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A hook for birthday

Summary: I had some daddy!Killy feels, thanks to captain-matick and this drawing she made, which is awesome btw. It’s a short interaction between Roland and Killian with a bit of CS… You know, everyone loves a pirate! ;]

Note: Thanks to my wonderful beta Miriam Lange.

If there was something Killian Jones had learned in three hundred years, it was that when you feel like someone is looking at you – well, someone is looking at you.
Sitting on a fallen trunk, he scratched his head, acting nonchalant, and drove his gaze all around the camp they’ve been staying at for a few hours. Robin Hood and his Merry Men had kindly invited all of them to join their crew in the middle of the forest in an attempt to think about the best way to face the showdown that was going to happen that night. They still were astonished by the recently revealed blood connection between Regina and Zelena, and they needed to have a plan to take the witch down while the queen was digging into their past to find out how it was possible for her to have a sister who looked so different from her, a sister her mother never mentioned.

His blue eyes sifted the place, looking for the person who was so insistently studying him, and, when they found what they were looking for, a smile tugged his lips and he couldn’t help but frown. Half-hidden behind a tree, there was a little boy not older than five years old, his hair black and shagged, his brown eyes bright and curiously set on the pirate. When the tiny spy realized he got caught, he abruptly disappeared behind the trunk, only to resurface a few seconds later, making Killian chuckle despite everything that was going on. It was Roland, the son Robin told him about during their walk toward the camp.

Killian’s eyebrow raised dramatically, the smile still lingering on his lips, and he stretched his arm to invite the child to come closer. He saw the battle that was raging inside Roland, as if he wanted to know if he was in trouble for getting caught by the man and he really wanted to talk to him at the same time. Glancing at his father who was speaking with the Charmings, it looked like eventually Roland mustered his courage ‘cause he stepped out of the tree and headed towards Killian almost jigging about and puffing his chest out in both the sweetest and funniest way the pirate had ever seen.

“May I help you, little boy?” he asked, his eyes almost shining in tenderness in front of the child. Roland opened his mouth to say something, but his lips shut down before he could pronounce a word. His eyes drifted on the pirate’s silhouette for a while, until they stopped on his hook, and Killian understood. “You can ask me whatever you want!” he pushed Roland, slightly shaking his appendage in front of the boy’s face. At that point, Roland fully smiled at him and took a step closer so that his stomach was brushing against Killian’s knees.

“What is it?” he asked, his voice shrill and filled with puerile excitement.

“A hook,” Killian answered, his heart aching at the memory of Bae, a different but still so innocent curiosity in his eyes when he taught him about stars and navigation and knots. The pain in his chest grew and, for a moment, he felt the same despair he faced during the funeral, when he buried the only child he had ever loved, his last connection to Milah.

“Is it real?” Roland asked and his voice drew Killian’s attention, so that the pain weakened for an instant.

“You bet!” he told him and he couldn’t help but smile back at Roland when he looked at him as if he was the most amazing person he had ever seen in his life. No one had ever looked at him that way, Killian told himself. “That’s why they call me Captain Hook.”

“Captain of what?” Killian could see and smell it, the sizzling Roland was feeling, and he chuckled, stretching his arm to ruffle the child’s hair with his good hand.

“A ship, of course.” He fell quiet for a second, bending down until their gaze was at the same height. “A pirate ship.” And he winked, while Roland gasped in surprise and placed his little hands on Killian’s knees.

“You are a pirate?” he squeaked, shifting from foot to foot. “I am a bandit!”

At those words, Killian couldn’t stand it anymore and burst into laughter. Despite the fact that he could have been offended by his reaction, Roland seemed pleased by his laugh, as if it was commendable to make the captain of a pirate ship guffaw that way. Once again, Killian ruffled his hair with affection, his blue eyes bright brilliant.

“You are, aren’t you?” Roland nodded and he resembled his father so closely that the pirate got a glimpse of the man he was going to be in the future.

“Does it have a name?”

“Aye, lad.” He said and lifted a finger to correct him. “It’s a she and her name is Jolly Roger.”

It looked like the boy was savoring the name in an attempt to imagine how she was and what it was like to be on a ship named like that.

“I like it.” Roland asserted. “Is she beautiful?”

“She’s a marvel and she served me all too well during these years. We had many adventures together.”

His last words were his conviction. All of a sudden, Roland crawled up Killian’s legs and sat on his lap, inviting him to narrate stories of curses, and battles, and storms, asking him how it was to have a hook and what he could do with it, begging him to promise to take him on the Jolly Roger someday.
From the other side of the camp, more than one person was enjoying that charming scene, some of them surprised, some pleased, some amused. Arms crossed on her chest, Emma smiled softly and shook her head, unwilling to believe that the ruthless Captain Hook who had murdered and stolen was the same person she was looking at, a five-year-old boy sat on his lap who was squeezing his hook and intertwining his hooked index finger with the steel appendage. He was striking, she had to admit it.

“He’s kinda cute, uh?” Her mother’s voice surprised her, making Emma jump and instinctively put a hand on her heart. Her eyebrows furrowed and a grin replaced the sweetness of her previous smile.

“Did he win you over, by chance?” Emma asked and Mary Margaret stood next to her, hands casually resting on her bump while she was looking at Killian and Roland.

“He’s unbearable, he really is, but I think he’s different than he looks. And he has proven himself as a fighter and a trustworthy man,” she murmured, as if she was weighing her words and Killian’s actions at the same time, just to be sure she wasn’t giving him a benefit he didn’t deserve. “And it was all for you.”

At those words Emma sighed, her heart aching in pain and relief. It was too much to handle for her, especially after Neal’s death. She could still feel the warmth leaving his body, she could still see the life abandoning his eyes, she could still remember the last words he whispered to his father. Blinking, Emma swallowed hard, trying to push away the knot in her throat, and, when her mother took her hand and unraveled her arms, she couldn’t help but look at her with the bare despair she was overwhelmed with.

“He’s such a pain in the ass,” Emma said eventually and her mother laughed, squeezing her fingers tenderly.

“I think we have no idea how much he really is that.”


Roland’s voice drew their attention to the right and all Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Robin could see was the silhouette of the little Hood man running across the camp and towards them. Killian was just behind him, a smirk tugging his lips. Robin bended down his knees.

“What’s there, Roland?” he asked, smiling softly at his son.

“Can I have a hook for my birthday?”

“Wh-What?” Robin furrowed, David chuckled and Emma couldn’t help but look at the pirate, who grinned back at her.

“I want a hook just like Killian. May I?”

“You take some sort of delight from causing trouble, don’t you?” Emma told him, when her mother let go off her hand and joined David, letting Killian come closer to her daughter for a whispered conversation.

“I don’t do it on purpose. You said yourself that I know how to charm a girl, even though I think it is a restrained definition since I charmed a child this time.” She could feel his swagger growing by the minute and she knew she should have been annoyed, but she wasn’t. Instead she smiled and sighed, shaking her head, and, when she felt him towering over her, so close that she instinctively gazed at her father to be sure he wasn’t looking, her eyes met his in reprimand. She knew he was about to say something inappropriate; she just didn’t know what that was, neither was expecting it when his words left his mouth.

“But I promise I won’t charm all of our children, so that you’ll have some of them by your side. You know I like a fair fight,” he whispered in her ear and Emma gasped, her lips splitting up as if she wanted to say something, her cheeks ignited. But it was too late, ‘cause he already was with Robin and Roland, trying to make up for his mistakes. When their gazes met again, he grinned at her and Emma shot daggers at him.

He was such a pain in the ass.

(a.k.a. shulesaddict77 is getting inspired by captain-matick’s incredible talent)

You can find her drawing here. Go reblog it!


“Come here, love.”

She lets out a yelp as he grabs her arm and pulls her on his lap, her hand coming to rest against his shirt, a small part of her missing the open V of his pirate outfit, missing the possibility to slip her fingers under it and caress the hair on his chest.

“I think some gratitude is in order now, love.”

She chuckles, looking up into his twinkling eyes, her hand reaching up and cupping his cheek, her thumb brushing over his lips.

“Gratitude for what?”

“For kissing you back to life of course.”

He is smiling but she can see the shadows in the depth of his eyes, can still see the fear lingering there and she pulls him down, pressing her lips against his, tears pricking the back of her eyes as she remembers how close they have come to losing each other forever.

She has almost lost her chance to ever lay in his arms like that, to ever tell him how much he means to her. She has almost lost her chance to ever be happy, to know what it feels like to be loved, to know how it feels like to have found a man that will never leave her side.

She leans back, opening her eyes slowly, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth as she sees his flushed cheeks, his eyes hooded with need and her heart jumps in her throat, her hand trembles as she threads her hand into the hair at the base of his neck and her voice is barely audible as she whispers.

“I love you, Killian.” She exhales a slow breath, a lonely tear slipping down her cheek as she says it again. “I love you so much, pirate.”

(a.k.a. shulesaddict77 gets inspired by captain-matick’s incredible talent)

You can see the whole drawing series here.

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The weather was icy, a cold wind gusting over the cemetery and she tightened her hand around her arm, trying to ward off the cold. But the cold was inside of her, gripping at her heart with icy fingers.

She had lost him three times in her life and this time it was really forever. She would never see him again. All she had left now were the memories they had made together and she would not let the bad memories bury the good ones. They had been happy once. For a few months and she would remember that.

Tears were burning in her eyes but she refused to let them fall. She had cried so much over the last days and she was so tired of crying. She needed desperately these good moments David was talking about. She desperately needed one good moment.

A warm hand brushed against her hand, his fingers slipping through hers and she exhaled a soft breath, sudden warmth enveloping her heart.

There was the good moment.

He was always standing by her side, lending her silent support, knowing exactly what she needed and she tightened her fingers, squeezing his hand hard, tilting her head and looking up at him, giving him a shaky smile.

She couldn’t say anything, the words being stuck in her throat but he understood her perfectly, his mouth tilting up into a soft smile, tears swimming in his eyes too as he skimmed his thumb over her skin.

She leaned towards him, couldn’t help it, her head coming to rest on his shoulder, her fingers closing around his leather clad arm.

Life is made up of moments. Good ones and bad ones but they are all worth living. Look for the good moments between the bad ones.

This was a good moment between the bad ones and she would hold on to it very tight and never let it go again.


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Stand By Me

It’s me. Shulesaddict 77! :-)

If you haven’t heard yet, Mathilde and I made a collab blog to join our creative ‘forces’ and this is the first work we did together.

This is the drawing

to this one-shot. Go and reblog it. :-)

And you should probably listen to ’Stand by Me’ by Ben E. King while reading it. :-)


Her hand was already on the railing as she suddenly heard a sound over the ocean, a low humming noise, and she tilted her head, closing her eyes as she realized that he was humming a song, the low sounds rumbling through his chest, carrying over the soft whooshing sound of the waves.

Damn it, pirate. Please don’t start singing.

She stepped quietly on the deck, her heart stuttering in her chest as she caught sight of him, standing over a tub, his hook holding a washboard in place while he was scrubbing one of his shirts over it, the muscles in his back bunching and her throat dried up as she saw the scars covering his body.

Old ones and new ones, crisscrossing over his back, making her clench her fists, anger bubbling up in her, anger at all of those people who had hurt him, leaving these scars behind.

The visible ones and the ones he was carrying in his heart.

Tears shot in her eyes as he suddenly started to sing, his voice full of emotion as he was singing one of her favorite songs, making her heart melt in her chest.

I won’t be afraid. Just as long as you stand, stand by me.

She must have made a sound because he suddenly swirled around, relaxing immediately as he saw her, his mouth tilting up into a lopsided smile as he continued singing, letting the shirt slip into the water and turning completely around to her.

“If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall or the mountain should crumble to the sea.” His voice was husky, his eyes shining with the unconditional love she couldn’t imagine living without anymore. “I won’t cry … I won’t cry. No, I won’t … shed a tear … just as long … as you stand … stand by me.”

She hadn’t even realized that she had been stepping closer, his blue eyes boring into hers as his low voice shot shivers down her spine and she lifted her hand, her fingers hovering over the tattoo peeking out off under his leather pants, her throat closing up as her fingers ghosted over the hook and the swan forming a heart.

He had stopped singing the moment her fingers touched his skin and she looked up at him, almost not able to get any words past the lump in her throat.

“Will you tell me the stories one day?” Her fingers were shaking as she trailed them along the various scars on his skin, her hand coming to rest directly above his heart, tears shimmering in her eyes as she met his gaze again. “Will you tell me when you got the tattoo?”

“Aye, love.” He said softly, his hand reaching up, his fingers tightening over hers. “One day I will tell you.”