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Dance With Demons - Ch. 30 - Partners

Killian Jones is fighting a losing battle with his vice and hiding it behind his music persona. Emma Swan is the cop who arrests him for it. But that isn’t the first time the two of them have met. After Emma impulsively offers him her apartment to recover away from the tabloids, it also won’t be the last. For her it’s just giving someone a chance she never had. But can it be more? Read the rest here.

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Warning: Contains mentions of alcohol abuse.

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Emma slid out from the bed, re-tucking Killian’s arm under the blanket from where it had been wrapped around her waist. She hadn’t slept so well in years, as cliché as it felt to her, yet she had. Probably because she felt safe. That made her nearly cringe. Emma wasn’t used to someone else making her feel safe. She’d only ever been her own ally. Hell, she’d spent far too many nights after the first Neal debacle sleeping in the backseat of her Bug and made it through that. It was almost too much to think that she had felt so safe with someone else. Both because she needed no one. And also, secretly, upset that she’d gone so long without letting anyone in when she could have been slowly shedding the exhaustion she had worn as a coat for years.

Honestly, despite the mild panic bubbling under the surface, Emma wasn’t exactly pleased at the prospect of being out of bed, feet shifting on the cold hardwood floor, but that Chinese the night before had made her parched. She needed a drink. Emma glanced back at Killian, studying his slow breathing to make sure he was still asleep before tip toing from the room. The last thing she wanted after Killian being so nervous about sleeping with her was to wake up to an empty bed. But Killian was still exhausted and healing. She really didn’t want to wake him up yet. Also, with Regina slated to arrive sometime that day with the contracts for Emma, Killian having promised to contact her and from what Killian had told Emma about his manager, Killian could use all the sleep he could get.

Emma crept down the stairs, moving quietly until she was far enough away from the bedroom that her steps wouldn’t wake Killian. Once she was walking at her normal pace it only took moments to be standing in front of the open fridge in the kitchen. It was a little strange, moving around someone else’s house as if she belonged there. Rooting through a fridge that looked like a transformer to find something that wasn’t liquefied kale, even though it warmed her to see Killian still used the substance even weeks after Emma had first showed up at it. Wearing his old sweats as if they were hers. Like she belonged somewhere other than her tiny shoebox of an apartment.

Even in the Nolan’s house, Emma had always waited to ask permission to take food or occupy the television, especially after the debacle with the Neal case where she knew they were terribly disappointed in her failures. Emma hadn’t ever belonged anywhere. Not in the foster homes that cycled her around because she got herself labelled as a trouble maker, a runner, an aggressive teen and everyone was too scared to take on the challenge for more than a few months. Not in the patrol unit she’d been placed in that judged her before they even knew half the story. Not even in her own skin.

But in Killian’s house, she felt free to do as she pleased. Digging through the fridge was a far cry from the home when she was six that chained the fridge doors closed and only fed her when she deserved it.

How Killian had crept up on her, given her this after their very rocky start, blew her mind.

Shook her to her very core too.

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