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3rd years Nishinoya as the new Vice Captain, and Tanaka as their Fiery-tempered Ace

Bonus: University-attending Asahi being smooched by an excitable V.Captain when he comes to visit


The Court of Dreams (4/?) / Cassian

First Cassian and Azriel appeared in the doorway. The High Lord’s general and Shadowsinger – and the most powerful Illyrians in history.

“Can he beat you?” – “Hand-to-hand combat? Yes. He’d have to earn it for a change, but he’d win. Cassian is the best warrior I’ve encountered in any court, any land. He leads my armies because of it.

“I’ve witnessed Cassian rip apart opponents and then puke his guts up once the carnage stopped, sometimes even mourn them.”

“I saw Cassian trudging through the mud (…) bastards are given nothing: they find their own shelter, own food. If they survive and get picked to be in a war-band, they’ll be bottom-ranking forever, but recieve their own tents and supplies. But until then he’d stay in the cold.” – “Those mountains,” Azriel added, his face hard as ice,” offer some of the harschest conditions you can imagine.”

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This piece of Cassian-meta is the most beautiful thing ever written. Thank you @highfaelucien, my dear Third, for blessing the world with this.


#can we talk about how both emma and killian’s parents abandoned them?#whether it was to give them their best chance or not#it still happened and it’s something that was a huge part of their life#it greatly affected who they are#but you know what? when it comes to each other#that is the ONE THING they don’t have to worry about#killian has never abandoned her#just like she promised to never abandon him#and for two people who expects everyone to just leave#at least when it comes to one another that will never be the case

Today in NWSL News

Ali Krieger started as Captain for Washington Spirit

Whitney Engen started as Captain for Boston Breakers

Becky Sauerbrunn started as Captain for FC Kansas City

Christen Press started as Captain for Chicago Red Stars

Carli Lloyd started as Captain for Houston Dash


                  you     l o v e     me 
                                                      real    or    not    real?

                                                                          r e a l .

Modern Man Hook

Hey, let’s talk about this.

It’s no secret that I, and many others, love the man out of time trope; and for OUAT, Killian has been just that. Most of the other characters have been brought over by one iteration of the Dark Curse or another, and as such have had the necessary knowledge of modern technology plopped into their heads. And as Happy in particular showed us last night, some folks have taken to them more than others.

Killian’s always been different. There’s a lot to love in how he managed to evade not just one, but both Dark Curses - there are some great parallels to Emma there, for starters. And of course, the ‘man out of time’ trope - with the exception of the stray moment like Cora destroying the phone tap because she doesn’t like what the “magic box” is saying, we don’t get a lot of fairy tale characters being startled by our world. It’s generally shown the other way around with Emma (which is a pretty strong CS parallel right there).

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