The third planet had only been able to sustain life for so long - there were simply too many people and not enough resources. So humanity had spread out across the galaxy and left their planet to itself, becoming a jungle and overrun with wildlife (or so they had assumed, no one had been back in over six centuries, and by then the earth had just begun to heal the damage that had been done to it).

Eggsy had never seen the planet, for all that it was spoken about in ancient history. His home was a small planetary set at the end of a solar system, and he had never seen a different pattern of stars than the ones he looked to every evening out of the skylight in his bedroom, while he wondered what it would be like to leave, to travel, to see the universe.

He didn’t really begin to get reckless until his twentieth birthday, but then he could feel it - the itch in the soles of his shoes to get out, get away, to run and never stop. He tried to temper it by taking up some old Earth practice called parkour, but it hadn’t helped much. So Eggsy hung around docking stations, trying to figure out the best way to secure passage off of the planet and out into the stars.

“This isn’t the way to do it, you know.” It had been over two months, and Eggsy was starting to get tetchy, trying to find a way out.

“Who are you, then?” Although he didn’t know everyone on his planet - it was large, after all - he knew that this man in his long coat and pinstripes and interesting looking shoes (as though Eggsy himself could say anything) and wild hair didn’t belong to this system.

“I’m just someone passing through, someone who can help you find what you’re looking for.”

“Yeah, that ain’t an answer.” The man sighed and he ran a hand down his face.

“Just - follow me, Eggsy. I’ve got an adventure for you. That is, if you aren’t too attached to your life here.” He wasn’t sure how the man knew his name or why, and it had been drilled into him when he was young not to follow strangers - but he was an adult now, and that meant he could take care of himself. So he followed the strange man around the corner of a docking building to where a small ship was waiting, unlike any that he had ever seen.

“We gonna travel in this?” The ship itself seemed too small to hold more than one person, let alone two grown men. Until the door opened, and the man grinned widely as he waited for Eggsy’s reaction to the impossible expanse inside.

“Of course. Coming?” Eggsy only paused for a moment to run his hand down the fine wood grain on the door before stepping inside, the rubber of his trainers hitting metal grating as he looked around in awe. A man popped out from underneath the console - or at least, what Eggsy assumed to be the console - and wiped off his hands on a rag that had been sitting on a nearby padded bench.

“He given you his ‘any where, any when’ speech yet?” The man gave him a once-over as he offered his hand to shake, which Eggsy took firmly.

“We’ve just passed ‘bigger on the inside,’ so no, I haven’t.” The man paused and looked at the pair of them, glaring sternly at the man next to him. “No, Jack.”

“But Doctor -”

No.” They seemed to have some sort of nonverbal argument and the other man - Jack - sighed.

The three of them stepped up to the console, and Eggsy wondered how the three of them were going to fly something clearly meant for eight people.

“So where we going then?” Both men grinned at him.

“Wherever we’re needed.” He man Jack had referred to as Doctor patted the console affectionately. “Pull down that white lever on your right, and then press the red button for ten seconds.” Eggsy did, and the ship began to make groaning noises that worried him as the ship lurched sideways.

“Where’s that?” Jack looked at the Doctor and they grinned at each other before Jack busied himself with flying and the Doctor turned to him again.

“Let’s find out.”