captain spirit


3rd years Nishinoya as the new Vice Captain, and Tanaka as their Fiery-tempered Ace

Bonus: University-attending Asahi being smooched by an excitable V.Captain when he comes to visit

  • bucky: merry christmas stevie, got you something
  • steve: buck we can't afford this, we've talked about this. the rent is due and the heater is out andI got fired last week, remember--
  • bucky: STEVE. SHUT UP.
  • steve: *tiny fists of rage at his side*
  • bucky: as I was saying...that's why I didn't buy you anything
  • steve: but--
  • bucky: *hangs mistletoe over steves head*
  • steve: oh

Alpha-type Lead Male Characters who are canonically attracted to powerful badass boss women and are supportive of them instead of being threatened:

Steve Rogers
Scott McCall
Bellamy Blake
Marcus Kane
Prince Zuko
Derek Hale
Luke Cage
Finn (Star Wars)
Seeley Booth 
Ichabod Crane
Spike / William The Bloody
Fitzwilliam Darcy
Logan Echolls
Mamoru Chiba

Soldier 76 and Pharah, over the body of a Roadhog
  • Soldier 76: This creature is strong. But strength is no match for intelligence and resolve.
  • Pharah: *under her breath* Or large caliber explosive rockets for that matter.
  • Soldier 76: Now you’re getting into the spirit captain!
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The first time I watched Star Trek: Voyager, I thought to myself “I wonder why they gave Janeway a lizard as her spirit animal.” The second time, armed with significantly more reptilian knowledge, I started laughing when it came on screen.

Captain Kathryn Janeway’s spirit guide is a tokay gecko, the lizard voted most likely to stare at a giant alien creature and screech “FIGHT ME!!!”


• Date a boy

• date a goth boy

• date a boy with dyed hair

• date an elf(preferably Legolas)

• date a wizard (preferably Severus)

• date a son of Hermes

• date a werewolf

• date a pirate (preferably Jack Sparrow)
Jack sparrow: CAPTAIN jack sparrow!

• date a shadow hunter (preferably Jace)

• date a vampire (eh.)

• date a consulting detective (preferably Sherlock)

• date a young criminal genius (preferably Artemis Fowl)

• date a different wizard (preferably howl)

• Marry a river (preferably Haku(look it up))

this weekend in michigan sports: 

  • big 10 gymnastics champions
  • basketball advances to sweet 16
  • megan betsa pitched a 17 strikeout no hitter (after I talked shit about how she hasn’t been her best so far this year lmao)

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