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smorgensternn​ said: (tell me more about demisexual steve rogers please & thank you)

please consider:

  • steve not understanding at what points what is ~okay~ when you’re dating someone. like at what point can you kiss someone. when can you hold their hand. he just gets so wrapped up in the mechanics other people use and what is considered acceptable that his partner always ends up moving the boundaries, especially concerning intimacy.
  • steve not understanding how people can bring themselves to kiss someone after they’ve just met. it makes him feel strange, like he should have taken her out to dinner or a movie, or at the very least, for a few drinks. in the current century people feel that he’s saying that overused phrase “let me take you out to dinner first!” (or something similar) in the correct ironic phrase it’s become, but he’s being dead serious.
  • in the same vein, modern hookup culture is an entirely different realm of fantasy that he never can bring himself to wrap his head around. he doesn’t know how people can let strangers into their homes and be intimate with them. call it old-fashioned or prude, but he wants to know who he’s going to bed with. not just remember them, but a little more than small talk in a public place. he just can’t imagine himself being comfortable doing that and that’s all it boils down to, when people prod him about it.
  • steve is just a very passionate, caring person. he’s also a naturally intimate person. he craves it, but not sexually. he wants to know you. he wants to know about your life, where you came from, your first dog’s name, your favorite memory of your childhood home or best friend, and your hobbies. he wants to support you. he wants to be there for you when you’re upset. he’ll be your shoulder to cry on or the motivation for you to get off your ass and get moving (if you ask). he just has such a big heart for his friends and he wants to give them all the world and all of his attention he can spare at any given moment.
  • steve never knowing when he passes the threshold from a  strong friendship with someone to “more than friends.” others have just as many problems as he does with this, always second-guessing if a long hug and the ruffle of their hair means he’s being a good friend or if he’s giving you some kind of signal that they should get immediately.
  • “shared life experience.” he needs a level at which he can connect with someone, a lifeline he can tether himself to. a bridge to begin a conversation. when you’re as alone and as isolated at steve rogers, the man out of time, that’s something that’s really important. to have someone sit across the table, give you a glance from the side, a nod in understanding, the briefest moments of hand-holding or face-touching, a warm embrace, and tell you they understand. he doesn’t want to bleed on people. he doesn’t want to share his struggle with the passerby on the street that will feign sympathy just to be near him (because he is aware of his celebrity status, and he rejects it). he wants to share it with people he is close to, and who will take it seriously and not some chance at regaling you with a good old fashioned ww2 story. his home truly is in the people he surrounds himself with, because his home is a place he can never go back to.
  • if you haven’t gotten the idea yet, trust is a big deal for him. his truest friends are the people he trusts with his life. when you’ve been around long enough, you also get his heart. if you have both, your chances increase exponentially for getting into bed with him.
  • honestly when he finds someone sexually attractive he gets this brief sensation, like an “aha moment,” and it could be at the most random time. ie: peggy walking into the bar in her red dress, bucky sitting out the window with his feet dangling over a fire escape, sharon in her pink scrubs with her laundry basket in hand, sam wilson in his old battered pararescue sweatshirt, tony stark in the same work shirt he’s been working in for the last three days covered in grease and sweat, natasha sitting at his kitchen table with a coffee mug in her hand, wanda wrapped in a soft knitted blanket on a sofa looking like she hasn’t slept in days. its never immediately upon meeting a person. sure he can find them attractive, but its never that immediately correlates to “i want to have sex with you.”
  • though all of this might be the actual definition of “slow burn” to most people’s standards, it’s definitely worth it. when he gets to that point where there’s an established relationship, he’s connected, etc, the relationship only deepens. the only way i can really imagine it is like imprinting. if you need to use twilight (but not as severe?) as a reference, you do you. that person he’s chosen to tether himself to is his person. and he isn’t going to let go without a fight. he’s protective, loving, passionate. its so magnetic and intense that they feel it with even the most basic forms of contact. like world-shattering cliche and all.
  • (why do you think he has a really hard time letting people go? he’s really fucking attached okay.)
  • steve really enjoys kissing his person and being close with them. he’s a cuddler. like having a huge golden retriever clamoring to get in your lap.
  • sex is an entirely different animal. he enjoys going down on them. doing what they like or what. there’s nothing better than their fingernails digging into him, their gasping for breath, their raspy voices, their shuddering bodies, their little moans. he likes it all to the extent that the other person is enjoying themselves and gets off more on that than the actual sexual activity. it’s his default mode to just administer affection to the people he loves. but on those days where the roles switch up and its his turn he’s just as willing to take it. he honestly might even love it a tiny bit more on those days because he’s the type it would mean a lot to that his person even cared to make sure he enjoyed himself, or took the time once in a while to “return the favor” so to speak.
The Flash Review - The Man in the Yellow Suit

Well, it’s Mid Season Finale time! I have loved every second of this show, and am very annoyed I have to wait, a solid month before I can see the Scarlet Speedster in action again. Tonight’s episode was a source of major development for the plot, and the characters. Caitlin is reunited with her finance Ronnie Raymond, better known in the comics as one half of Firestorm, Barry FINALLY tells Isis how he’s always felt about her, and of course, we finally get answers about REVERSE Flash, and subsequently get more questions. Yes, it is official, not only are there TWO other Speedsters besides the Flash, but one of them is definitely Dr. Harrison Wells! This put’s many of his actions in past episodes into perspective, although if he is RF, why didn’t he ever use the powers before? My guess is while he is RF, the torch will eventually be passed down to Eddie, who is the best know Reverse Flash in the comics, which would explain why Wells wouldn’t kill Eddie when they were face to face. This reveal uses the LOST approach of, “Yeah, here’s an answer, and now here’s 3 more questions”.

What bugs me about this episode is really what’s bugged me all season, IRIS being an idiot. She seriously couldn’t tell that Barry has been crushing on her? The guy is always comforting her, listening to her, advising her, and showing his affection towards her, but she really needed a full speech from him in order to spell it out? To quote Napoleon Dynamite… IDIOT!

What’s also significant about this episode is that not only does 90’s Flash John Wesley Shipp makes another appearance as Mr. Allen, but Amanda Pays (Also from the 90’s Flash Show) makes a much welcomed return to the world of the Scarlet Speedster! Plus, it’s confirmed that Mark Hamill will indeed be coming back to play THE TRICKSTER, which he played with hammy perfection in (AGAIN) the 90’s show! I hope that the costume is properly updated though, because the old one while great for THAT show, would not fit here at all!

Overall I love what they are doing with this show and how they are honoring all facets of the Flash’s long and interesting mythology! I can’t wait for January’s RETURN episode, where Barry’s Hunt for Reserve Flash continues, Captain Cold returns, and we get to see one of eleven  more adventures from the fastest man alive!