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Author’s Note: Hi guys! How are you? I hope everything’s right. I bring you here a one-shot of fluffy Steve! I hope you all like it! I promise one day I’ll continue the series I have been writing, okay? Sorry!

Warnings: FLUFF. And some ass smacking 

Words: 1,126.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader.

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But like lowkey I gotta disagree/expand upon the others.

1. She can take a punch from the Hulk, but what you failed to mention is that she can deliver one right back.

2. She and Steve would probably be fascinated with each other’s shields. They’d talk about shield stuff. Maybe they’d even exchange shields and spar. But in the end, they respect each other’s shields, but still consider their shield the superior shield. Wow I just said shield a lot.


4. Fam I feel like Thor and Diana would be those besties who banter all the time but also Diana would help Thor understand shit because she has been in the “real world” longer than him and 100% is like “ok buddy, at first I was confused about this thing, too, let me tell you how it works…”

Assistant to the Captain pt. 3

Prompt: Natasha convinced Steve he needs an assistant even though he’s convinced he can do it all himself. He gives in and that’s where you come in.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2285

Warnings: slow burn

A/N: ah. my slow burn aka my favorite way of torturing you all. enjoy this next part. it’s kinda long compared to what i normally do, but i’m sure that’s all right with you all. enjoy! (:

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Part 2


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Saturday, a day off. The week felt long because you were learning the ropes and learning everyone’s personalities. But then again, it felt short because of those exact things. You’d met Tony Stark and a younger woman named Wanda as the week went on. You were surprised that with this job— one that was constantly demanding and changing— you got the weekends off. It was a perk. It enabled you to make plans with your family. And that’s exactly what you had planned. It was 6am when you left your house, ready to make the three hour drive to the suburb your family lived in. You had a breakfast date with all of them. And with Derek, your boyfriend.

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Avengers Preferences: Pregnancy

*Please bear with me I’ve never done this before!*

Disclaimer: Please don’t take this and then go get pregnant! (lol as if). Wait until you’ve married someone and settled down! Be prepared! You know how to stay safe kids! And these are NOT my images!


He would treat you like a queen and would not let you go anywhere. He’d be frantically reading books on parenting. You’d have to assure him that he would be a good parent constantly because he thinks that he’s not good enough. He wants a new start with the baby and wants to make sure it doesn’t turn out like him. He’ll be the best father who is constantly around because he doesn’t want his child to experience the same pain as him. 


Oh gosh Steve would be so stressed out. He’d run around making sure you had all your cravings satisfied and the everything was perfect. He’d read every book about how to help the baby and do the craziest things. He played all kinds of music to see if the baby would kick. If the baby didn’t kick for a long time he’d freak and try to take you to the doctor to make sure it’s ok. “Steve I’m Fine.” “No we have to check! Who knows!” “STEVE!” It’d be super cute to see flustered Steve running around.


He’d be so proud and would take you out everywhere and yell in his booming voice, “LOOK AT MY BEAUTIFUL WIFE! SEH’S CARRYING A MINI ME WOW ISN’T THAT AMAZING!” And you’d just be there, red as a tomato, trying to hide. He’d take you up to Asgard so that you would get the best of care. He never left your side. He loved watching the progress of your stomach size. He was also 100% that annoying couple who took photos every week to show progress! 


He’d be used to the process and wasn’t fazed at all when you had told him that you were pregnant with your 2nd child. He already had everything for you and was super chill. He loved to explain everything to your younger child. “Look mummy’s gonna have a sibling for you!” It would be so cute…


He would best gentle around you and it’d be so sweet. He’d have had help from the doctors (there is a way) and he’d be ecstatic! He’d constant;y be worrying if the baby would be normal or like him and you’d constantly reassure him that it didn’t matter, it would be loved just as much either way. He’d never get any sleep because he was ready all the books about it! (I ran out of ideas for Bruce ok)

Bucky: He would be so worried about his child and hurting it or you with his arm but you were always there to reassure him. He’d make lists for all the things he needs to buy for the baby and would be overjoyed at the new family member!

Sam: He’d never leave your side. EVER. He’d even lay with you in the hospital bed, there for moral support as you birthed your beautiful baby. He whispered sweet things to your belly all the time and he was so prepared for the baby. You’d never seen Sam so giddy and jumpy.


you. would. not. have. children. at. that. age.

Peter P:

No. ^^


He would treat you like his QUEEN. He’d make sure you get the best possible care and he’d draw cute little designs on your stomach. He traced the designs methodically throughout the day which you loved, and so did the baby as sometimes it would kick when he did that. He’d be so gentle and calm around you. He’d buy and decorate a room for the baby with you. He’d be so excited, especially during the gender reveal!

Little witch (Part 5)

Pairings: Peter x reader

Word count: 2569

Summary: The reader is raised by Hydra but manages to escape after they kill her parents. She is emotionally unstable and can’t control her powers. The Avengers rescue her and give her everything she missed form life and wanted to feel. But would her new found love be enough to extinguish her desire for revenge? What would be the side she would choose to rely on? Will she be ready to face the real her?

A/N: I am so sorry i am posting this so late. My apologizes for the mistakes you will probably find ♥ It’s my final week of school so i hope you understand why i am posting it so late and why your requests are taking so much time. Please tell me what your opinion about the story. And i am really interested what you think would happen. Please share it with me :3 Enjoy! 

Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3 // Part 4

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“Up, down, backwards, kick. Again! Try to attack the unprotected zones! Good, now jump, kick, that’s right. Now-”, Steve’s commands were interrupted by the loud sound of someone being thrown badly on the floor.


“Are you okay?”, Steve asked the victim but didn’t give it a try to cover his smile.

“Yes, Captain. I am fine.”, Peter rose his thumbs and tried to stand up.

“I am sorry Pete but you weren’t paying enough attention. And I really wanted to punch you.”, (Y/N) stated as she gave a hand to Peter in order to help him to get on his feet.

“You are getting your ass beaten up by a girl. What a shame boy!”, Tony exclaimed. He had entered the training hall seconds before seeing how the little witch knocked down the spider-boy.

“You are a great fighter and I have no idea if I should be happy about it or not.”, the captain was observing (Y/N)’s technique since they began training. For a period of two weeks it was hard for him to predict what she was going to do. He had talked with Natasha after seeing how the girl beaten up the famous Black Widow but Nat was amazed by her movements as Steve, “Hydra had achieved their goals. You are better than Nat. Well, not as they probably wanted, but still.”

Hearing the name of the organization that took everything away from her, she almost fell again in the deep. Different feelings were surging in her. The girl clenched fists, took a deep breath and relaxed. After a month of training with Bruce and Wanda she was able to control her powers somehow. She was thought how to use her rage without letting it to overwhelm her body, mind, actions.

“What do you mean? She is amazing with cold weapons, Rogers.”, Tony exclaimed and walked down to them, “Let’s call her The Slicer!”, the man was too enthusiastic for the others to take him seriously.

“The Slicer? What a terrible name.”

“Take your word back captain or a new Civil War will erupt.”

“I like it. It makes me look dangerous.”

“You are a dangerous woman but I think it’s not for you.”, Peter expressed his opinion, “It’s for a coldhearted killer, while you are…”

“What am I Pete?”, (Y/N) came closer to the boy smirking and waited for his answer. She didn’t miss to spot the way he gulped nervously and rubbed the back of his neck with his left hand, “You are emitting nervousness. Why?”, the witch asked in a sweet and yet flirtatious voice, “Is it because of me?”

“I-um.”, another gulp, “No, yes, I mean…Argh!”, the boy covered his face and whispered something like ‘How can you be so desperately stupid?’

“Wait, why are you here?”, Steve suddenly asked Tony.

“Maybe because this building is all mine and I want to roam through it.”

The girl laughed, Steve gave an eye roll while Peter relaxed when the subject was changed and it took (Y/N)’s attention.

“Okay, okay. Stop that look! It makes me want to punch you in your perfect face.”. Tony stated and then continued, “I and Thor decided to throw a party so be ready in eight.”

“What?! A party ?! Why?”, Peter asked all of a sudden.

“Because my little kid you need to know how to have fun in your life. It’s not only the thick books you stuck your nose into.”, and with that the famous genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist man exited the room.

“Well we have like 5 hours until the party. Let’s continue working.”, (Y/N) suggested. It was her way to reduce the feelings inside her.  They were all going out and in the end of the exercises she felt much relaxed and calmed although her body was a little exhausted.

“Oh you continue. I am worn out so I will take a rest.”

“I thought you were a durable boy, Parker.”, the girl smirked as she saw the boy turning around immediately.

“I am!”

“But you got exhausted just from some slight punches.”, the witch came closer to the boy not breaking eye contact again.

“I might be not showing my full potential only because I don’t want to hurt you.”, at this time the teenagers were both smirking while Steve was looking with interest what was about to happen.

“Don’t spare me Spider-boy. Show me your super strength and you’ll see I can bear it.”

“If you are asking so politely. But don’t you dare complain after that your body is aching.”

“Oh, the sexual tense between the two of you has filled the whole room.”, Nat spoken. The witch and the spider-boy separated from each other looking away, “Don’t act as though you were shy. If it wasn’t in the training room someone would think you were about to break the bed.”

“Will you guys stop interrupting our training!?”, the girl asked in annoyance. The Avengers kept coming and if another one had showed up he could had possibly ended in the medical wing.

“Yeah, if you were actually training.”, (Y/N) gave the redhead an eye roll and waited for her answer. For one month she got used to all the teasing and jokes the heroes like to share between them, “You must spent less time with Wanda and Stark. However, I am here for the party. I assume Tony have told you so. Would you like to go with Wanda to buy a dress or something?”

“Shopping isn’t my thing and Will. Never. Be.”

“You were my only hope. Now I have to go to the shops.”, agent Romanoff looked like a small child whose mother just had told him she would not by him the toy he wanted.

“Sorry Nat. Oh, if you like something could you take it for me?”

“Yes, but you will owe me!”, Nat declared as she exited the room.

“That was a big mistake, (Y/N).”, the teenagers’ trainer for today stated out loud, “Anyone who have owed her something hasn’t ended good.”

“I will find a way to trick her.”, the girl gave a smile to the captain and the three of them continued working out. (Y/N) was without a doubt the best of them all, even the captain, but Peter managed to beat her five times which was a great success.

“Don’t hurt them!”, she screamed, “Mummy! Daddy! I am here! We will get out of here!”

“They can’t hear you.”

“What do you want from me?”

“Show me your powers. Revile them!”

“I-I can’t! Don’t you understand, I CAN’T!”, she shouted, tears rolling down her face. She didn’t want to lose them, not now.

“You don’t give us another option. Enjoy the show.”

Screams filled the room but this time an explosion didn’t happen. Instead the girl stayed in the room looking at her dead parents on the floor.

‘It’s your fault! It’s your fault! IT’S YOUR FAULT!’, the voices filled the small place she was locked into. They were shouting and screaming in agony.

“Please stop! Stop! I did what I could to save you!”, but with each word spoken the voices became louder and louder deadening the girl’s obeys,

“IT IS YOUR FAULT WE ARE DEAD!”, her parents’ voices kept screaming and filling the room while the girl crouched in the corner of the room whispering:

“Sorry, sorry, sorry! I did all I could”


(Y/N) woke up from her nightmare breathing heavily. Since day one she kept dreaming the same thing every night. This time it wasn’t different. She continues seeing her parents dying and blaming her for it. At first she started believing them but after Wanda had seen her dream by accident everything changed. (Y/N) did her best to believe Wanda’s words that she wasn’t guilty, that Hydra had manipulated her in order to get what they wanted but something deep inside her was still feeling it was her fault. She had to be better and they could have lived till today.

The witch looked at the clock next to her bed. It was 6:30pm. She had an hour and half until the party. She stood up and went straight to the bathroom. The water was hot, slightly burning her skin but the girl didn’t minded. She liked it, the mist that caused her to breathe hard, the water that relaxed her body. (Y/N) wanted to stay there longer and to wash all the stress away but the time was flying. After brushing her teeth and putting underwear on she went back to her room. As she entered it someone did the same from the other door. With no surprise, it was Peter.

“(Y/N) are you- Oh mu gosh!”, as he entered in a hurry he fastened to spin around.

“Tell me, Parker…are your spider senses telling you when I am half or fully naked so you can enter in that moment?

“This time I knocked!”, the boy tried to protect himself, “You didn’t answer so I decided to check out what is going on.”

“Only to be sure I am okay?”

“I know it sounds stupid but I care about you and-”, and all of a sudden he shut up with eyes wide opened. (Y/N) blushed at his words but tried to cover it so he would not see it.

“I am flattered you wanna make sure I’m alright but I can handle myself, Parker.”, the girl gave Peter a smile.

“Yeah, okay, I will leave now.”

“No, wait!”

“What?”, the boy was surprised (Y/N) didn’t want him to leave after he saw her half naked for one god knew what time in a roll.

“I have problems with what to wear tonight. Would you stay and help me choose?”

This time both blushed and smiled. Peter accepted and closed the door. He sat on the bed looking at the beautiful girl in front of him. He scanned her body with only one look and gulped in nervousness. She was gorgeous and not only because of her appearance. The girl was a complex character. Once she was confident and sarcastic, other times shy and insecure, on training she was like a killing machine when training with Steve. At those times she scared him but he knew that she was just a broken porcelain doll that would never be repaired and look the same as before. But Peter wanted to be the strength holding all the pieces together. The one being her anchor, to help her get through all of this and to show she wasn’t alone. There was a person that cared and he wanted the girl to understand it. Peter wished to show her all the things she missed – the happiness, the games everyone plays as s child, the feelings of having a first love and the butterflies you feel in your stomach when you kiss, the moments when you cry from joy, laughing, bliss. He wanted not only to make her feel the good part of life but to feel all the things with her. The boy wanted to make this girl happy and to be the reason she was smiling. And when she smiled form heart at his jokes or stupidity he smiled too.  

On the other hand, as the boy was looking at (Y/N) with something like love she felt insecure. When he had entered the room she spoke from annoyance but now she finally understood she was just in her underwear in front of a boy she asked to stay and help her. The girl bit her lip and turned around facing the wardrobe. She opened it and hurried to take the first clothes that she saw. It happened to be simply jeans and tank top.

“Well, you look beautiful in them I have seen but they are too ordinary for the event.”

“What about this one?”, (Y/N) showed the boy a black skirt

“It might work but what would you put on top?”

The witch grabbed almost all of the clothes that were in the wardrobe and began dressing. Peter rejected the combinations thinking it wasn’t for the situation or that the clothes weren’t fitting right.

“It’s 7:45 and I still have no idea what to put on me!”, (Y/N) sat next to the boy and was about to cry. He tried to calm her down but no boy knows the feeling of having a full wardrobe and no clothes to wear. It was despairing. As Pete was about to say something someone knocked on the door. (Y/N) stood up and went to open it. There was Wanda holding three bags in her hands.

“This is for you. I am sorry I am bringing them so late but put them on and come downstairs with Peter. Don’t be late!”

(Y/N) was surprised when Wanda mentioned Peter but it was probably one of her powers that showed her the teenagers were both in the room.

The girl opened the bags. In the first one she found just the perfect outfit, in the second she found some jewelry and in the third one there was a suit for Peter.

“This one is for you.”, (Y/N) handed the boy his outfit.

“What? Really? Why would they buy a suit for me?”

“I don’t care. Go to the bathroom and put it on. I want to see in something different than jeans ash shirt or your spider suit.”

“Okay, okay. I am going! No need to rush me.”, the boy smiled as he entered the bathroom where he began changing. (Y/N) hurried to change too although she had nothing to be ashamed of. She spent an hour half naked in front of Peter…why was she now feeling insecure? However the girl put the clothes on and looked at the mirror. She was wearing a black tight skirt that ended some centimeters above her knees. The top was short, simple and shower the upper part of her stomach. The way it outlined her curves made the girl look at herself from another angle. For the first time in her life she felt beautiful just because of some clothes. As she finished putting the necklace on, Peter came in the room in his suit. He was trying to put his tie on but with no result.  

“Will you help me?”, Peter asked innocently.

“Yeah.”, (Y/N) murmured after some seconds as she took some time to observe him, “But I don’t think it is necessary.”, as she came closer she took the tie away and removed the black top of the suit. Now he was standing only in his trousers and white shirt that had the top buttons undone.

“You look hot.” , they both looked at each other with wide eyes. Thanks God, she said only this not how she wanted to kiss him right now and bury her hands in his messy hair.

“Thanks.”, Peter smirked as he took his time to observe the girl in front of him, “But I am afraid you are overshadowing me. You are just stunning in this outfit.”, the girl smiled brightly and looked at Peter who was grinning too, “Shall we?”, her offered his hand.

“Let’s go to the party.”, the witch took his hand and they both went downstairs where they could hear the loud music and people talking.

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[Post Civil War, Tony and Steve meet up to discuss Thanos]

Steve: All right, this is crazy. If we both have something, why don’t we just trade? 

Tony: Cap, I can’t. You know that. 

Steve: [scoffs] Oh, “can’t”. What happened to that rebellious guy with the leather jacket and the motorcycle? Would he say “can’t”? 

Tony: [sighs] He enforces the law now and drinks expensive wine. 

Imagine wondering what your boyfriend, Chris, is up to. It’s been quiet in the house for far too long - he must be up to something. You start to wander around looking for him when he jumps out from behind a dark corner, scaring the daylights out of you. He immediately erupts in laughter, clutching his chest. You try to stay mad at him, pushing him away when he comes to hug and kiss you to apologize, but it doesn’t last. With that smile, he could get away with anything.

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Stucky AU? Where SHIELD finds Bucky in cryo in an old Hydra base, he has his metal arm but the brain washing/memory wipes didn't happen because the scientists in charge of him were killed. So he sat there frozen until a few years before Steve when he's found, heartbroken and on a revenge mission to get every lingering hydra agent or base destroyed. They took his sweetheart from him. Then he gets a call "We found him, Sargeant Barbes."

Imagine Bucky’s anger - no, his rage - when he finds out what happened to Steve. He wants to rip every Hydra down right that moment. He sees red and only sees red for a long time. 

The hollow, aching feeling in his chest is too much to bare. He can barely get up some days but he always does when he has another tip from Natasha for another Hydra base to tear down. 

His rage fuels him. His rage keeps him fighting. He tears each base down, leaves hardly any survivors and when he does, he leaves them to Natasha, who is not merciful when it comes to avenging the ones she’s lost.

If he stops going on missions, then he’ll get swallowed up by the misery, depression and guilt that taints his heart. He’ll drown in his sorrow and never resurface. Sometimes, he wants to fall away. But he knows it’s not what Steve would have wanted. So, he keeps going, to keep his memory alive.

Hydra will not take Steve away from him. Not his memory or his love. 

And then the day comes, when he gets a call from Natasha. “Hey Nat,” he says, “you got another base for me - ?” 

“No. It’s something else. You’d better come in,” she says and she sounds…happy. Bucky hangs up right away, showers and throws on some clothes and boots before leaving his apartment. 

He’s at SHIELD headquarters within fifteen minutes and is led by Natasha up to the infirmary. “What is it?” he asks her, “seriously Nat?” 

She merely smiles, “we found something. Or rather, someone.” 


“Look.” Nat nods towards the hospital door. 

And there, in the room is Steve. He’s smaller than Bucky again, not by height. But muscle wise, Bucky’s larger due to Hydra’s torture and the need to feel stronger than anyone else, Bucky had made sure he was impressive in size. Steve is all refined and wrapped up in that wonderful body of his, lying there in bed, staring at the ceiling. 

His hair’s damp and his cheeks are wet. He’s been crying. He looks just like he had the day Bucky had last seen him, except he’s dressed differently, rested and confused. 

“Stevie,” Bucky whispers to himself and then rushes into the room, nearly tearing the door off it’s hinges. 

“Bucky?” Steve croaks, sitting up. In a flash, he launches himself into Bucky’s arms, sobbing loudly. “I thought I’d lost you. I thought I’d lost you forever. I’m so sorry. I let you fall. I let them take you.” 

“No, no, oh baby no,” Bucky croons, cupping Steve’s face. “No, you didn’t leave me. You didn’t. You couldn’t have known. What were you goin’ to do, eh? Jump after me, they would’ve gotten you too. The only thing that kept me alive all those years was knowin’ that they never got their hands on you.” 

They’re level in height now, but still Steve looks down so Bucky has to dip his head to meet his gaze.

“B-but - 

“No, baby boy, no,” Bucky shakes his head, “no. Look at me, sweetheart. It’s not your fault. I’m here. You’re here now. Are you okay? Oh doll, I should’ve been lookin’ for you. I did, I did and we had the best people searchin’ for you - 

Bucky,” Steve whimpers, clutching at Bucky’s shoulders, at his clothes, at his neck, “Bucky, Bucky…” He looked into Bucky’s eyes and felt himself crying even more so. “I love y-you.” 

“I love you too, darlin’,” Bucky growls, kissing Steve firmly on the mouth. A couple of the doctors look away, blushing at their public display of affection. “I’m never lettin’ you go. You’re got gettin’ out of my sight, ever again. You hear me?” 

Steve nods, nudging his nose against Bucky’s, “you too.” 

Bucky grins and laughs wetly. They had a lot to talk about and work through but right now, all Bucky wants to do is hold his sweetheart. 

And so, he does. 

Strangers In The Mind: Part 3

Summary: A cure has been found for Bucky and as he is going under treatment, he starts having bizarre dreams about you. He doesn’t know why or how. Never in his life has he actually met you but, he is determined to find you. (soulmate AU)
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word Count: 1950
Warnings: same old angst
A/N: I try my best to post every Friday, but this week was crazy for me so barely got any time to write. Feedback is welcomed 💜

Part 2                                                                                                  Masterlist

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Bucky hated when he was brought out of his sleep. He knew he had no control over it but still. Time with you lessened, making him nerve-wracking and overwhelmed. Before the reversal of his brainwash, Bucky couldn’t see or remember you. Like a cloak covering his eyes, he was in the void and clueless of your existence.

Every night when Bucky went to bed, his fear would meet him there, in his dreams repeating the past and memories he had from Hydra but you’d appear, pulling him away from the pain and suffering. Bucky had enough and wanted to find you.

He needed to.

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The Curtain, part 4

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You had been Steve Rogers’ best girl for many years, until he took down SHIELD and proclaimed his allegiance to Hydra. And that was when your world came tumbling down. Now you were part of the Underground - a group of rogue heroes and civilians that wanted nothing to do with Hydra. The Mount was the secret headquarters where you lived now, as you all try to find a way to get the world back. And where you try your hardest to forget Steve Rogers or at least the man he is now, but could you ever?

Characters: Hydra! Steve Rogers, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow, Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Amadeus Cho/Hulk, Viv Vision.

Warning: If you don’t like the Hydra Steve currently in the Marvel comics, don’t read. Won’t be tagging anyone unless they asked to be tagged. Spoilers for Secret Empire.

A/N: This is mostly based on the comic Secret Empire and most of the characterization is based on comic book counterparts - or at least a mix of the two for those also in the MCU. Also, this is just a mini-series - not sure how many parts.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

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Steve Rogers/Captain America - I’m Sorry I Never Told You - Part 10

Series Summary: Being an Avenger is the most challenging thing you’ve ever done, but you wouldn’t change it for the world. You’re in a relationship with Steve and that’s something you never thought you’d have, you never imagined being so lucky as to have someone like him. However, there is something that you haven’t told him or the others. A secret that you’ve fought to keep hidden. What happens when you have no choice but to tell Steve and the rest of the team your biggest secret?

Part Summary: You and Steve pick up Jeremy from Quantico and then head home. Jeremy is very excited to be back with you. Bruce gives you a scan to find out the gender and you all get a shock. You and Steve have something important to talk to Jeremy about. Something unexpected happens on an outing with Peter.

Pairing/s: Steve x Fem!Reader. Fem!Reader x Jeremy x Peter x Steve, Fem!Reader x Avengers, Fem!Reader x BAU, Vision x Wanda, Clint x Natasha, Will x JJ

Characters: Fem!Reader, Steve Rogers. Jeremy Y/L/N, Peter Parker, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, William LaMontagne, Bruce Banner, Vision, Thor Odinson, Samuel “Sam” Thomas Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes, Christopher Jenkins (OMC). Natasha Romanoff, Penelope Garcia, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Aaron Hotchner, Derek Morgan, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Emily Prentiss, Danny Smith (OMC), Eric Smith (OMC), Henry LaMontagne, Michael LaMontagne, Jack Hotchner, Thor Odinson, Clint Barton, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, T'Challa, Scott Lang, Nicholas “Nick” Joseph Fury, Maria Hill, Phil Coulson (Mentioned)

A/N: A huge thank you to @molethemollie and @mo320 for being my betas!

I’m Sorry I Never Told You Master List

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Steve Rogers Imagine

Requested: Anonymous

Imagine: hii! i’m a huge fan of ur writing! can you plz write a steve rogers imagine where ur like the most popular on the team. like everyone loves you and steve is stuck up and hates how you get more attention than he does. and you guys get recgnoized but everyone wants pictures with you and not him (captain america) and so you go home and steve looked really down and you asked him what was up and he just said that he misses those days where people loved him and praised him. and you cheer him up. thx!

A/N: you’re a sweetheart, thank you <3

Warning: None

 You stepped out from behind the van as you saw your new recruit hop out of the van. You smirked as you saw it was the Ant Man. You’ve seen his word and you had to admit, he was pretty good. His name was Scott, but you just stuck with Ant Man. Steve has been ignoring you for a the entire mission because people have been giving you more attention than him and it was bugging him.

 You thought Scott didn’t know you so you just stood behind him, hoping he wouldn’t notice who you were. But as soon as Scott stopped handshaking Steve, he turned his head and he smiled.

‘’I know you too,’’ he points. ‘’You’re great.’’ he smirks.

‘’Thank you.’’ you thank, nodding your head.

 You glance at Steve who let out an annoyed sigh, he looked down and turned towards Sam who was just focusing on you. You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes, you didn’t know why Steve was angry from a simple compliment from a new recruit. But soon enough, Scott started to ask you all sorts of questions about your life. And as Scott started to talk to you, everybody was interested and everyone crowded around you except Steve. Steve glared at you and crossed his arms, tapping his foot impatiently.

‘’Can we start talking about our plan please? We haven’t got all day.’’ steve shouts, his voice echoing.

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