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Owen worried Jack too, but for different reasons. Where Toshiko was locked down, Owen was wide open. Things affected him too much, and he let everyone know about it. Jack had no idea what Toshiko got up to in her spare time – if she got up to anything – but Owen was an open book. The first fifteen minutes of any day consisted of him reciting everything he’d got up to the night before: every drink, every sexual encounter, even – until Jack had put his foot down – every bowel motion.

Slow Decay by Andy Lane (Torchwood Novels #3)

And Jack’s thoughts on Owen… and a bit of an insight on Owen’s typical routine. You can see why he might drive Ianto a bit crazy. 

DOCTOR: “Jack, you’re going to jump, go to that gate, and open it to let those Sontarans out.”
JACK: “Why me?”
DOCTOR: “Because you’re the only one of us that can jump and survive the fall.”
SHERLOCK: “Excuse me?”

"All My Friends Are Dead"

An autobiography by Merlin
Dedicated to Dr. John Watson
Preface by the Doctor
Epilogue by Sam and Dean Winchester
Introduction by Remus Lupin

And as a bonus: “I Keep Dying” a compilation of stories by Rory Williams and the Winchester brothers
This book was reviewed by Jack Harkness, author of the best-selling novel “I Wish I Could Die”


Doctor Who, 2005-2015, “Nu Who”