captain of the larry ship

I wonder if they shipped my ship or not…

my actual dad 2k17

(he was talking about an amazon order but let’s just appreciate that out of context)


Captain Niall Horan, and his ships.

Makes a deal with the devil

Devil: What is it you desire?

Me: My ships to become canon.

Devil: Nah, hell nah bitch i can’t help you there, but with the shit you’ve been reading I’ll still see you in hell.

(disappears back to hell)

Me: Well, shit.


Title: You watched me sink

Author: bananasandboots

Word Count: 38k

Status: Complete


They’ve discussed it a few times - the boyfriend thing. It’s not like it’s some forbidden, horrific, abandon hope all ye who talk about furthering the relationship sort of subject. They’re mature adults. They’re in tune with their feelings, their hearts’ desires, the way those butterflies swoop in their bellies whenever they so much as hold each other’s hands. They like each other. A lot. It’s mutual, they know. But for now, they’re just content to enjoy the simplicity of what they have, and what they have is great.When dating in secret stops being enough, then they’ll discuss that too.

Or, the one where Harry teaches Sex Ed and sneaks around with the drama teacher, and doesn’t realise how out of tune he is with his true feelings until everyone else figures it out for him.


Harry AND Louis first word was “cat”. THE. SAME. FOKIN. FIRST. WORD. My life is a lie. I’m about to die, it was a pleasure to meet you, never forget me, please. All the love, Morg x

Does anybody else come up with various scenarios involving their otp when listening to music. I mean come on, I can’t listen to any song in my phone without playing through different scenarios of my different otps. I NEED HELP.