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Alliance rally declared a success!

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Flame Captain Kale Aideron opens the event, following a musical performance by Ciel Grayve.

The Eorzean Alliance adventurer rally celebrating the end of the Dragonsong War in Ishgard is to be considered a success, so says Flame Captain Kale Aideron of the Bloodsworn. Commanding officer of the Sasagan’s Scimitars and organizer of the event, Captain Aideron was emphatic in thanking all and sundry for their show of solidarity towards our northern neighbors. Prominent figures in the adventuring community, from free company leaders to military officers, were among the distinguished guests. Though there had been a minor disruption halfway through the ceremony, it did naught to abate the good cheer of the crowd.

The Immortal Flames were instrumental in planning the event.

As there has been no realm-wide celebration regarding Ishgard’s newly-found peace thus far, it was decided that this rally of remembrance and revelry was to take place, focusing particularly on the contributions that adventurers had provided the country. In addition, calls were made to embrace the spirit of openness and diversity embodied by the adventuring community, especially considering Ishgard’s recent embracing of republicanism, an ideology alien to Eorzea ever since Sharlayan’s abandonment many summers ago.

Prominent free company leader Faye Covington is said to have led myriad individuals from all over the Three Great Continents for the betterment of the realm.

The rally was opened by a song of remembrance by Ciel Grayve, a famed bard from Gridania. Baroness Flytia Dalyeis of Ishgard was accompanied by Winter’s Wake leader Kaitlyn Nelhah, who by their very presence embodied the spirit of partnership between Coerthan and adventurer. Their speech on the importance of peace and healing was followed by Syranelle Ironleaf, a Gelmorran who had served as a healer during the war. Noticeably rowdy shouts of support from the crowd were heard over the course of these speeches, allegedly the sorts more appropriate of Foundation than the Pillars.

Kaitlyn Nelhah and Baroness Flytia Dalyeis have done much in the providing of alms to inhabitants of the Brume.

Storm Captain Sounsyy Mirke of Thalassocratic Navy 1st Squadron, 9th Levy Infantry (Maelstrom) represented Limsa Lominsa’s Grand Company, and offered their perspective on Ishgard’s potential military contribution for the Alliance. Indeed, Lominsan musket technology has been utilized by the Ishgardian machinists of Skysteel Manufactory. Captain Aideron would make note of the capabilities presented by the Lominsan navy and Ishgardian airship fleet.

Gridanian bard Ciel Grayve has performed at many events attended by adventurers.

Following the decidedly more military-minded musing on the future of the Alliance, Faye Covington of the Daystar Agency imparted her several summers worth of leading adventurers to the crowd. One of the central goals of the rally was to advocate for the adventuring profession to a city-state unaccustomed to hosting other races and cultures. Lady Covington’s worldliness in this regard was lauded as very illuminating by local citizens nearby.

The Maelstrom is arguably reliant moreso on adventurers than its sister companies, and thus their presence at the rally was considered to be crucial.

Lord Armont Wordon de De’bayle of the De’bayle Minor House was the last speaker of the ceremony. The Wanderer of Coerthas spoke with a remarkable sort of open-mindedness and optimism, welcoming the ongoing changes taking place within Ishgard. Many would observe Lord Wordon’s defiance of stereotypes by how he had positively commented on and embraced the cultural shift. Captain Aideron was extremely grateful for House De’bayle’s contribution to the event, the Ul’dahn stating it was a high honor.

House De’bayle swears fealty to House Fortemps, who have long been known for their liberality in working with adventurers. 

And at last, the rally was closed by a captivating performance by Odette Saoirse, a bard hailing from Limsa Lominsa. Unlike Ciel Grayve’s more somber remembrance, the Lominsan provided a much more optimistic tune for the future. The disruption by the so-called Doctor Ozerov amounted to little in the end, as the whole crowd threw their fists in the air wishing a long life for both Eorzea and Her Alliance.

Long Live Eorzea! Long Live the Alliance!

Other illustrations can be found below

A sketch of Flame Captain Kale Aideron and Doctor Ozerov, similar to what might have transpired in reality. 

The Order of the Twin Adder were not without representation. Percival Turner commanded a detail sent from Gridania.

Odette Saoirse remains a popular bard within adventurer circles.

Captain Aideron briefs the joint military formation before the event’s opening.

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