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Hey firecracker, here's a prompt for the good old Cap. America! How about the scene when Steve {Shiro} first realizes that it's Bucky {Keith} as the winter solder and say's "Bucky?" Thanks and keep on being awesome! <3 PS. Ulaz as Black Widow, the man needs so much love. :3

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[Sheith Captain America AU] This was not how Shiro imagined his Saturday to go. Clearly, being Captain America meant he didn’t get a normal day off. He was, after all, a fugitive now—for doing the right thing. Apparently, that wasn’t how the world worked these days. It was so much better back in the 40′s when it was so much simpler, just him and Keith.

“Is there anyway we can stop that guy? His metallic arm cracks pavements, Cap! Which, I gotta admit, is pretty awesome,” Lance shouted from his hiding spot behind a mini van.

“Not so awesome if it hits your face, loser,” Pidge rolled her eyes. She was located behind a wall of a building near them. “Though it would be amazing if I could run some tests to find out its capabilities.”

“You just admitted Emo Deadly Guy had an awesome arm!” 

“I did not! I’m just curious about his arm. We could probably take it. Well Shiro can, considering he has super human stre—”

“No one’s going to take someone’s arm,” Shiro said with finality. “Lance, head to the bridge. Pidge I need a diversion. I’m going to take down Emo Deadly Guy myself.”

Lance barked out a laugh. “Hah! You used my nickname for him!”

All three of them got into positions. EDG was currently no where to be seen, but Shiro held his shield closer to him just in case. He looked around and heard firing of guns: Lance. A bomb blew off and that could only mean one thing: Pidge was on the move. It may not be the mighty Avengers, but with just the three of them, they made a pretty good team. He was very thankful enough Pidge was on his side and that he found Lance while doing his morning run.

This wasn’t the time to get distracted with his thoughts, so when he peeked from a window car to check if their enemy was in the premises, he was met face to face with a bazooka aimed at him.

“Oh shit,” he cursed at himself and ducked as quickly as he could. He rolled to the side and before he could get up on his feet, he was punched in the abdomen that sent him flying to one of the cars.

He looked up, groaning in pain. The guy in all black with the metallic arm had his eyes locked on him. He approached Shiro with purpose. The eye black wasn’t helping either with his look, as if Shiro wasn’t intimidated enough. What was up with that anyway? And why did he have a black mask covering half of his face? Also, Shiro had never heard him utter a word either. Granted, they were in battle, there was no room for talking but a grunt here and there would be inevitable.

Sooner than expected, Shiro got all the answers to all his questions. The way this guy fought him, the way he punched his way into Shiro’s shield with his metallic arm with no restraint—causing impact to Shiro’s body—the guy only had one thing on his mind: finish the mission, and his mission was Shiro. 

The guy was a weapon, not a person—and he moved to kill.

Suddenly, it wasn’t just his metallic arm anymore. The guy had a knife and he threw it Shiro with speed and precision. Shiro tried to avoid it as fast as he could, the knife slicing through the bridge of his nose. Without any warning, the guy punched him in the face, retrieving his knife. Shiro grabbed hold of his metallic arm, twisting his body for his shield to go under to the other side and pushed it upwards the masked guy’s face. Knowing he had no time he lose, he pulled the guy over and flipped him, grabbing his mask at the same time.

The mask was now on the ground and Shiro looked up to see the guy getting up. His fists was clenched and it seemed like Shiro pissed him off even more just by looking at the guy’s back. It wasn’t going to end well, even Shiro knew that. He was about to throw his shield at the guy when the other one turned back to look at him and Shiro felt like someone took his ability to breathe.

In front of him, the guy he was just fighting a few moment ago, the guy with long hair, the guy with the metallic arm… It felt like Shiro was taken back 70 years ago because right in front of him was the man who was his best friend, the man whom he thought died years ago… the man he loved.

“Keith?” Shiro gasped, stumbling backwards. 

It was impossible. He must be seeing a ghost.

“Who the hell is Keith?” the guy asked, metallic arm raised towards his direction.

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Rules: list ten fandoms and your favourite character from each, then tag ten people.

1) Star Wars- Oh jeeeeeeez don’t make me choooooose I love almost everyone! I mean Thrawn and Eli are fantastic. I love Kylo even tho he’s just an angry trash bin. Han’s hilarious. And don’t get me started on the Old Republic characters.

But I guess if I must choose one and only one it’s be Leia bc when I was a small moose she showed me I could be kick ass even though I was a girl

2) Harry Potter- Hagrid

3) Supernatural- Lucifer

4) Marvel- Doctor Strange

5) The Tapestry Series- COOPER!!!!! (Seriously if you haven’t read the tapestry series by Henry Neff I HIGHLY recommend it)

6) Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Zaphod Beeblebrox

7) Lord of the Rings- Aragorn

8) Welcome to Night Vale- Cecile 

9) The West Wing- Leo McGarry 

10) Avatar the Last Airbender- Sokka

(Two bonus ones that after I typed them I went “I don’t think that counts for this are Captain Sig from Deadliest Catch and Godzilla from all of the Godzillas)

I tag @podracing-on-lothal @thrassisfras @originalthrawnduil @fidoruh @sophiedoodlz @mistressminako aand idk whoever else

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Has Sig ever had to look after small children (like little Raina)? How did he do?

“Never have I had to do so involuntarily, but there have been several instances in which I have watched over Raina when she was younger. And I feel like I did a good job?”

.::In other words, he was too paranoid to even let her out of his sight for even a second. Sneezing gave him practical heart attacks



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a great time at the MS State Steel Championship. Here’s one of my runs on “Smoke and Hope”… Shot with my @sigsauerinc #P320 in 1.71 seconds! I went on to shoot a World Record pace finishing the entire match in 87.3 seconds (195 targets with 39 draws from the holster over 8 courses of fire) #2a #speedshooting #sigsauer

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