captain rogers

I want a black widow movie and in the trailer I want it to start with a black screen and a voice over of Scarlett Johansson singing a Russian version of the Italy bitsy spider and then footage from the movie and then at the end of the trailer I want it to black out again and the Winter Soldier’s voice to join hers in completing the lullaby

I can’t tell if MARVEL films are getting better or if I’m just more emotionally invested in the characters

Maybe both.

…. oh goodness help me

The Avengers frequently lose Bucky after he officially joins the team. He goes away for hours at a time and everyone just assumes it’s best not to bother him. 

The thing is, the facility has a big kitchen and Bucky’s taken to hanging out in the facility’s huge, walk-in freezer. Weirdly, cold storage is his safe space. And because Bucky’s dealt with full-on cryo, the freezer is more like a spa than a fridge. It barely feels cold, and he can hang out for quite a while before it gets hard to breathe.

No one knows where he goes until one day Sam is getting a snack. And there’s Bucky, playing solitaire and eating ice cream sandwiches next to a bulk supply of frozen vegetables. 

There’s an intensely awkward minute of silent confusion as they size each other up.

Sam goes to get Steve. 

Steve steps into the fridge and takes in the sight of his best friend, slightly frosted, casually playing cards by himself. “What are you doing in here, Buck?” he asks.

Bucky plays another card and shrugs. “Just chillin’.”