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Vintage Bars and Ballrooms

Steve Rogers x Reader Modern!AU

Summary: Tony tries to hook his assistant with his ‘muscly virgin’ friend, Steve. But she just can’t take this also muscly guy she met in a vintage bar in Brooklyn out of her mind.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings, implied sexy times!
5,826 words

Notes: I’ve been writing this for weeks, lmao. I feel like Steve is too ooc but WELL, Steve Rogers is a kinky bitch and no one can tell me otherwise. This is based on the 4th prompt of this AU list but slightly changed! This is the dress I mentioned down there if you want to see aaand I guess that’s it. Hope you guys enjoy! HAPPY READING. <3

You were unusually late and disheveled, your ponytail with strands falling over your face as you tried to balance Tony and Pepper’s coffee, the meeting files you had to study in the night before and your shoulder bag all while trying to find your badge in the mess inside of it. 

Happy, being the kind soul and good samaritan he was, immediately recognized you and asked for the security guard to free your entry, an amused smile curving his lips as he watched your struggles by the reception table. 

Oh, Happy. Always the charmer.

As you finally stepped into the elevator (thankfully empty), you couldn’t help but let out a loud sigh of relief, setting for bag down for a moment as you tried to right yourself while still holding the cups of coffee. 

If you were a lucky girl, you’d probably arrive before your two bosses arrived (which usually happened), but because you were unfortunately late in that day, they were already there.  

Or rather, right in the elevator with you. And just one of them. 

“You know you’re late right?” Tony’s amused voice filled the cubicle once you were done, instantly making you flinch startled and him snicker quietly through the speakers. “You’re hungover! No, wait– you’re doing the walk of shame!”

You looked up at the camera in the corner of the metal wall and rolled your eyes at it, knowing that he was watching you just by the way the device followed your moves.

“No, I’m not having a walk of shame.” You protested with a glare, fixing your posture straighter as you let out a deep breath. “It was an unusual mishap, I’m sorry.”

Tony’s laugh echoed through the speakers again and you tried to hold back an amused smile as the elevator stopped at your office’s floor, part of you already knowing that he was probably waiting for you just outside the door and eager for his coffee. 

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Meanwhile in Wakanda...
  • T'Challa:If you bite it and you die, it's poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it's venomous.
  • Steve:What if it bites me and it dies?
  • T'Challa:That means you're poisonous.
  • Sam:What if it bites itself and I die?
  • T'Challa:...That's voodoo.
  • Wanda:What if it bites me and someone else dies?
  • T'Challa:That's correlation, not causation.
  • Clint:What if we bite each other and neither of us die?
  • Scott:That's kinky.
Avengers Preferences #1 | Nicknames

Summary: Like the title says, just nicknames that you and your SO have for each other.

Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, Peter Quill, Natasha Romanoff,  Loki Laufeyson, Bucky Barnes, Reader

Word Count: 1,016

Author’s Note: *takes a deep breath* ASDFGHJKJGDFGHJJGFDCVBEFHSBEUYFEWBRIQGWCBUEG That was me freaking out because Midnight Snack got so much love! And mind you beautiful people that it was my first Marvel post on Tumblr. Right now it has 11 notes, and they’re the most tear-jerking notes I’ve ever received. I love you all so much, and you make me smile! Feedback is most appreciated.

Tony Stark

Originally posted by sgt-luz

Tony’s nickname for you is beautiful, because he really does think you’re beautiful. If not on the outside, definitely on the inside. He knows he can be unbearable at times, and the fact that no matter what, you’re always there to kiss his cheek and tell him you love him makes you the most beautiful person in the world to him. He doesn’t care if the tabloids don’t like you on his arm, because they aren’t the ones that make him feel like the only person in the world.

Your nickname for him is, simply enough, babe. It’s a term of endearment that Tony never thought he’d be able to hear, and the fact that you say it to him without even thinking makes him think that maybe, he can be loved.

Steve Rogers

Originally posted by my-avengers-imagines

Doll, doll face, darling, sweetheart. Oh, I’m sorry. They used other nicknames than just those in the forties? Fine, he calls you those too. Since Steve went from the 40′s straight to now, there was really no room for his vocabulary to get updated. And since he’d never been in a relationship of any sort before, he could never call you just one of those things. He can’t decide, since you’re all of those things to him.

Maybe it’s a little obvious, but you call him Captain. Of course, so does the rest of the team. But they don’t have your sweet voice. They don’t kiss him when they say it. And believe me, they’ve tried. Sam was so close, too!

Clint Barton

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

He calls you babe. He’s never been one for super meaningful nicknames, and you wouldn’t have it any other way, because that’s what you are to him. His babe. 

You call him Robin Hood, for obvious reasons. The nickname didn’t occur to you until Tony called him Legolas and you thought it was fitting. The more you thought about the nickname, the more nicknames you thought of. You felt that Clint and Robin Hood have many a similarity, and he thought it was cute when you said it the first time.

Loki Laufeyson

Originally posted by peppertylerperry

His nickname for you is Rose Bud. The first time he said it, he had said, “If you do that, you’ll get hurt my rose bud.” His eyes were as worried and caring as you’d ever seen them, and he was quickly able to recognize your face of content. He calls you rose bud because to him, you’ll always be as soft and fragile as an innocent little rose bud.

Your nickname for him is My Grace. Though he can’t tell you enough times that he and you are both equals, you still refer to him by this name. While you have slowly begun to believe that you and a prince that’s pretending to be a king are equal, you could never stop calling him that. Not only that, but one of Loki’s greatest attributes is grace. Especially when it comes to words and schemes.

Thor Odinson

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

His nickname for you is Princess. That is what you are, after all. Not only that, but since you are Thor’s princess, you’re an Asgardian princess. And of course, he treats you like a princess. Whether it’s a random bouquet of flowers or a massage, he makes sure all of your needs, not matter how little, are fulfilled.

You call him Darling. He really is, in every aspect, a darling. Your darling. He gives you piggyback rides when you can’t walk anymore. He swallows his pride and buys you tampons when it’s that time of the month. He loves to hear the Midgardian term of endearment roll off your tongue, and can’t hold back a grin when you do.

Peter Quill

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

He likes to call you baby. It’s a common term from his home planet that he remembers his dad calling his mother a lot. Since his parents seemed to love each other so much, he figured it’d work when he said it to you. And it did. He always calls you baby with a smile, and always accompanies the smile with a kiss somewhere on your face.

Your nickname for him is Petey. At first, you were only teasing him. But then it slipped into a conversation. And then it slipped again. So now, whenever you’re talking to him, you’ll almost always call him Petey. He’s never once showed you any dismay towards the name. In fact, he’s said that when it comes to you, he prefers it.

Natasha Romanoff

Originally posted by thunderbirdthor

Her nickname for you is дорогой (dorogoy), which is Russian for my dear. You love it when she speaks Russian, because with her voice, it’s a sweet language that makes her eye twinkle. She may not have the most fond memories of Russia, but she had fallen in love with it’s culture, just like she fell in love with you.

Your nickname for her is Nattie. Of course, it doesn’t seem to be much of a nickname. Just a shortened version of her name. But it became your ‘thing’ the moment she refused to let anybody but you call her that. She’s possessive when it comes to you and things between you and her, so the second Clint tried to call her Nattie, he was given a very firm and threatening warning before his dead body would be lost and never found.

James “Bucky” Barnes

Originally posted by imsebastianstans

He, unsurprisingly, calls you Doll. Like Steve, the Winter Soldier may have truly lived through the time between the 40′s and now, but Bucky could never let go of the 40′s. So with his Brooklyn accent, he’d call you doll, and it melts your heart every time.

You call him Sergeant. Just like all of the fan fiction says, Bucky loves it when you call him that. Not only does it remind him of his time, but it reminds him of Bucky, the man before The Winter Soldier. Hearing the words bubble from your lips makes him feel like a little more than just a monster.

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Perfect Timing

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: This took FOREVER and I AM SO INCREDIBLY SORRY ANON!!! However, i’m glad I waited till I was in the mood and had the right idea to start this one because the way it turned out even blows me away! I think so far, this is one of my favorite fic I’ve written. Thank you anon for the request (I hope you don’t hate me too much ♥♥♥♥♥♥) 

Warnings: THE FLUFF 

Word Count: 1717

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When you move into a new house for the umpteenth time, you weren’t expecting it to be any different. New school, same cliques. You had gotten used to being invisible. But this time, someone sees you. Steve is the popular boy next door, quickly becoming one of your best friends, and perhaps more. That is, unless Bucky can do anything about it. 


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Love in A Time of Experiments (Steve Rogers x Reader)

A/N: @iamwarrenspeace I have no idea whether to thank you or not. I’ve never been so carried away with feels in one sitting. I literally just love this! Funnily enough, I actually wanted to try something like this with Loki instead of Bucky a while ago but I never got around to it. Thank you for the cute request I hope you enjoy reading it! @winterwolf57

Words: 2 726

Prompt: “ iamwarrenspeace submitted to imagine-that-cap:  Steve Rogers x Reader please! Everyone is alive and well, Civil War didn’t happen and Bucky came with Steve to the tower where everyone lives and is been recovering since.The reader is Tony’s niece, her mom is Tony’s older sister who has passed away, the reader also lives in the tower. Now, something happens that turns Bucky into a baby. After a while he starts to feel protective of the reader as well. Almost like they are his wife and child. Something cute and fluffy if you can! Thanks again dearie!”

You nursed your large filter coffee in an urgency to somehow wake yourself up. Even after the many weeks you have spent on New York, you have yet to grow accustomed to the weather. You hailed from Malibu, where you lived with your late mother and aided her in running the specific franchise of your family’s business. You see, your mother was the first and oldest child (that you know of) born to Howard Stark. Naturally growing up in a family full of geniuses and innovators, it was only a matter of time before you too realised that your passions lied with preparing to take over the reigns from the second generations of Starks. 

Unfortunately a few months ago your mother had passed away due to an illness. Although you had been managing the Malibu branch of Stark Industries long before she died, it was after overworking yourself and as a consequence had a health scare, you had decided that perhaps it was time to move. In the end after much nagging from your uncle Tony, you moved into the tower where, under his strict instructions, he ensured that you were only to work the average nine to five with the exception of helping the Avengers with technical issues.

“Really?” You laughed in disbelief at the story Steve was telling you. 

In the time between you finishing your first mug of coffee and pouring your second, Steve had entered the kitchen fresh from a shower after his morning run. Currently he was regaling you with the more comedic tales he experienced in his days with The Howling Commandos. 

You loved talking to Steve. That much was obvious in the way you almost seemed to look for opportunities to be alone in his company. Clichés never appealed to you but in this specific case, Steve Rogers was most definitely the perfect gentleman. He was thoughtful, kind, intelligent and even in his own way, humorous too. The fact that you even managed to gleam a few stories of your grandfather in his more reckless and formative years was only a plus in your book.

Your conversation was interrupted by a loud static boom. By now, you knew living with an entire group of superheroes meant that there were times when there would be attacks on the tower however, living with the equivalent of a mad scientist that was Tony Stark, it never hurt to make sure.

“FRIDAY, what’s the status?” Steve asked seriously, already in battle mode.

“It appears as though Mr Stark and Mr Barnes were involved in an altercation of the scientific sort.” the cool monotonous voice of the AI sounds from somewhere in the room.

After the capture of Bucky, many meetings and a few arguments, it was decided that Bucky would be suited to rehabilitating at the Avengers Tower. Surprisingly enough,  over time, uncle Tony and Bucky had grown closer, especially when it came to the inner workings of the ex-Hydra assassin’s metal arm. 

“I think we better head over to the lab. Who knows what he’s done this time.” you commented with an exaggerated sigh. You supposed this was how Penny felt about her uncle Inspector Gadget whenever he got into mischief.

With hastened urgency Steve and yourself take the elevator down to the lab. Your curiosity was truly piqued, whatever happened to make such a noise from so many floors down must have been big.

Your predictions were not wrong. The first thing you noticed upon entering the lab was the air. The atmosphere was so electrically charged that you could feel the hairs on the very top of your hair float. The second thing you heard was the distinct sound of crying. It was not just any type of cry either - it specifically came from a baby.

“Make it stop. Please. My head is killing me enough as it is.” your uncle said while pinching the bridge of his nose in irritation. You swore you heard him saying something about “being too old for this”. 

“What happened?” Steve curiously asked as he waved the smoke out of his vision.

“I was testing out a new chemical compound to reinforce Bucky’s arm but I may have gotten the measurements incorrect. When I wanted to solder the compound there was a boom and well…” Tony pointed over into the direction of the metal table where you saw a baby Bucky - probably aged a few months old- crying out frustratedly.

Every single mothering instinct you had inside of you, flipped on like a switch. In a single stride you went over and swooped the crying baby into your arms. You supposed he was lucky to have shrunk into his clothes as it was still chilly this time of day.

“Hey there little man.” you sweetly hushed as you rubbed his back in circles and rocked him back and forth gently, “you’re safe now. No need to cry. There there, be a good little boy now. Ssh, nothing’s gonna harm you.”

“Is there a way to reverse whatever it is you did?” Steve enquired although he was totally distracted by the sight in front of him. He had never seen you with such a gentle and loving look in your eyes and it made the super soldier feel something he was not quite sure of yet. What he was sure of though, was that even though his best friend was now a baby, he was now more than ready to protect him - and you for that matter- at all costs.

“Well I for one don’t mind how long you take, he is just so precious. See uncle Tony? He was only just a teensy bit upset.” You cooed softly as you looked at the sleeping child in your arms and wiped away the remaining tears with the sleeve of your cardigan.

Your uncle merely rolled his eyes as he moved around to look for the CCTV footage of the events from earlier.

“Is there anything I can do?” The usually confident super soldier was feeling -and sounded- uncertain. He knew he wanted to help but a situation like this was totally out of his depth.

“Yeah, could fetch me a thin fleece throw? It’s still a bit cold and I don’t want him getting sick. There should be one in the linen cupboard. We’ll meet you in the living room. I’m sure my uncle will want to have a discussion about this.” you instructed as if on auto-pilot; all your synapses were firing on all cylinders.

Not ten minutes later, you and the entire Avengers were seated in the living room. Steve had come in a few minutes ago with a blanket you could tell he had taken a painstakingly long time to choose. As Tony addressed the team to bring them up to date with the current happenings, you could feel the curious gazes focused on you.

“Do you want to hold him?” you whispered to Steve, who was seated next to you. For the longest time, you had felt him focus his attention on the bundle in your arms. Smiling broadly at his hesitation you carefully hand the blanketed bundle over to him and internally squealed at the sight of the tough and strong Captain America with a baby. “See? You’re a natural.”

Your encouragement seemed to give some much needed confidence to the blond haired man and you could see him relax back into the sofa. Every now and then when he thought no-one was looking, you even saw him make a face or two.

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Requested by anonymous

“S-Steve?” (Y/N) faltered, squinting her eyes as she tried to make out the figure crouching in front of her. The familiar smile told her that it was him and she couldn’t help but feel relief wash over her.

“Hey, doll. Let’s get you out of here.”

As Steve helped her up, Bucky immediately came to her other side. She smiled when she saw him and he smiled back, glad that she was now okay. The two men helped her out of the cell that she was held in and she couldn’t help but feel thankful that she had them in her life.

I Got You, Doll

Request/Prompt: Hello Sweetheart :) Oh I had an idea last night so I thought I’d tell you and maybe you wanna write something out of it :) You’re a Police officer but are often in touch with helping the Avengers on several cases, so you and Steve somehow grew Close but None of you admits your Feelings. One time while you helped them on a Mission, you end up getting shot but Keep fighting till you finally collapse straight into Steve’s arms. After you get out of surgery then, he finally asks you on a date? :)

Note: OMG you thought of me for this??!?! Thank you so much!! I love this request so of course I’ll do it!

Summary: You’re leader of the task force and your team is sent in to help the Avengers with a mission. Unfortunately you’re shot in the back of the shoulder and certain Captain, hurriedly, makes his way to your side.

Characters: Reader, Steve Rogers, Reader’s Partner (F), Clint Barton, Wanda Maximoff, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Task Force Members

Words: 2,563

Originally posted by fantasyimagine

“Shit,” you whispered to yourself, pulling on your boots. You were going to be late if you didn’t get your butt out the door in five minutes. Your hair wasn’t up in a bun which would definitely annoy the Lieutenant and your tie was slung over your shoulders. You held your cap between your teeth and grabbed your bag and keys then sped to the front door.

Today was the one day you needed to be on time, but with your luck, you were going to be late. You began on the normal route to work - abandoning your car as rush hour began and you did want to get caught in it. The police department was only a few blocks away so you could make it in 10 minutes if you walked fast or ran.

You did your tie up - pushing the knot up the top button of your shirt and reached for the hair band that you thought was on your wrist. But it wasn’t there. Great, you thought. You’d have to borrow one from your partner. You put your cap on top of your head and checked your belt. Gun, check; pen, check; notepad, check; radio, check; handcuffs, check - that was about it. The building came into sight - along with a polished black car in front of it; the reason you had to be early.

You ran inside and saw a line of your entire team, all saluting. You pushed through and stood next to your partner and poked her. “You got a hair tie?” You whispered. She rolled her eyes before pulling the black band off her wrist.

“I am not your personal supply of hair ties,” she replied as you turned around - the opposite direction of everyone else and took your cap off. You held it between your knees as you attempted to put your hair up into a bun. You felt a tap on your shoulder.

“Wait a minute,” you responded - not turning to see who it was. Your partner threw you a scared look and shook her head rapidly. You scrunched your eyebrows in confusion then put your cap on and turned around. Your eyes widened in shock and your mouth open and closed - not knowing what to say. It was Captain Rogers standing in front of you. Nervously, you gulped before saluting and taking his outstretched hand.

“I’m so sorry, Captain, I-I-” you began but he cut you off.

“It’s okay, Officer….(L/N),” he replied, looking into your eyes with his blue ones. When he continued down the line you turned to your female partner and smiled brightly.

“He’s knows my last name!” You exclaimed, quietly.

“It’s on your tag, dumbass,” she retorted, rolling her eyes at you. Your smile faded but when he looked back at you, you smiled again.

“On behalf of the other Avengers who are all over the country talking to the police departments, from now on the Avengers and the uniformed services will be working together and with the NYPD being located near the Avengers’ Tower, we will be working together a hell of a lot more,” the Captain announced, looking back at the line up.


“We’re calling in NYPD,” Tony huffed, folding his arms over his chest - a HYDRA group had began firing shots at the Museum and stormed in. The Avengers storming the building wasn’t going to help the hostages.

“But this is HYDRA,” Steve retorted - your face coming to mind, he wouldn’t want you to get hurt.

“They’re the task force, they put a team together for situations like these, let’s use it. I can’t go in shooting my repulsers and unloading missiles in a museum, Rogers,” Tony replied, slapping a hand down on the table. “Putting people at risk, again, isn’t going to help the Avengers.”

“Then don’t put in the heavy-weights - me, Barton, Maximoff, Romanoff and the task force we’ll get it done. The hostages get out, HYDRA agents eradicated - done,” Steve argued.

“I’ll get the Lieutenant on the line,” Tony breathed. “F.R.I.D.A.Y.?”

“Already on it, Sir.”

“Let’s go,” the Captain demanded, looking at other three, all geared up in their uniform and ready to go.


“NYPD task force, you have 10 minutes,” the Lieutenant barked through the line, into the piece in your ear. You ripped it out as you pulled your bullet-proof vest on - you were worried on the design of it as it never fully covered your shoulders but your worries were always waved off.

“He’s really annoying me,” you whined, hiking your foot up against the wall and lacing up your boots.

“Everyone annoys you,” your partner commented and you smirked.

“How many missions have we been on with the Avengers?” You asked, changing the subject.

“7,” another person replied.

“And you and Captain America have been dating for how many?” You partner joked, turning heads at the training room.

“We’re not dating,” you deadpanned, strapping your gun to your hip.

“Mmm, is that why you were at that coffee shop with him the other morning, during break?”

“It’s just coffee,” you shrugged, slipping a knife into your boot.

“You are a shitty liar,” she sighed.

“I love you too, Doll,” you cooed, pinching her cheek. Your team were all mostly ready when you headed for the door. “Let’s go!” You called out, ushering everyone outside.


“Officers Reymond, Delgado, Milner, Holland and Hurst enter through the front with-” Steve began but you cut him off.

“My team, my rules,” you shot, smirking - he threw a grin before moving away from the map of the museum and raising his hand in defence.

“All yours, (L/N).”

“Johnson, Kacey, Walsh, Scotts and Holland, you go through the 81st street entrance with Barton and Maximoff. Holland stay by the front, help the hostages outside and Kacey will fire at the operatives from the front with you. Johnson stay close to Barton,” you commanded, pointing at Clint who smirked at you (he always told you, you could give Cap a run for his money as a leader), “He will be heading to the top - you take the sniper rifle and shoot from above, darts only; I hear a gunshot from you and you’re off the team we can’t risk you accidentally shooting a hostage, Scotts and Walsh head to storage and guard the vault anyone who gets in shoot them.

“Reymond go through the parking garage with Rogers and Romanoff, guide the hostages that way and out the exit; Milner, Hurst and Delgado through windows and through the back. We all clear?” You shot, looking up at everyone.

“Everyone but you,” Natasha said, a smile tugging at her lips.

“First floor window.”


“Barton. Johnson,” you saluted, knotting your rope at on the bannister above the huge Tyrannosaurus Rex.

“(L/N),” Clint replied, winking - sending off another taser arrow. You secured the rope and held your gun in your hand before jumping over the bannister and landing on the ground next to the dinosaur, you untied the rope. 5 of the agents crept closer towards you and you fired multiple shots before ducking behind the stage the skeleton stood on. Two were shot one down as you fired and 3 were left to gain on you.

As they drew closer, they didn’t see the fast approaching shield which ricocheted off two of them - knocking them out and landing back in Steve’s hands. He nodded sharply at you then ran off again, you shot at the last. Hostages, you thought and ran off to go and find them.

You ran down hall after hall, loaded gun in hand and there was nothing. You slid your gun away and turned back and spoke into your comm. “East Wing secure,” you said, walking back the way you came. Next thing you knew, a sharp pain shot through your head and you were on the ground. You scrambled off the floor and held up your fists.

“You’re weak,” a voice said from behind you - you turned around and was met with a fist. You fell to the floor again as they took off running, jumping to your feet; you took off in a sprint for whomever it was and pulled out your gun and fired. A shot landed at the back of their head and they fell to the floor. “Hail Hydra.”

“Natasha,” you gasped, as the red head came around the corner. She held a finger to her lip and pressed herself to the wall, you mimicked her. Footsteps neared and she flipped around and took them down then you continued walking. You returned to the bottom floor - back at the foyer as you heard gunshots.

You pulled out your gun and crept around, firing at the agents. “(Y/N)!” A voice exclaimed and you saw it was Steve - then you felt a stabbing pain through your shoulder and fell to your knees.

“Fuck,” you growled crawling to the reception desk and hiding under it as shots continued to blast. You looked over your shoulder at the wound - it was disgusting and bloody. You rolled your shoulder and another burning pain ran down your arm. You were going to sit there until help came but what you saw brought you from your hiding place. A HYDRA agent gripping the brown hair of a young woman who was bawling her eyes out, another agent held onto her legs to stop her from slowing him down. You were the first one to react to it and jumped out from the behind the table and ran over. You would have shot at him but you didn’t want to risk hitting the woman.

You were around 2 metres away when you shot him and stabbed the other in the throat with the knife from your boot. You pulled the woman out of his grasp and she was still crying.

“Shh, Miss it’s okay, you’re okay now,” you cooed, pulling to her feet. Her tears slowed and she continued to hiccup and she threw her arms around your neck - making you wince in pain but you still hugged her back with gritted teeth.

“Thank you, officer,” she sobbed. You ushered her out the building before falling  onto your hands and knees. Your vision went blurry and your breath quickened.

“Officer (L/N) is down, I repeat, she is down,” Steve cried out into his comm. He was running for you and he slid across the floor and to your side. “(Y/N),” he whispered into your ear trying to get your attention. You lifted your head to him and you could see three of him.

“How many of me can you see?” He asked, it sounded like a stupid question.

“Three,” you whispered, unsure.

“Alright, let’s go,” he said, pulling your uninjured arm over his. Your eyelids fell shut but you were still awake.

“Go, Cap, we got this,” Clint yelled out - still from above, you assumed. Your head fell onto Steve’s shoulder as he carried you down the steps of the museum.

“Don’t worry, I got you, Doll,” he said and you passed out.


“Ah,” you groaned waking up again.. You were laying in a hospital bed, clad in a paper gown; your shoulder ached and you shrugged it.

“Miss (L/N), you’re awake,” the doctor said, walking into the room carrying a clipboard and pen.

“It’s weird being on this side, I’m so used to seeing other people on the bed, being here feels strange,” you commented, sitting up and pouring yourself a glass of water - the best road to recovery is simply to live with it. “What happened? Surgery?” You guessed, you lay back - resting your back against the metal bars that made up the headboard.

“Yes actually. The bullet pierced the head of your humerus and damaged the gleniod cavity. We’ve had to replace the head with a prosthetic and the damaged cavity was removed and substituted with a cup for the head to move in.”

“Will it need replacing in a few years?” You asked, placing the dripping glass on the stand beside the bed and wiping your hands on the bedsheets.

“Hopefully not - but we do require you to attend a single session only for us to make sure you are fit for work.”

“Okay, tomorrow, noon?”

“Perfect, Miss (L/N). You have a visitor, by the way,” he finished and made his way out the room. Expecting to see your partner, the Captain walked in - your cheeks warmed and you wrung your hands.

“Nice to see you cleaned up,” Steve observed, pulling a chair from the other side of the room to your bedside.

“Nice to be alive,” you joked, nervously, picking your drink up again - hoping the cool liquid would call your nerves.

“So, how are you feeling?”

“Sore and… hungry,” you mused. You gulped down the rest of your drink and placed the empty cup on the side again and retreated to looking at your hands - as you thought about what happened and how you felt about the whole thing, tears sprung to your eyes and you looked up at Steve. “I was clumsy and stupid - could have died from blood loss, or put someone else at risk.”

“Hey, you do your job perfectly - I’ve seen you fight in full action and you are an excellent fighter - this was one time, it’s okay. Plus, you saved that girl, it counts for something, right?” He asked, placing his hand on your thigh - which was covered by the thin cotton sheet. He looked up to you and a small smile tugged at his pink lips.

“Thanks, I guess I’m good enough,” you sighed - a shaky smile coming to your lips as you wiped away the unshed tears. “You look good, where you off to?” You commented, looking him up and down in a burst of confidence. He chuckled and pushed a hand through his hair.

“Well, there’s this girl and she works in NYPD, I really like her but she’s in hospital. I don’t think I can ask her to dinner, if she can’t even get out of the hospital bed,” he sighed, looking at you with his beautiful eyes - your smile widened. “To be honest, I don’t even think they’ll let her leave.”

“Watch her,” you said, throwing your legs over the side of the bed and, steadily, getting to your feet - you heard him cackle from the opposite side before rushing over to you and holding out his arms just in case you were about to collapse.

He helped you out the room and you turned your head to look down the corridor. You saw your partner, still in her uniform and she stood with her hands on her hips looking straight at you. You winked at her and blew her a kiss and she returned with a thumbs up.