captain rogers

Untouched pt. 5

Bucky x reader 

Notes: SMUT, swearing, fluff

Summary: the whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.

(Shit’s about to hit the fan)

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Bucky worshipped you like a goddess almost every night. He hadn’t slept in his own room in weeks, and you didn’t even ask him if he’d join you for the night anymore; it wasn’t a question. After that first time, neither of you could get enough; to Sam’s great annoyance. Every time you and Bucky snuck off after dinner he stared after you, watching you hold Bucky’s hand as you pulled him towards the elevator. You hadn’t really talked to Sam after the way he blew up in the gym, even if he didn’t mean what he said; it still hurt. You only shared formal pleasantries like “good morning” and “good night”, and on missions you only talked about the mission. You weren’t exactly mad at him, but you weren’t too happy with him either. With Bucky however, you were over the moon. Every day he seemed to find a new way to make you smile throughout the day, even when now your training schedules had changed and you only saw him in the morning and late at night as you always held off on dinner until he was done with training.

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For the next few days I’ll just be writing prompts as I don’t have enough time at the moment for the requests I have received (but don’t worry, I will get to writing them!) So here are some prompts I just came up with, if you want me to write one, hit me up with a message! I write anyone! But only if its a character/person that I know. But I watch a hell of a lot of tv so that wont be much of a problem haha.


1. “Why are you doing this to me?”
2. “Please don’t leave me…”
3. “If you leave right now, I never wanna see your fucking face again.”
4. “What the fuck?”
5. “Are you really THAT jealous?”
6. “Doll, I’m not jealous not in the slightest.”
7. “Fuck you and your beautiful hair!”
8. “Damn you.”
9. “What did you just fucking say?”
10. “Was he just fucking flirting with you?”
11. “I’m going to karate kick him in the throat.”
12. “I hate him.”
13. “But I love you.”
14. “Please don’t be mad.”
15. “Baby please… Come on…”
16. “Open the door…”
17. “Don’t leave me standing on this door step all night because I will.”
18. “So you’re not that much into flowers huh?”
19. “It’s been a long day…”
20. “I’m gonna kill him. Painfully.”
21. “You know I’m not a fan of sharing.”
22. “If we’re ever going to have a threesome it will most definitely not be with him.”
23. “You just had to speak another language didn’t you?”
24. “Romanian is sexier than Russian.” “By the noises you make when I speak them, doll, I know.”
25. “I hate you.” “You love me.” “Mildly.”
26. “Are you really just leaving me here?”
27. “I’m standing here naked and you really don’t wanna jump on me?”
28. “You… You want to use food in this…?”
29. “I love milkshakes, but this is too over the top.”
30. “Channing Tatum is beautiful.” “I have longer hair./I have better muscles.”
31. “Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello can grind up on me any day.”
32. “I hate this music.” “Tell that to Thor.”
33. “Why do you love it so much?” “Have you seen it? It’s fucking sexy as hell.”
34. “Fuck you.”
35. “That… That really hurt.”
36. “Do you even love me?”
37. “what is this? Because it doesn’t look like love to me!”
38. “I knew it.”
39. “You really hate me that much?”
40. “Is that why your cheating on me?”
41. “Really? Nat? Out of all people?”
42. “How fucking dare you.”
43. “If you love me, you will stay.”
44. “We can work this out.”
45. “Can we just cuddle… please?”
46. “I need a hug”
47. “I just need you to hold me…”
48. “I had a nightmare…”
49. “It was awful…”
50. “You’re never gonna lose me…”
51. “I’m not going anywhere.”
52. “If you think I’m leaving you got another thing coming.”
53. “How do you make me feel this way…”
54. “How do you do that?”
55. “Confidence is my strong suit.”
56. “Are you purposely doing this to make me jealous?”
57. “Are you doing this on purpose?”
58. “Your ass looks great in those.” “My ass looks great in everything.”
59. “Please, just a quickie before we go? You look beautiful.”
60. “Damn you in a tux makes me all tingly…”
61. “I want to be on top.”
62. “As much as this looks great on you… It would look better on the floor.”
63. “Can we just share a shower… Please…?”
64. “Why did you do this?”
65. “Never hurt yourself again.” “Okay…” “Promise me.”
66. “I need you…”
67. “Why did I have to fall in love with a man I know I can’t have?”
68. “You don’t need me… You have her…”
69. “Netflix and Chill?”
70. “Cuddle me like there’s no tomorrow.”
71. “Grind on me like you grinded on that pillow.”
72. “Damn I didn’t think it would be that quick.”
73. “Well that was unusually arousing.”
74. “Fuck Y/N keep going”
75. “You look adorable right now.”
76. “Delete that picture right now!”
77. “Avert your eyes!”
78. “You showed them the picture?! Why?!”
79. “I’m never sending nudes to you again.”
80. “I can’t believe this…”
81. “I’ve never been so embarrassed in my entire life.”
82. “Baby your all red.”
83. “What are you doing with that baby oil?”
84. “That’s so sweet…”
85. “I’ve always wanted to try that.”
86. “I’m never trying that again.”
87. “Wait… Is that really your home screen?”
88. “You… You recorded that?”
89. “In your dreams.”
90. “You have more of a chance of me making love to pizza then doing that.”
91. “Wait… Are those edible?”
92. “You’re adorable when you’re jealous.”
93. “We have a problem…”
94. “That was close”
95. “I’m cold”
96. “It’s too hot”
97. “I’m just gonna go into the corner of this room and cry.”
98. “Really?? In the kitchen??”
99. “What an emotional roller coaster huh?”
100. “Never let me go…”
101. “I think this calls for a celebration.”
102. “If you get too close I’ll punch you in the face.”
103. “Who knew you could do that”
104. “Holy motherfucking shit”
105. “Oh my god I’m so sorry!”
106. “I didn’t mean to!” “Get out!”
107. “I didn’t know you were getting dressed!”
108. “You should have knocked!”
109. “Wrap it before you tap it, bud”
110. “You really think so?”
111. “She’s really into that, you can tell.”
112. “This is what I call revenge.”
113. “Payback motherfucker.”
114. “I forbid you from any physical contact.”
115. “So sweet…”
116. “Stop or we’ll get caught.” “Let them catch us.”
117. “You’re unbelievable.”
118. “I think I’m going to cry.”
119. “Why?”
120. “Baby calm down.”
121. “I love you, and only you.”
122. “Kiss me already.”
123. “I’ve missed your touch…”
124. “You’re so warm… Why are you always so goddamn warm?”
125. “My heart beats only for you.”
126. “Don’t cry…”
127. “Come here…”
128. “I’m always here for you…”
129. “Do you really feel the same way?”
130. “I knew you loved me… not him/her. Me…”
131. “It will always be you. I love you.”
132. “Can you act cute for one day instead of always being your sexy/broody self?”
133. “That scowl on your face makes you look hot. Not threatening.”
134. “I just wanna play with your hair.”
135. “Make me feel again…”
136. “I never thought I would say this… but”
137. “You confuse me.”
138. “Why are you so close with him?”
139. “I’m tired of being a secret.”
140. “Why can’t people know?”
141. “Are you ashamed of me? Of us?”
142. “Does dating me really embarrass you so much?”
143. “I’m tired of being the one that’s always there but when I need you, you’re with her.”
144. “Leave me alone…”
145. “You’re my drug… And I love it.”
146. “You make me feel whole again.”
147. “Can you elaborate on that?”
148. “Fuck I love you…”
149. “Why don’t we try something new?”
150. “You’re so cute when you want to be.”

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Steve Rogers / Captain America - Avengers

As you were taking a break from helping out around the Barton house, you stood on the porch of the house and watched Steve. The super soldier was chopping wood in rapid succesion. 

You could see he was sweating and you could hear his thoughts. /If I’m doing all this work by myself I hope at least someone is appreciating it./

/Oh, I’m appreciating it Steve. Don’t worry./ You send him your thoughts with a smirk.

Steve blushed, you could see it faintly form where you stood. /What exactly are you appreciating Y/N?/  He thought carefully.

/Anything you’d like Captain./ You smirked as you saw Steve swallowed hard. He bit his lip and straightened up before going back to chopping the wood. Though you noticed his accuracy was faltering slightly.

It wasn’t your fault that you had a great view of Steve.