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Get to know me meme | favourite male characters [5/10]  
↳ Captain Jack Harkness

“If you’ve got forever, you don’t notice the flecks in the concrete, or bother to touch the bricks… You send your friends into danger, knowing the stakes aren’t the same for you, that you might get them killed - while you walk away unscathed.”


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You’ve known Captain Jack Harkness for a long time now, but it seems the flirting never ceases.

“Y/N!” he greets you again. “Its brilliant to see you again…” and it goes from there…

At first you’re only messing about with him because he’s an old friend and back-and-forth flirtation is something the two of you have done for a while. But then the Doctor seemed to be getting increasingly agitated.

When Jack had just begun another cheesy pickup line, you felt yourself being tugged off to the side and was face to face with the Doctor.

“Doctor?” you said, raising an eyebrow at his uncharacteristic actions.

He was practically seething, but when he opened his mouth to say something, all he could do was stutter and run his hands nervously through his hair.

“What is it?” you prompted.

“I love you,” he managed to choke out, wetting his lips and looking down at you nervously, “A-and I can’t stand it whenever the– two of you– are…are…yeah.”

A wide grin spread slowly across your face.

“Somebody’s jealous,” you singsonged, cupping your hand around the back of his neck and capturing his lips in a kiss before he could stutter and stammer himself into a shy puddle on the floor.

Travelling with the Tenth Doctor and Donna would include

Because Donna deserved better

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  • Being best friends with Donna
  • Reminding each other you’re both extremely important after either of you get down because of something
  • Donna insulting whoever doesn’t like you, you and the Doctor laughing because of it
  • If you’re romantically involved with the Doctor she would so ship you two and always call out the Doctor if he was acting differently because you were watching
  • Travelling through all of time and space, meeting all your heroes in the past and saving all kinds of species and planets
  • Reminding the Doctor that he always needs someone
  • “I’m never leaving.’’
  • Meeting Jack, who starts flirting and you kind of like it, meeting Martha, who’s happy he’s got two humans with him who are really good for him, meeting Rose, who either is okay with the two of you or jealous/angry that you’re together with the Doctor
  • Giving each other really stupid but funny nicknames
  • During the Dalek invasion of earth you and Donna get stuck in the Tardis together and you try to stop Donna because you know it likely won’t end well if she touches his hand but it’s the only thing you two could do.
  • After everyone is dropped off you end up crying because the Doctor had already told you about what would happen. 
  • Because you met Donna when she was with the Doctor she’ll forget about you too.
  • “Doctor, don’t you ever tell me I can never see my best friend again.’’

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Imagine traveling with the Doctor and running into Jack Harkness.

“Well, I think it’s high time we got going,” the Doctor announced, bouncing on the balls of his feet. “Be seeing you, Jack.”

Jack’s eyes, however, were only for you as he shook your head, “You can so come back any time,” he announced and you blushed as you gave you a wink. “Preferably soon.”

“I’d like that too,” you replied rather shyly, standing on your tiptoes to give the man a quick kiss on the cheek. He smirked as you hurried over to the TARDIS, blushing madly.

“Don’t forget to write!” Jack chuckled, flashing a salute. “Or whatever the kids say these days!”

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