captain spirit

Me: okay so you guys see theses feathers and what you notice about these feathers is that they’re brown.

Chara: (human bard) umm those don’t look like kenku feathers…. what color are kenku?

Xar: (cleric teifling) i have no idea let ask our naturalist, hey haygan! What is this?

Haygan: (Scottish dragonborn outlander barbarian) oh that’s easy, that’s a feather

Xar: no shit Sherlock


The Court of Dreams (4/?) / Cassian

First Cassian and Azriel appeared in the doorway. The High Lord’s general and Shadowsinger – and the most powerful Illyrians in history.

“Can he beat you?” – “Hand-to-hand combat? Yes. He’d have to earn it for a change, but he’d win. Cassian is the best warrior I’ve encountered in any court, any land. He leads my armies because of it.

“I’ve witnessed Cassian rip apart opponents and then puke his guts up once the carnage stopped, sometimes even mourn them.”

“I saw Cassian trudging through the mud (…) bastards are given nothing: they find their own shelter, own food. If they survive and get picked to be in a war-band, they’ll be bottom-ranking forever, but recieve their own tents and supplies. But until then he’d stay in the cold.” – “Those mountains,” Azriel added, his face hard as ice,” offer some of the harschest conditions you can imagine.”

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This piece of Cassian-meta is the most beautiful thing ever written. Thank you @highfaelucien, my dear Third, for blessing the world with this.

That's it. That's the joke.

[ Our party ran into an NPC we hadn’t seen in a very long time. We wanted to warn him to leave the area, since we were on our way to a pretty major battle and he’d taken up residence in the same tunnel. ]

Bard: You should probably head out of here. Just in case, you know, something bad happens around here.

Rogue: And whether or not something bad happens, we are about to happen, so … [ Everyone bursts out laughing. ] What?

Bard: Nothing, just– That was the exact point I was making.

Rogue: [ embarassed, out of character ] Okay, at this point, it is just canon that she always says the joke. Like. That’s just what she does. 


3rd years Nishinoya as the new Vice Captain, and Tanaka as their Fiery-tempered Ace

Bonus: University-attending Asahi being smooched by an excitable V.Captain when he comes to visit


Captain Swan AU Week  » Day 1 » Holiday AU » Partners in Crime

The Enchanted Forest holidays have become their favorite days to rob castles. They have perfected their plan so that it worked every single time without a glitch. Emma would use her magic to create different identities for them, so no one knew what they looked like. They would pose as a wealthy couple from a distant land, blend in, then disappear to rob the place blind. They worked well together ever since they’d met as young orphans. One reason for that was an unspoken rule that romantic relationship would just complicate things. However, as time went by they realized the rule was hard to uphold. Only time will tell if they will find to courage to actually break said rule.

Context: Our party of four has only one chef, a warlock named Leo, who has made our rogue cry numerous times through the good food for reference. At some point, our paladin has to help rescue the son of a guild president, Richard. The task is completed easily, but dealing with Richard himself has been exasperating at times. After reuniting him with his family, they decide to travel with us to their next location. Unfortunately, the guild president is terrible at cooking, and Leo shares the hashbrowns that he made with Richard and his sister.

Richard: “These are… really good.”

Leo: “Oh, thank you!”

Richard: “Didn’t you make these before back in that castle though? You’re really good at making these, but don’t you know any other recipes?”

Leo proceeds to stand up. “We are,” he begins, and by the words of his player, raises his hands out in the Jesus pose while giving a little twirl, motioning out to the snowy wastelands the whole group is traveling, “In the middle of absolutely fucking no-where.

Richard soon returns to breakfast.

*Small group game, a Half-Elf paladin, let’s call him R, and a Fire Elemental Barbarian (me), let’s call G. A giant stone door has slammed shut behind us as we investigate some ruins*

R: How did these big things shut on their own do you think?

G: A light breeze?

DM: These are huge, solid stone doors.

G: ….A heavy breeze?

Cue the paladin giving me the grumpiest, most annoyed look they could possibly muster.

Fake Dating Fic Rec

the last fic list went over well so I decided to turn it into a week event~

room to grow (kyouhaba) - G, 50k

Kyoutani and Yahaba have enough on their minds in third year, as ace and captain of the volleyball team, butting heads both on and off the court while trying to improve their game so the team has a shot of winning this year. When they find a puppy abandoned in a park, their lives only get even more complicated. 

Not Until Monday (kurodai) - T, 4.7k

“Sawamura, do you trust me?” Kuroo asks.

“This feels like a trap.”

In which Kuroo just needs Sawamura to be his fake boyfriend for like, 5 minutes.

if kisses were fishes, then i’d be an ocean (bokuaka) - G, 4.6k

Akaashi needs a fake date partner, so he grabs the first person he sees.

the art of pretending (tananoya) - E, 37k

the nishinoya family is having a reunion, and noya lies to his mom about being in a relationship to get her off his back. when ryuu gets a call from noya asking him to go to the reunion with him as his fake boyfriend, he’s torn―he’s just starting to get over how in love he is with his best friend, and he’s not sure that pretending to be his boyfriend is going to help with that. he agrees nonetheless, because he’s nothing if not a good friend, which leads to a week of denial, confusion and awkwardness. it doesn’t help that noya is sending really mixed signals.

but even when everything else seems unsure, one thing remains constant―they’re best friends, and that’s not going to change.

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anonymous asked:

I have a sort of half formed theory that the cw writers/people in charge don't really get the difference between fans liking the character vs liking the actor? Like, fans get upset over Laurel's death, so they bring back Katie Cassidy but not Laurel, and it's the same with Len. They seek to equate one with the other. It's not that big a deal but it irks me

It… is a big deal. And you’re 100% right.

It also goes for Tom C fans and the majesty of Eowells in Season 1. There was magic in that performance. And I know that a subset of fans really liked HR, but like 2/3rds of viewers didn’t (I’m guessing, based on reviews and narrative and just… keeping an eye on what the fandom has been saying). Harry turned out to be great over time, but I think a lot of us would prefer our fave version over any alternates.

With Laurel it’s like… we fell in love with this woman who overcome hell time and again and kept hope alive. She lost her sister and her boyfriend and still became a lawyer to help those in need, and still fell in love and still found a way to welcome both the boyfriend and later the sister back into her life and loved them just as deep as ever. She lost her sister for real and took up her legacy and learned to fight because she felt it was right. She battled substance abuse (and a family cycle of it, no less) and never let it make her bitter or cruel. She didn’t feel like enough but she kept fighting anyway.

So as much as I (personally) am head over heels for Black Siren (I can’t help it and I’m not sorry), she doesn’t replace Laurel. She didn’t have that journey, not in a way that we (the viewer) had it with her, and cheered her on, and fell for her heart. Siren is a plot device, not the character we know and love. And though we might come to love her, that will only happen by developing her as a separate entity from the original. That’s the only way it works. We treat characters like people

Though it does work to appease some of a broader viewership in terms of… ratings? Like “ah they’ve stopped being utter dickfaces to Katie Cassidy and realized we cared about Black Canary. A little too late but hey at least we get to see her kicking ass in some form.” It stems the flow of angry letters and tweets. It doesn’t give us what we’re asking for, but it helps save their asses by forcing us to accept that no, we won’t see the original, but hey at least they gave us something?

(Until, eventually, the fans become too disenchanted and leave anyway. Which happens, but happens a lot slower when they find a way to bring your faves back in some form or another).

And with Len… yeah. I was gobsmacked that they killed him off and 100% sure it wasn’t permanent (no body, not dead: comics’ rules) because his status as a fan favorite who helped drive up ratings even on The Flash made me surmise that killing him would be bad for them. And the second he was dead they rushed to let us know he wasn’t gone forever, seeking to appease viewers (maybe because Laurel’s death backfired so specularly on them not long before) but to suggest that a hologram and a speedforce ghost and a past version of him constitute “seeing him again” is really just… insulting to his fans?

Ultimately, since critics liked S2 a lot more than S1 and the show has “found it’s footing”, the writers aren’t likely to think they’ve done anything wrong, long-term. It’s a numbers game to the producers, really. But, they haven’t really appeased his fans by giving us the multitudinous other versions of him across Flash and Legends. If anything, they’ve made themselves a bit of a joke, to the point where their press is even calling them on it now and how ridiculous it is at this point.

I think the last thing you want as a writer is for your shoddy attempts to put a bandaid over writing yourself into a corner to become the butt of joke to your fans and to people writing articles about your show, and yet…

For whatever reason, the DC CWTV writers have missed the fact that we fall in love with characters more than we fall in love with plotlines. That we watch these shows for the identities and ideals within those characters that we relate to as viewers. Not just those of us active in fandom, but pretty much all TV viewers. It’s a character-drive media through and through. So killing people off for shock is always likely to backfire, and giving alternate versions and flashbacks is never going to satisfy. 

  • bucky: merry christmas stevie, got you something
  • steve: buck we can't afford this, we've talked about this. the rent is due and the heater is out andI got fired last week, remember--
  • bucky: STEVE. SHUT UP.
  • steve: *tiny fists of rage at his side*
  • bucky: as I was saying...that's why I didn't buy you anything
  • steve: but--
  • bucky: *hangs mistletoe over steves head*
  • steve: oh