captain johnlock

Types of Ships
  • Ships: the average joe
  • Boats: tiny ships that don't last for too long
  • Submarines: unknown/widely unpopular ships
  • Ghost ships: sunken ships that still sail, where one/both sides of the ship have died
  • Battleships: antis; they sink other ships for their own benefit, and are the cause of many ships wars
  • Water Police: they are the peaceful kind; they ship anything, and are always trying to (unsuccessfully) prevent ship wars
  • The Titanic: huge ships, usually OTPs that everyone knows are going to sink at some point
  • The Ark: end-game OTPs. Like it or not, everyone knows they're going to happen

So on the morning of Valentine’s Day, these two girls came up to meet me at the school entrance. One of them surprised me by saying, “I hope your ships become canon,” instead of the usual greetings, and it made my entire day. I thought it was a very beautiful thing.

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone, and hope your ships become canon. (If not, then at least in your hearts anyways)