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CS little moments appreciation [14/?]

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I think that this right here is one of the things I love most about Killian. Because although he’s kind of arrogant when it comes to the shallow stuff like the way he looks, or the way he handles his sword, when it comes to the things that are deep inside like the hero that he has become, or his good heart within, he gets really uncomfortable with handling a compliment. 

Because in opposed to knowing all his life that he’s good looking, and an amazing pirate, he kept doubting himself regarding the kind of person he was. And he was constantly feeling and having others calling him a villain. So when someone comes and sees the goodness within his heart, giving him a compliment about the kind of person that he is, he’s not too good in accepting it and it makes him feel uncomfortable. This is an unfamiliar territory for him. The same thing happened back in 3x05 when David acknowledged to the rest that Hook saved his life. Back then, and long after, you can see how embarrassed he gets by the compliments that truly matter to him. The ones he truly want to hear, but is too insecure to actually feel comfortable about hearing them.  

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Killian gets impatient in the wish!realm

I just finished this art for a fic someone is writing on IG, I have no idea what it’s about, lol. @afairytaleprincess asked for a timelapse of my process so here’s a thing. I just made layer comps as I went but it gives you an idea. There’s alot of clean up in between but my psd was almost 2 gigs so I didn’t keep all of those layers. 

A smile unfolds on her lips as she picks up the pen and signs her name on Henry’s field trip permission form. Emma Swan.

She pauses for a moment as her finger glides across the sparkling gem on her finger–it’s heavy for sure, but with it on, she’s never felt lighter.

Biting her lip, she scratches her signature out.  Writes it again.  Emma Jones.

Or maybe… She tries one more time.  Emma Swan-Jones.

Is she the hyphenating type?  She’s never been with someone long enough to have to think this part through.

She leaves the form as is, leans back in her chair, and casts another glance at the ring.  For him, it’s a reminder; for her, it is too.  A reminder that she has all the time in the world to decide what she wants.  

And as for who she wants?  She’s got that part down.