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6 Sarcastic Guys’ Conversation.

6 SARCASTIC GUYS’ CONVERSATION (SEVERAL FANDOMS CROSSOVER): Fanfic? (because I wanted to write this ever since I saw a post similar to this)

Who’s in the house?

-  House

-  Jack Sparrow

-  Tony Stark

-  Sherlock

-  Dean Winchester

-  …?

What do they have in common?

(You don’t have to know all of the characters)

Narcissism, sarcasm, some are genius’, most are experts in their work, all of them have drinking/drug dependencies, most have childhood issues and are secretly full of angst, etc.

Summary: This is just them, trapped in a room together, with no idea how they got there or how to get out. There may be more characters to come…

Warnings: Not much, a bit of swearing.

Comments are well appreciated (nice comments, helpful comments etc.)

Part 1

Jack: Now, the real question remains: Where is the rum?

House glared at him.

House: That’s not the real question, dumbass. I wanna know what the hell we’re doing here.

Tony: Maybe it’s a house party.

Sherlock is bent down by the door, his nose alarmingly close to the floor.

Tony: Ok, curly, what’re you doing now?

Sherlock looks up frowning, realising he’s being addressed.

Sherlock: I’m checking to see what substances there are in order to determine where we are, which is a lot more than any of you lot are doing.

Tony: *huffs* Well, excuse me, princess-

House: There’s no way of getting out of here.

House is sat by the window, and everyone looks up to him. He motions to the window with his cane.

House: These windows are fake. That door is impenetrable, the walls are made with considerable strength, as we’ve found out, and none of us geniuses have any idea why we’re here, where we are, how we got here, or who sent us here.

Everyone was quiet.

Jack: Well, I for one, am not a genius – just to clarify.

Sherlock sighs and sits up against the wall.

Tony: Find anything?

Sherlock: No. There’s no evidence, no substances, no clues – just nothing.

He looked sullenly ahead.

Tony: Well, my Iron Man suit should be here anytime now.

Sherlock: It’s not going to work…

Tony screwed his eyes at him.

Tony: Well, I don’t think your ‘sniffing around’ is exactly doing to much to solve this problem either-

Jack: Ok, ok, ladies, lets settle down, shall we? Look, we only have each other in this neat room of ours, and if we start fighting, it all goes downhill from there, and frankly, I think we’d all know who would be the only one standing after that.

Jack smiled smugly to himself.

House sighs and mutters something like ‘imbecile’.

Jack: What was that now?

Sherlock looked over as House sighs, and rubs his leg with his hand, his cane to the side.

Tony: What happened to you?

House looks up and replies sarcastically: I tripped.

Tony: Well don’t get your knickers in a twist, Doc, I was only asking.

Sherlock: He got shot.

House looked over to him.

House: How the hell do you know that?

Jack: Oh, God, don’t ask him for an explanation, I’m beggin’ you.

Sherlock: Well, it’s clear from the way he holds his leg that he’s in obvious pain-

Jack: Here we go..

Sherlock, ignoring the interruption: and he’s used to it according to the heavy bags under his eyes from sleepless nights, and he’s bitter, a sign of long-lasting pain, so why wouldn’t you do something about it? Well, it’s obvious he’s tried drugs-

House: Shut the hell up.

Sherlock: – takes one to know one – but they didn’t work out, did they? Got too dependent on them, so now you just have to take the pain – and by yourself – I mean, it’s obvious that you’re lonely.

House stands up with his cane: I said SHUT UP!

He went over to Sherlock and squared up to him.

Tony and Jack looked at each other wide-eyed.

House: You think you’re some big genius, who can just figure everyone out by one look-

Sherlock: Well, yea, pretty much-

But suddenly there was a big BANG as the door came flying inwards.
They all shielded themselves as the door was smashed down and smoke covered them, some of them coughing, as Sherlock quickly walking over the new body that was now on the floor, coughed through the smoke and went through the door, just to see another door a few feet behind it.

Sherlock: Dammit.

House looked around.

House: Everyone alright?
Jack: Just dandy

House grimaced as he put his cane down and knelt to the man on the floor, turning him onto his back so they could see him, Tony kneeling next to him.

Tony: You know him?

House: Nope.

House leant down to check the man’s breathing, when suddenly he snapped up and looked around frantically, his golden necklace swaying across his chest.

Man: What the hell – oh, son of a bitch.

He held onto his head, wincing slightly and cursed to himself.

House: What’s your name? Do you know how you got here?

Sherlock and Jack crowded round to listen.

Man: Name’s Dean Winchester. And I have no clue, man.


So for my editing class I had to make the Opening Credits for any show I wanted, and I chose Agent Carter since is one of my favorite shows and it doesn’t have opening credits. It had to last 30 seconds, which made it harder, since the show has a lot of characters that should be on the opening. There are some mistakes, and some things that I didn’t loved, but you know how finals are.

Hope you like it! :)

au where bucky is a high school student who likes panic! at the disco and wears black ripped skinny jeans and jean jackets and at some point he is sitting there singing girls/girls/boys because it’s one of the best songs ever written and a extremely thin boy with blond hair comes and sits next to him and says “maybe boys love boys and girls too” and winks



Lil’ Spidey tries to take the baby versions of The Power Pack to the playground. Things gets even more complicated with those inconveniences of rules and regulations from Stark Park as well as rivalries between Lil’ Iron Man and Lil’ Captain America. 

- Mini Marvels Ultimate Collection trade paperback


Top 10 Most Fabulous Male Characters

10.  Obi Wan Kenobi
9.   James Bond
8.   Atticus Finch
7.   Captian Jack Sparrow
6.   Neal Caffrey
5.   Severus Snape
4.   Hannibal Lecter
3.   Iron Man/Tony Stark
2.   Loki Laufeyson
1.   The Elven King/Thranduil

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Rules: Pick 10 characters from 10 different fandoms and tag 10 people to do the same.

1. Supergirl > Kara Danvers
2. The Flash > Caitlin Snow
3. Shades of Magic > Kell Maresh
4. The Mentalist > Patrick Jane
5. Teen Wolf > Stiles Stilinski
6. Supernatural > Dean Winchester
7. The 100 > Bellamy Blake
8. Sherlock > Sherlock Holmes
9. PotC > Captain Jack Sparrow
10. MCU > Tony Stark

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tbh the best characters seem to always be entps

sexual weekend

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The characters who are sarcastic, sassy, damaged assholes who surprise you with the strength of their love, convictions and sudden tender moments are my absolute favourite and its becoming a real problem. 

hey kids, here’s faith with your daily ridiculous (but very possibly true because it’s all backed up by facts) agent carter theory!

in an interview, hayley stated that if they went forward with a season 3, the plot would have to be big. like, as big as her finding out steve’s still alive big.

what is that big? what could genuinely be that big? maybe finding out that bucky’s alive? and beyond that, a hydra experiment known as the winter soldier?

after all, it was confirmed by the people behind agent carter that fennhoff begins the winter soldier program with arnim zola, presumably after the events of the first season of agent carter when they’re both locked up.

it makes sense that we went to los angeles when we did, we got a time skip and touched on another plot–that’s what shows often do, before bringing back the first season something-or-another in the 3rd/later season to show the hero that there are ~repercussions~ and whatnot

(this part is fuzzy so bear with me) so fennhoff and zola have had time to break out? get accomplices? something? and collect bucky’s body and start using zola’s science and fennhoff’s brainwashing on him. 

and surely they have a common enemy; even if they haven’t made the connection between fennhoff’s carter and the ssr and the connection she and the agency had to steve, they’re both very aware of howard stark.

you know, the howard stark who (presumably, based on clippings in captain america: the winter soldier) bucky/the winter soldier eventually kills.

so, you may be thinking–”why now faith? why do you think they’re going to do this plot now? you did want this plot for season two a year ago, i remember, you wrote that whole script!” yes. yes, i did. but do you remember how season 2 just ended?

a man came in and (presumably) assassinated (or at least shot at close range) jack thompson, a well-known ssr man, connected to peggy, connected to howard. a man who has files that have some deep dirt from the war, as we’re lead to believe. files that the assassin picked up before stepping out.

and he had two black gloves on so we couldn’t see his hands.

you know. helpful for a guy who could be hiding that he has a metal arm.

now, i’m not gonna come here and say 100% that man is bucky barnes. but there’s something in my gut, something in the back of my mind that’s hearing that big marvel saying of “it’s all connected” and thinking…

it definitely could be.