Oh, Natalie Abrams. We meet again.

PLEASE, for the love of Loki don’t read into any of Natalie Abrams editorial comments in the new EW article (x). Don’t do it to yourself. Natalie Abrams has a very specific history. She baits. And she baits based on complete SPECULATION. It’s what she does. It’s what many entertainment journalists do. Remember, in 4B she also intimated something about August and Emma that upset CSers. That never came to pass. Plus, Natalie is not a Captain Swan shipper. She has previously made that abundantly clear. 

Natalie’s comments about Regina possibly being the new Savior weren’t a direct quote from Eddy or Adam. They were just supposition. Mere speculation. If it were Leanne, maybe I’d take them more seriously. But given Natalie’s shady history, I’m completely disregarding them. So please, don’t let Natalie upset you. She’s not worth it. 

Captain Swan spec based on the new EW article about Dark Emma

According to Eddy Kitsis, OUAT is going to be exploring “love and what happens when you use it as a weapon.” (x) Reading that sentence I immediately recalled one of the last times that phrase was used on the show, when Killian said to Belle in 4x12 “love is a weapon, as dangerous and persuasive as magic.” Now that conversation was in the context of how the previous Dark One, Rumple, used Killian’s love for Emma to manipulate him. Is it a coincidence that Eddy is using practically the same exact phrasing in the EW article? I think not. 

We’ve seen Killian manipulated by the Dark One before due to his love for Emma. Would Emma, as the new Dark One, be willing to use Killian’s love for her against him? And that idea also extends to the Charmings too—would Emma use the Charmings & Henry’s love for her against them

Interestingly enough, considering these possibilities makes Emma an even more fearsome Dark One than Rumple ever was for Rumple was never really loved by anyone other than Belle. If Love is a weapon as dangerous as magic, Emma possesses that in DROVES. She has MANY people in Storybrooke who love her deeply and she can use that to her advantage. That’s a quality that Rumple never contained and in fact, makes her pretty dang POWERFUL. 

“How a Dark One manifests is specific to each person who takes on the mantle”

This, right here is the most important thing about what they said. (x)

I’ve been receiving a lot of asks since the finale aired regarding Emma as the dark one and something I noticed is that some people think that the fact that she’s now the DO immediately turns her into Rumple 2, or means that her heart is now completely black.

A&E here confirmed what I’ve been answering to these Anons. That Emma is different. She is a powerful hero, full of light. She will be facing the darkness very differently from Rumple, who was a weak person before he became the DO.

And more importantly, the way we see Emma facing her situation, will inflect the responsibility that Rumple had on his behavior. Because DO or not, Rumple had a choice. He could have chose Belle and Bealfire, but he chose the darkness instead. Emma would choose the light over the darkness, Hook and Henry over this new power. I’m positive of this! She would be the first person to fight and win the DO within.