captain krypton

You Were Mines | Steve Rogers  CH. 1/? (”I Am Yours” Sequel)

 Prompt: After everything that has happened between you and your Captain, things take a tragic turn of events that leaves you questioning everything.

warnings: angst, A N G S T, heartbreak, feels

A/N: I originally planned to leave “I Am Yours” were I left it, my babies happy at last and waiting on the arrival of their blessing. BUT I am all about angst and needed to share this with you. A sequel! I have conversed with @imagine-assembling-the-avengers @writingcreatingstorytelling and @chrisevans-imagines  and they gave me motivation to go through with this :) This will be multi-chapter and I can’t wait to go through this journey with all of you!                             

Check out “I Am Yours” here, if you needa refresh or haven’t yet!


Here it comes again.

The whimpers you so desperately tried to keep down were escaping as you clutch the sides of the toilet. Pad thai come up as fast as it went down last night. Your chest heaving as your body relaxes for the third time after vomiting, but soon passes as another wave of nausea hits you.

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