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Here’s another video from last weekend where Jen is talking about how amazing her and Colin got along right from the beginning. She also says her favorite Captain Swan moment is coming up but we haven’t seen it yet, squee!

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There is also THIS picture: with and Giles (as Gideon) and that makes me believe even more that Gideon indeed pretends to be the bartender

Ahhhh yes, I recall this pic now (see what I mean about it not connecting ‘directly’ to my interest, and it slips my mind). He could very much be pretending to be the bartender… it does look like they are dressed similarly. 

What this reminds me of is the scene on the docks in 6.05. Theory started going around that Emma was actually the EQ in disguise in that scene and it wasn’t a genuine Captain Swan moment like it originally appeared to be. Of course that theory was proven completely wrong (even I had accepted it as a possibility by the time the episode aired). And I’ve seen so many other negative theories in the past that have been proven wrong - and then some proven right (as in Killian was, in fact, the man who murdered Robert Nolan).

Which comes back to… let’s wait and see what happens in the episode before getting all upset over something. Like I don’t see them going this route this theory suggests. I honestly never would’ve come to the conclusion on my own if that ask hadn’t appeared in my inbox (which that’s how these troll theories really kick off, isn’t it?). I may be blinded by my faith in the writers (again), or maybe others are blinded by their lack of faith. 

And at the end of the day, this whole thing? Doesn’t even matter one damn bit in the long run because we know Captain Swan ‘fixes’ what’s broken at this current moment. So who really gives a shit either way what happens here? (this last part direct at myself as well. LOL)

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Just a little Saturday morning smutlet…happy weekend!

She’s humming to herself as she scrubs at the remnants of cinnamon stuck in the depths of her mug and doesn’t hear him approach from behind, his bare feet making little sound on the hardwood as he cages her in with his arms. He chuckles at her flinch and she flicks the water from her fingers over her shoulder in retaliation.

“Sorry, love, didn’t mean to startle you.”

“Yes you did.”

He doesn’t respond, instead seeking the soft skin behind her ear with his slightly wet nose, his lips pressing a smile along her neck when he feels her responsive shiver.

“I was getting lonely.”

“I’ve only been over here for a few minutes…”

Who is she kidding? The way their lives are, a few minutes might be all they have before someone comes crashing through their door with a problem that just must be solved.

The grumble he mumbles against her skin sounds like an agreement to her unspoken thought.

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just want to say, I LOVE Killian’s reaction when David asks him for help with his dad. Like “yeah okay but are you sure you don’t want to ask my girlfriend, she’s the sheriff and the Savior and magical and awesome, she’s definitely better at this than I am” without a hint of embarrassment or swallowing of male ego or pride. If anything, he’s a bit hesitant to do the thing himself, because he knows Emma’s better suited to this than he is, and that’s just the truth. And he has no qualms admitting it or pointing it out.


valentine’s day - Captain Swan 
                      { Emma Swan & Killian Jones } ♥
                         “I guess my armor’s been on for such a long time 
                            that I… sometimes I forget I don’t need it with you”