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Chris Evans Talks Fatherhood, Says He ''Wants to Be a Daddy Someday''
Captain America star is already an uncle a lot of little nieces and nephews

Watching Chris Evans in his new movie Gifted, one can’t help to think of what he’ll be like when he has his own kids.

In the Fox Searchlight film, the Captain America star plays a boat mechanic raising his six-year-old math prodigy niece (Mckenna Grace) when his overbearing mother (Sherlock’s Lindsay Duncan) takes him to court to gain custody of the young child.

At one point, Evans breaks down in tears.


“My husband and I sold everything we had to afford the journey. We worked 15 hours a day in Turkey until we had enough money to leave. The smuggler put 152 of us on a boat. Once we saw the boat, many of us wanted to go back, but he told us that anyone who turned back would not get a refund. We had no choice. Both the lower compartment and the deck were filled with people. Waves began to come into the boat so the captain told everyone to throw their baggage into the sea. In the ocean we hit a rock, but the captain told us not to worry. Water began to come into the boat, but again he told us not to worry. We were in the lower compartment and it began to fill with water. It was too tight to move. Everyone began to scream. We were the last ones to get out alive. My husband pulled me out of the window. In the ocean, he took off his life jacket and gave it to a woman. We swam for as long as possible. After several hours he told me he that he was too tired to swim and that he was going to float on his back and rest. It was so dark we could not see. The waves were high. I could hear him calling me but he got further and further away. Eventually a boat found me. They never found my husband.” (Kos, Greece)

Bangtan’s New Album

You don’t understand how thankful I am to Bangtan and other idols and singers who bring up attention to the whole Sewol Ferry Tragedy and the victims from that incident. If you’re unaware about what happened please please please educate yourself before they release the album because I want the fans to realize how big and devastating this situation was in SK. So them making an album based on this is a really big deal.

It wasn’t even the case of them not being trained properly, it was the fact that these students were told to stay inside the ferry by the captain, because they thought it would be the safest thing to do, and most of the students listened and lost their lives. The ones who went outside when the ferry was tilting were the ones who were ‘saved’. The most outrage was caused by the fact that the captain himself got off the ferry first onto a rescue boat without telling the students to leave. So all these kids were inside waiting to be saved (if you really want to there are multiple videos and documentaries of the kids in the ferry, that they recorded).

Families waited for days and weeks begging the government to send out more rescue teams to search for their kids because they were receiving texts from them while the ferry was still going down. But due to the weather and being late (so very dark) not much could be done. The worst and the part that makes me the angriest is that the president may not have even tried her best to rescue these kids, after the whole scandal with her not actually being in charge of the country and leaving her responsibilities to someone else, just ticks me off. (If you don’t know about this situation i suggest you search it up as well because this was another huge huge issue in SK where there was a lot of anger and protests that took place). She had a huge amount of power and to think that instead of trying to help these families and look out for her country she was just laying back and doing nothing is really something that isn’t right.

The main reason I’m writing all this is so that when this album and these songs gets released I want fans to realize how meaningful it actually is and to know the context behind it because there are too many fans who only think about their idols and dramas when thinking about Korea. I want people to understand that Korea is a pretty corrupt country at the moment where it’s not all happy endings and pretty people, there are issues there and some people just don’t seem to want to take the time to read about it or educate themselves on it, all they think about is their ‘oppas’ and ‘unnies’. 

So please pay respect to the families of those who lost their children and friends in that tragedy instead of just thinking about BTS.  #YouNeverWalkAlone

NEW Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers
  • Daenerys sends a letter saying “Bullshit Kings Meet @ Casterly Rock 6pm: Free Punch and Pie” 
  • Daenerys hits each person who shows up and no one questions it because clearly they have differing opinions of “punch and pie”
  • She has a whirlwind romance with Euron Greyjoy then feeds him to Drogon, Yara gives Dany the thumbs up and takes back the Iron Islands
  • Jorah Mormont is cured of grey scale by doing shots out of Stannis Baratheon’s skull
  • Bronn and Pod have sex for the first time on a romantic boat ride (captained by Gendry)
  • Ned Stark returns as Ned Stark the White 
  • Ser Davos is Azor Ahai 
  • Brienne pulls off Jaime Lannister’s mask to reveal he’s been Arthur Dayne this whole time
  • Jon Snow captures a white walker and tames it–this white walker is Renly Baratheon. They become good friends and share in an adventure where each one learns a little about themselves
  • Sansa is the Princess That Was Promised and she is fantastic, lemon cakes for all
  • Inspired by Vanishing Twin Syndrome, the Hound eats what’s left of his brother
  • Everything is actually fine in Dorne 
  • Same with Highgarden
  • Ireland wins, but Krum gets the snitch
  • Tony: I think I would know if Steve Rogers was in love with me!
  • Pepper: No, you wouldn’t. Everybody knows you have a blind spot when it comes to love! Your love-dar is broken.
  • Tony: My what?
  • Pepper: Your love-dar. You can’t tell when people like you!

mermaid!percabeth au where percy is a deep ocean mermaid and annabeth is an explorer with white scars running down her arms and eyes that reflect the storms