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There may be no one closer to you in the world right now than I.

Having ships on a CW show

Damon and Elena (TVD) - HAHAHAHA
Bonnie and Jeremy (TVD) - HAHA
Klaus and Caroline (TVD) - HAHAHAHA
Jo and Dean (Supernatural) - HAHA
Bash and Mary (Reign) - HAHAHAHA
Mary and Conde (Reign) - HAHAHA
Narcisse and Lola (Reign) - HAHA
Finn and Clarke (The 100) - HAHAHA
Octavia and Lincoln (The 100) - HAHAHA
Klaus and Hayley (The Originals) - HAHAHAHA
Elijah and Hayley (The Originals) - HAHA
Davina and Kol (The Originals) - HAHA
Snart and Sara (The Legends of Tomorrow) - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Barry and Caitlin (The Flash) - HAHAHA

I am only following 152 blogs.


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  • The 100 (Bellamy x Clarke)
  • Agents of Shield (Skye x Ward) (Fitzsimmons) (Huntingbird)
  • Once Upon A Time (Emma x Killian) (Snow x David)
  • Reign (Mary x Francis, or Mary x Conde) (Greer x Leith)
  • Doctor Who
  • Sherlock 
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine (Jake x Amy)
  • Parks & Recreation (I don’t watch it bUT I NEED TO)
  • The Flash (Barry x Caitlin)
  • Arrow  (Oliver x Felicity) 
  • Chicago P.D (Jay x Erin, and also on my to-watch list)
  • Basically Anything Marvel

Coming out is a strange concept.

It’s pretty much saying that everyone is straight until proven otherwise. Why is it assumed that unless explicitly stated, everyone is straight? Not every single person on the planet is born straight. Some are born lesbian, bisexual, demisexual, pansexual, some are born into a gender they don’t feel represents them.

So why is it that everyone is assumed to be straight?

I’m no great philosopher. But I think we need to stop believing that the world is black and white, that everyone is born straight and then chooses another sexuality. That’s not how it works. 

My dash is dead...

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Teen Wolf(stydia)
Game of Thrones
Pretty Little Liars
Marina and the Diamonds
Lana Del Rey
American Horror Story
Once Upon a Time(captain swan)
Dylan O'Brien
Ansel Elgort
Max Irons
Douglas Booth
Jennifer Lawrence
Taylor Swift
Emma Watson
Emma Stone
The Hunger Games
The Selection
Astrology(I’m a Scorpio)
Marvel Movies
Chris Pine
Chris Evans