captain sarcasm

So, a few words about my favorite fictional character. He’s tall, handsome, with dark hair and light eyes and a sarcasm level higher than mountain everest itself. Who am I talking about, huh? Is it Sirius Black? Or William Herondale? Maybe it’s Loki, maybe it’s Harry Potter. Could it be Alec Lightwood? Bucky Barnes is that you? Perhaps Julian Blackthorn? How about Killian Jones? Damon Salvatore? You never gonna find out biatch

This is what happens when The God of Thunder is around for a mission. Steven Grant Rogers is all jokes, smiles and heart eyes. He doesn’t even remember he has his best friend AND love of his life around too. I’m not jealous of a Norse God, of course, I love seeing my boyfriend smiling like that for another guy.

no, he just likes sleeping with his eyes open while sitting up

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How it feel to have a twin? It's fun??

Saeyoung: You betcha!! Do you know how hilarious it is to switch places and have Yoosung think I’m Saeran?! LOLOLOL!

Saeran: The sad part is that he falls for it every time…

Saeyoung: That’s because my acting skills are top notch! I wouldn’t have been able to make it out of half the situations I got into if I couldn’t pretend to be someone else~~~

And it’s easy to pretend I’m you, bro bro. All I have to do is act like an angsty edgelord all the time, LOL!

Saeran: What?! I do NOT act like that!

Saeyoung: Hmm, then why does Yoosung always believe it? I have to wonder~

Saeran: You—you motherfu—

Saeyoung: Ah ah ah!! Hush, Sae! I need to get you a filter for that dirty mouth of yours!

Saeran: I hate you.

Saeyoung: //rolls eyes Like I haven’t heard that one before. Try harder next time, cherrycake 😘

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Just wondering erm what is the 'bedroom' life like with Killian? 😉😉😉

Oh wow. Bedroom life? Well… he wakes up way too early, insists on making the bed, and sometimes we fight for the bathroom in the morning.

I’m guessing that’s not the answer you were looking for though.

Sorry to disappoint. 

Reblog if you think Hartley Rathaway should be on Legends of Tomorrow

imagine the amount of sass between him and len

Meeting The Stars - PRABHAS  &  RANA

From the moment I got back home after watching Baahubali: The Beginning, I wished to meet the entire team behind the Epic because one, they were ideals in my mind for attempting something of such an impressive magnitude and coming out successful; and two, they seemed so fun to get to know after all their interviews together despite the heights of their fandom. It was indeed a dream team and my dream to meet them got a lot more stubborn after watching The Conclusion.

So last May, on a fine Friday morning, I came across a tweet about a contest regarding Baahubali the Lost Legends—the animated series of the franchise on Amazon Prime India twitter handle. It promised two sets of winners, the first three would get to meet the stars and the next ten would win certain Baahubali merchandise. My eyes zeroed in on the promise of those gifts cause I consider myself as a bit of a collector. I decided to give my best shot at it hoping to win at least one of them goody bags. I answered all the nine questions about the animated series. They promised to announce the winners that night and I almost forgot all about it until after dinner. When I did though, I rushed to see who won the goody bags and didn’t find my name so made peace with the thought that it just wasn’t meant for me. And not 5 minutes later, they announced the 3 winners who will go on to meet the Baahubali stars on top of getting the merchandise as well and my name was right on top of it—and I’m pretty sure I kept blinking owlishly at my mobile screen for 10 minutes straight. I legit couldn’t believe my luck and I thought it was a prank until everyone assured me it wasn’t. With what one would term a Cheshire grin, I danced around my place and kept shoving my mobile at everyone’s face (the ones who made the mistake of listening to me, that is). Friends who had me as their whatsapp contact were subsequent victims to my excitement as well. However, my mum and brother were an exception as they tried to tease me, mercilessly might I add, about my pintsize and how either Rana or Prabhas might have to lift me up so that I was in the same frame as them in the pictures—tried being the key word. It still had zero effect on my delight and I eagerly waited for the day that I would meet the team. (rest under the cut bc its super long)

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