Doctor Wheatley and Captain Rick! 

A birthday present for my awesome friend, whovian, and Rick lover @nerdyjo!

Crossover/Mashup art of @jedtheguy as Wheatley and @stephen-geekenders as Rick from @geekenders Portal Musical in Doctor Who cosplay as the 10th Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness. I had a lot of fun mashing the two outfits together and I hope you like it! 

This took 5 hours to draw and you can watch the speedpaint here!

I was originally thrilled when it became canon that Captain Jack Harkness had a dog. But on further reflection, I can’t imagine pet ownership is practical for the leader of a top secret organization and a first responder to (frequent) alien invasions. Today, for example, Captain Jack was late to an event because SOMEONE got very sick and needed an emergency vet visit. *looks pointedly at Valenzia*

(I made it in the end, although an hour and a half late. And Valenzia is medicated and hopefully will recover soon.)