyebrows)
  • Ken Oyanagi
  • Anjuro Katagiri
  • Pesci
  • Cioccolata  (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Secco (arguably. its not easy to tell with the mask thing)
  • Ghiaccio (arguably. i cant be 100% sure with the glasses obstructing view)
  • Carne
  • Loccobarocco
  • Guccio (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Benjamin Boom Boom
  • Dot Han (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • Tsurugi Higashikata (arguably. its hard to tell if thats shading or eyebrows)
  • A. Phex Brothers 
  • Tamaki Damo

The song that plays over Nathan’s Bronco’s radio at end of the episode is “Love Will Keep Us Together,” made famous by Captain & Tennille. It was the song that played on the Audrey’s bedside radio as she first woke up in the first scene of Haven’s first episode, which we now know was the first moment that Agent Howard awoke her in the original Barn and the first moment that Audrey Parker, as we know her, came into existence. The song was specifically chosen back then not just because it’s cheesy- as noted by Audrey - who complains when she hears it again in her car in the pilot episode; but because the song spoke to the message at the core of the show and her relationship with Nathan.

So Sara and Leonard disabled Time Masters’ ships by some kind of external devices that overridden their main drives and played “Love will keep us together” by Captain & Tennille.

The very same song that was playing in a bar on their first mission.

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