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The Signs’ As YouTubers

Aries: Captain Sparkles

Taurus: SuperWoman

Gemini: Miranda Sings

Cancer: CutiePieMarzia

Leo: Zoella

Virgo: DanIsNotOnFire

Libra: Tyler Oakley

Scorpio: PewDiePie

Sagittarius: Ryan Heiga

Capricorn: Jenna Marbles

Aquarius: AmazingPhil

Pisces: Brizzy Voices

anonymous asked:

(1/2) Heyyy good luck with the blog!! Can I ask a scenario of Kuroo and his older (college student) s/o: nekoma was having an outing/practice match w other school and otw back they got stuck by heavy storm or sth

(2/2) and the whole team ended up staying overnight at kuroo’s s/o place and they never met her before (except kenma). She is very caring and dependable. Super fluff plsss. Sorry for the super long and detailed ask 😅

AN: omg i’m sorry this took so long aksjhjkasf ty for the good luck!

YO I luh dis cuz I, too, am a college student with an apartment who would love to have a soaking wet Team Nekoma randomly show up on my doorstep :D

I hope I fluffed this up enough for you !! Fluff isn’t my strong point haha.

Volleyballs and the squeak of shoes echoed through the large gymnasium. After hours of practicing, Kuroo finally called for a break. The gym felt musty and sweaty, so Yamamoto went to the exit for some fresh air.

He groaned when he opened the door. “Oi, Captain!” He called. “Come look outside.”

Kuroo raised an eyebrow as the team followed him to the door where Yamamoto was. Outside the foreign gym, the sky was gray and the clouds clashed thunder to the earth. Lev flinched at each boom.

“Great, I bet the streets are flooded by now,” Yaku tisked.

“Not my fault our gym is being renovated!” Kuroo pouted. “Besides, it’s a privilege to practice at such a prestigious University like UTokyo. You brats should be thankful!”

“Did Coach even approve of this?” Kenma asked.

“He didn’t NOT approve of it. All he said was ‘practices are up to you while I’m gone’.”

“Look how that turned out,” Yamamoto muttered.

“Shut it.”

“Where will we sleep tonight if we can’t even make it to the train station to go home?” Kai asked.

A smirk slowly grew on the captain’s face. The team began to back away from Kuroo knowing that whenever he smirked, he was up to no good.

“I know exactly where to go ~” Kuroo said, taking out his phone.

“Stop smiling like that,” Kenma said.

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havuclumilkshake  asked:

Fushimi gets hit by the Laugh-Your-Ass-Off Strain and can't stop giggling. Tears, flushed face, full out breathless laughing... HOMRA and the Alphabet Squad are all struck by how beautiful and attractive he looks

So maybe the Strain power is such that he basically finds everything hilarious, like after he’s hit it seems as if he’s perfectly fine but then someone makes a comment about the Strain escaping and Fushimi just starts cracking up, as if that was just the best joke ever. The alphabet boys all exchange concerned looks because Fushimi laughing means he must be in really bad shape and meanwhile Fushimi’s desperately trying to calm himself down and stop laughing. He finally gets the giggling tamed a bit and it’s just like these little small chuckles escaping his mouth, which is when Doumyouji accidentally makes the cheesiest pun and Fushimi is right back to cracking up. So the alphabet squad tries to get Fushimi back to headquarters before he laughs himself to death but Fushimi keeps finding everything hilarious and they basically have to stop every five minutes to let him catch his breath. It should be annoying but actually the alphabet boys slowly start finding it not so bad, like Hidaka keeps thinking that Fushimi-san really looks nice when he smiles and Akiyama loves listening to his laugh and it’s basically a consensus that there’s something really nice about happy Fushimi.

As they’re on the way back they run into Yata and maybe this is pre-ROK so Yata’s immediately on the defensive, like what the hell do you want stupid monkey. Fushimi immediately starts giggling because ha you called me monkey and that’s in my name, that’s clever Misaki. Yata’s super confused because wait is he okay, like poor Yata’s probably wondering if Fushimi’s snapped or high pr something. He tries to ask what’s wrong, kinda concerned at this point, and Fushimi just shakes his head and keeps on laughing. It’s infectious though and soon Yata’s smiling despite himself, like it’s been way too long since he heard Fushimi laugh and he can’t remember the last time he heard this sort of laughter, just carefree with a red face and a big smile and soon Yata’s laughing a little himself even though nothing’s funny. Maybe some of the other Homra members show up around this point and are all staring because they’ve never seen Fushimi laugh at all, Totsuka thinks it’s cute and that Fushimi has a nice laugh. Kusanagi just shakes his head like well, can’t argue with that and Anna says that Saruhiko seems very happy.

Eventually they get back to Scepter 4 and Fushimi immediately starts laughing at Awashima’s outfit. Awashima raises an eyebrow and is probably about to scold him when Hidaka hurriedly explains, Awashima’s like ‘I see’ but she can’t stop the little smile tugging at the corner of her lips because Fushimi seems so happy right now. Munakata eventually comes to see what all the commotion is and Fushimi just cracks up at him too, like Captain you’re sparkling that’s hilarious. Munakata rolls with it, laughing himself and noting how nice it is to Fushimi in such a fine mood. For the rest of the day various Scepter 4 members keep coming and going from the office to get a peek at Fushimi laughing and everyone has to agree that he looks so much better with a smile on his face than the usual frown (when the power wears off though Fushimi’s face hurts and he glares even more than usual).

Memos in the Citadel (5/?)

To: All Kingsglaive

From: Luche Lazarus

Subject: Shopping List

Pelna, Libertus, it’s your turn this week. I’ve put the list on the board downstairs so hopefully everyone can see it.

Don’t forget to pick up the money from the Captain on Friday, he has threatened that if we don’t collect it he and the Marshall are going to spend it, I quote: “On booze, gambling bets and regretful decisions.”

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WE DO knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 10 Full Translation

Marriage Registration


Part 2/2

pages 115-120

“Look! How do you like it?”

Having completed sewing holes for their tails to pass through, Iba handed over the hakama one by one to each of the two.

“Thank you Tetsu san! Is it okay if we also wear them now?”

Shouma said hastily, raising his hands to the cords of his student hakama, “wait wait” he was halted by Iba.

“Keep it for tomorrow! I have to return to work already”


Shouma disappointedly put the hakama back into the bag. “Hey Shouma let’s go!” Urui urged, whilst waving enthusiastically at Iba they dashed towards the alleyway beside the squad building.

Rukia and Renji who received a numbered ticket at the reception desk of the Personnel Record administration Bureau, decided to use the lengthy waiting time to visit the 7th division barracks which was nearby to the administration bureau, they ran into the other pair in that alleyway.

“Wh-what! Those are the kids people have been talking about……!”

The young brothers of the werewolf clan who pass through the academy are rumoured to be ‘super cute’, they were particularly quite famous amongst the female troops who liked cute things.

"Awesome!! Two vice captains!!”

Shouma’s eyes sparkled as he looked up at the couple.

“Tetsu san! Lieutenant Abarai and Lieutenant Kuchiki have arrived!”

Urui went back to the rear of the squad building to call out to Iba.

“Yo, wolf kid! What’s your name?”

Renji bent down, his line of sight connected with Shouma’s.

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