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So I just noticed something while watching the last episode of season 3 of Star trek tos…

In this episode, Kirk’s mind has been sent into the body of a woman while her mind goes into his and therefore impersonates him. Nobody knows the truth except the both of us…

Kirk tries to explain to spock that he is the captain and finally asks him to read his mind to prove his innocence and it works!

So Spock perfectly knows that it’s the captain inside the woman’s body right?

Then Spock helps Kirk to escape and that’s when I noticed, right when he sees the false captain coming:

Look at that

HE is GraBbIng His fucking hAnd

Also Kirk doesn’t seem to mind just saying

Ugly on the inside : Mad Princess Part Three

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Part one - Mad Princess
Part two - Digger and Sparky

Captain Boomerang/George ‘Digger’ Harkness x Reader
Adoptivefamily! Joker x Reader

Words: 5622

Spoilers for the film and excessive swearing.

We had votes for and against Smut so in the interest of keeping everyone safe when you see this :~S S~
Smut has started and when you see:
 ~S E~
Smut has ended. It may take away from the flow but I’d rather everyone be happy and safe online. It’s not going to be explicit in depth smut because that would be gratuitous and in my opinion wouldn’t fit the urgency of the film.

Thank you for all the wonderful messages, I am properly overwhelmed <3

Digger caught your arm and you both fell to the side to hide from the hail of gunfire, both of you fell crouched with your hands over your ears. Even with your hands pressed to your ears you could swear you could hear your heartbeat over the bullets. Next to Dig you noticed him look up and narrow his eyes at your neck, and one of your hands came down to press it. Harley’s phone buzzed in your pocket and you pulled it out to read The Jokers text which was simply:


Instantly you swung around so that you could see Harley with Deadshot, you sent a spark of electric over to them to get her attention and began to shout at her, “Harley! Go now! Go!”

Your voice ached from trying to scream over the gunfire. After you saw her move you turned to search Dig’s face.
You needed to leave and now.
There was no other chance for you to get away and if you didn’t leave now then they’d lock you back up forever. Your eyes cast over his face, searching desperately for the words to make him understand your choice but stopped you needing too.
He said nothing but all you needed to know as he harshly thrust his head in the direction of the helicopter waiting for you.
Overwhelmed you rushed forwards and pushed your lips to his, somewhat awkwardly as his hands were still at his ears, and when you pulled back you leaned up to press a kiss to his forehead.

Then you were running.

Through the bullets and the shouting, you were running to your family.

You ran down the ledge of the roof, coming up towards the side of the rope dangling down with Harley swinging from it. The Joker was laughing manically and gesturing for you to take the rope space that Harley had left for you.

That’s when you saw the soldiers moving. Even with Johnny Frost on the Gatling gun you could see Wallers guys moving to try to shoot them down.
They aimed at Harley.

You glanced down at your feet on the very edge of the ledge then up at The Joker who caught your eye. He was shouting but you heard nothing, he knew what you were going to do but it didn’t stop you. As the Solider aimed you through your hand up and sent a blast of electric their way making them dive away and drop their weapons.

The force knocked you sideways, you lost your footing and The Joker shouted after you.

Your world shifted and you fell.

Digger didn’t get to see you go, he didn’t get to comfort you and he didn’t get to say a proper goodbye.

He didn’t get to rip out Waller’s neck when she proudly stated she deserved a medal for taking out The Joker, his Lover and his Second in Command all in one blast.

He didn’t get to shrug off Killer Croc who was holding him back and more importantly he didn’t let himself react properly.

Because you weren’t gone.

You couldn’t be gone.

But you were and Digger found himself alone and realising that maybe this time, when he’d finally found someone worth holding onto, that he shouldn’t have let you go.


Fuck fuck fuck.

That really hurt.

From your fall adrenaline had taken over and you’d snatched the closest thing possible, a jagged piece of metal and grabbing it with one hand you’d swung off of it and smashed through a window and back into the offices.

Your vision blurred red from your hand, your palm dripped blood from swinging on the metal. Brushing as much glass off as possible you jumped to your feet and sprinted through the offices. Your heartbeat screamed in your ears, your whole body wept in pain and you held your hand tightly shut to help stop the bleeding.

You couldn’t stop.

As soon as you’d crashed through the window you knew those creatures would be on you and you could hear them chasing you, climbing over the desks and sprinting after you.
If you stopped the pain would catch up with you and you’d be stuck, it had happened before when you first started your training with The Joker.


With your good hand you pulled Harley’s phone from your pocket and managed to dial The Joker while you ran. He answered as you managed to dash through an office door and, with a good kick, knock a file in front of it to buy you some time.

“Dad!” You rushed, “I’ll find you.” You promised, you knew you didn’t have long. You couldn’t talk and run, anything that slowed you down too much would let the shock set in and that was too dangerous right now.
“Hurry Princess.” He hissed and in the background you heard a gunshot echo.

A creature jumped out and you and in a panic you threw the phone at its head and followed it with a sharp shock of electric.

Adrenaline surged through you, your thighs and throat burned through exhaustion as you came to the staircase that Diablo had destroyed. You could heard more of them following you and with the fire still raging on and blocking your exit you had no choice.

You stopped, pulled back and steadied yourself.

Then you ran, at full pelt, at the gap between floors and launched yourself across. You landed just shy and managed to catch the railing but landed directly onto it with your stomach. The blow knocked the wind from you and you fell back letting go off the rail and fell onto the floor below. You manged to roll as you landed, though you had no clue how.


It hurt to get up but you couldn’t let yourself stop, you were so close to being free, free of the creatures and of prison.

Unencumbered joy washed over as you burst through the doors Deadshot had shattered earlier and into the street, liberated just in time to see your family set on fire in the sky.

The scream that ripped from you was inhuman.

You fell to your knees and let the tears and wails rein over you. Nothing, you wished you could feel nothing. But you felt everything, anguish and anger took over and ripped across your skin as blue electric and as the building doors opened and the creatures pooled out, you let your powers take over.
Your heart pounded as you felt it rising within you, a delicious sense of power and aggression. It pumped through you and crackled through the air, blue and violent.

You poured everything into it.
Strands of your electric spun around your arms and out of yours hands; they attached themselves to the floor and circled around you. You tapped into the full extent of your powers and your memories fuel your anger.

You finally working up the balls to ask The Joker how often he had to dye his hair to keep it so green. He gave you his best crazy laugh in response and you worked your way into his list of top employees.

The Joker buying an expensive gift for you, his best weapon, on your first birthday with him to keep you sweet. His confusion that you’d rather just spend time with him planning heists.

The first creature moved and you extended your arm, the electric shot from you and straight through the creature making it, and three others, explode instantly.

The Joker taking you to the market when you had your first period. Him letting you pick the products and killing the spotty Saturday kid for laughing at your purchases.

The creatures started to circle you.

The Joker introducing you to Harley as his daughter and the evident relief on his face when she didn’t question it but instead threw her arms around you.

Surrounded, you dug down deep inside yourself; vaguely you noticed a few of them running off.
Was that a helicopter crash?

As they came to you, you fired your powers into the ground and combined all of your electric with that of the city and brought it back up and fired it as a single stream at the creatures, killing them all instantly.

The street slights had exploded from your powers and in the safety of the darkness you began to shuffle towards the crashed helicopter. You made it half way before, exhausted, you stumbled back and fell flat on your back, with your arms sprawled out either side.
The ash from the creatures demise started to sprinkle down from the air and you couldn’t bring yourself to care that it was going to settle on the wound on your hand that was streaming crimson onto the street. You doubted you could move if you wanted, the force of landing on the rail now taking its toll, your abdomen screamed like when you’d first started your training.

You tried so hard to make your mind focus on the pain, physical pain you could deal with but it didn’t. Instead it reminded you that now, like that fateful night years ago, you were alone in the world again. Everyone you called family was either dead or being used as a puppet by the Government.

You’d never get to listen to Harley get passionate discussing psychiatric theory again. You’d never to hear The Joker’s laugh as you both ran away from Batman, at least he had died knowing that you had survived your fall. The tears came quickly and washed some of the ash from your face until something else bubbled up inside you.

You felt it in your chest at first but it worked up and manifested itself as a smile. You smiled wider and wider, until it hurt and you could no longer think of your tears.  

You grinned madly until finally you broke.

You threw your head back and grieved for Harley and your Dad with the laugh that they’d always wanted from you.

Rick Flag didn’t have a plan for when they found Harley outside.

As far as he was concerned both criminals that had tried to escape were dead and the rest of the Squad he still had under his thumb because their bombs were still activated.
“Did ya miss me?” She asked, it was obvious that she’d been weeping, even with the rain, and when she tried to look around the group it was obvious that she didn’t know that you were gone.
“Where’s Pumpkin?” She asked quietly as they approached her.
Deadshot helped her down off of the car and stopped her from looking for you, “Y/N fell Harley, she’s gone.”
“No – what do you mean?” She shook her head and tried to meet the eyes of everyone in the group, she settled on Digger but he didn’t look at her.
Flag snapped her back to the present, “Y/N tried to escape with you, she fell from the building making sure that you weren’t shot.”

Just when she thought she’d been overwhelmed with sadness more washed over her like the rain. She said nothing, she couldn’t bring herself to form words. Her lil pumpkin was gone and it was clear that Digger hadn’t been able to say a damn thing since either.
If she was still a psychiatrist she’d call it shock.
Digger stepped to her and, with a lot more care than anyone would expect from him, guided her by the arm and the pair walked together towards the helicopter crash.

Flag and Deadshot were arguing about the stupidity of going straight into the danger when one of the soldiers cut them off.
“Sir!” He was knelt facing away from them and looking down the scope of a sniper rifle.
“What is it now?” Flag snapped and stalked over to the solider before looking down his own scope.
“Civilian?” Diablo asked Deadshot.

Deadshot fitted his eye piece and looked in the same direction; the rest of the Squad followed their gaze.

They could just about make out a body lay in the street.

When Flag let out a sigh, Digger snapped his head to Deadshot and the hitman’s expression told him all he needed to know.
“It’s Y/N ain’t it?” He asked, his voice heavy with the grief he’d not let himself feel. Everyone’s attention snapped to Deadshot who answered them with a heavy nod.
“Get ready to move out.” Flag instructed after moment.

“I’m not leaving her without saying goodbye.” Harley cried and Digger made an aggressive noise of agreement.
Flag looked like he was about to argue but Deadshot interrupted them, “Let them say goodbye. C’mon man.”
Flag considered it for moment then put his hands on his hips and fixed them both with an almost sympathetic look, “You two sure about this? This will be the last way that you remember her and falls aren’t pretty.”
“I need to see her.” Harley demanded and Digger, though uncharacteristically quiet, nodded in agreement.

Flag accompanied them both but the closer that they got the more Digger wanted to run away. He knew logically that he needed to see you and say goodbye but it would make it all so real that you were gone forever. You weren’t just being held in a prison cell down at the depths of the prison and that was why he could never see you.
You were dead and gone and for fuck sake he should have grabbed onto you, he wished he’d held you tight so you couldn’t have ran, your powers wouldn’t do too much to him now, he was quite used to you.
He knew he never could have held you back though, if he’d had the opportunity to escape he would have. You were both never going to see the light of day again once they put you back inside so logically he knew you’d want to die a free woman than live as a captive.

Flag stopped a few feet away from you, Harley had let out an audible sob when they could see that it was in fact you, he could see blood pooled at your hand and knew it would be messy.

You were enjoying the rain when the voices came.

Was this it? Were you finally as mad as Harley or had the creatures learnt how to talk?

You tried so hard to focus on the softer voice, it sounded almost like Harley but she sounded like she’d been crying, you’d never seen her cry before and you’d known her when she was sane. When you felt someone moving your hand to hold it you wanted to let out a hiss of pain but it didn’t manifest.
The softer voice left and you were left with whatever had a hold on your hand. It didn’t hurt, it was oddly comforting, like someone was running a coarse thumb over your skin.

Then a voice came through the haze, choked and nearly broken, “Sparky.”

Mentally you groaned, you only let Digger call you that. Wait. Digger?
You pushed at your consciousness desperate to connect with him.
“Fucking mental woman.” His voice wavered in and out, like you were going under water and you couldn’t hear him, “I thought we had something ya know  - special – so stupid trying to jump –” There was a broken chuckle like he was still trying to tease you, “I ain’t had someone like you – love –”

He was cut off by an undignified little squeal. You’d manged to zap him. You pushed at your consciousness trying to get to him again. Another squeal and then he squeezed your hand.

It felt like forever but a few moments later you forced your eyes open slightly against the rain and straight into a bright light.
“Fuck.” You hissed and brought your bleeding hand up to cover your eyes. You heard Digger angrily threaten someone to take that stupid light out of your eyes. Someone gently took your hand away and when your eyes focused you found Digger, Harley and a solider medic crouched directly over you staring.

You narrowed your eyes as the world and your pains came sharply into focus and they seemingly waited on you.
“What did I snore or something?” You teased; your voice came out hoarse and painful.
Harley’s face split into a wide grin and she threw herself down onto you while Digger laughed and shook his head, relief evident on his face.

It took them fifteen minutes to get ready for you to be moved. The solider medic checked your wounds, the worst of which was your hand which he bandaged, everything else, while painful wasn’t anything that they could deal with right now.
Harley had stopped cooing over you and Digger had shoo’d her for being crazy and getting in the way, she explained to you that she had fallen from the blast and that she was the only survivor but you didn’t let yourself think of that for the moment.
Digger took off his massive coat and made you put it on, even though both it and you were soaked through from the rain, before he pulled you onto his back and carried you much like Killer Croc had done earlier.

The rest of the Squad were genuinely happy that you were well and while you continued along your journey, they let Digger, while carrying you, fall behind to give you some space. Cuddled into his coat and resting your head on his shoulder you explained your adventures since you’d fallen from the roof.
“Thought we’d lost ya there, Sparky.” He confided.
“Who else can keep you in check?” You countered tiredly.
“I’m not the only who took a swan dive, am I?” He teased you and you flinched when he playfully pinched the back of your leg.
“Now all I need is another chance to get away. J stopped the bomb in my neck with him gone his empire is mine.” You summarised, you weren’t proud but it was true, there was no one else that The Joker could want his legacy to go to.
Digger tutted at you, “Just try to walk in a straight line this time, eh?”
You flicked his ear and continued, “I mean I’d have to come back for you, considering that you love me and all.” You trailed off slightly and instantly he tensed underneath you.
“You’re not bad but –” he started.
“Dig, I heard you,” you started to tease him in a sing song voice, “You looove me.”

“Do I fuck.” he argued.
“You do, you love me.” You teased again and kissed his cheek.
“I will drop you.” He warned and pretended like he was about to drop your legs.
You gave a mock gasp, “How could you drop the woman you love?”

You could feel him about to unleash hell, you expected him to drop you turn around and curse you out but it was Deadshots turn to be dramatic, he rushed up behind you all and threw a binder at the car next to Flag, the pages exploded.
“You missed him mate.” Digger smirked and you squirmed on his back trying to get him to let you go.
“Whaddya doing?” He asked you as he let you down and you came to stand next to him.
“I want to see the action.” You explained and came to stand next to him, still cozy inside his coat.
“Sucker for drama?” He teased you with a nudge of his elbow.
“But I bet you still love me.” That shut him up.

Deadshot made Flag explain everything too you but it didn’t put you at ease.
A fucking witch? What were they expected to do to stop her?

When the rest of the team began to filter themselves into the bar you paused to pick up a page that had fallen out of the binder. Harley took her space behind the bar while you sat between Deadshot and Digger, she poured you all shots, which you had quickly. You’d given Digger his coat back as you’d came in.

You held the page in both hands as you read over it, it had your picture at the top and at the bottom it had a photo of The Joker standing over two bodies.
“What is it?” Digger asked trying to read over your shoulder but you passed him the page.
When Harley poured you another drink you asked her, “Why didn’t you tell me that J killed my parents?”

This got everyone’s attention.

“Huh?” Harley asked in a cheerful voice as she continued to pour shots.
“Harley that says that just before I turned nineteen J killed my parents, I know that he’d tell you something like that. So why not tell me?” You asked, you weren’t mad, you weren’t sure what to feel.
Harley said nothing so you continued.
“Harley that’s when he started calling me his Daughter so if all of that was fake, it was all some sick joke-” You started but Harley cut you off.
“No, no Y/N. He didn’t want you to know because Mistah J wasn’t sure if you would remember them.”  Harley started, you ignored the fact that everyone was staring at you both, Digger’s hand had come down to rest reassuringly on your knee.
Harley looked saddened as she continued, “Pumpkin, your parents tried to sell you when you were a kid because of your powers. Puddin’ met them by accident and well when he found out he lost his tempah.”

You let the news watch over you and decided to file it away in your mind, there was nothing to be done now anyway. Your parents were dead and cold and so was the man that had stepped in to fill their void. So you nodded solemnly and tried to focus on drinking rather than letting your mind think. El Diablo decided that would be too easy though.
He recounted to you all how he’d killed his wife.
“And the kids?” Diggers question came out gravelled next to you and it was your turn to squeeze his knee reassuringly.
“He killed them.” Harley’s voice was painfully soft. Seeing the utterly broken expression on Digger’s face you moved your hand up from his knee to discreetly squeeze his hand. Deadshot noticed but said nothing, he knew your romance was doomed but it was nice to see while it lasted.

Harley started antagonising Diablo, you knew that she meant well but you were so sore from your exploits that you just leant against the bar and left her to it.
“Why is it always a knife fight every time you open your mouth?!” Digger snapped at her and you just watched between the two of them, “Ya know outside, you’re amazing but inside you’re ugly.”
“We all are!” Harley argued.
Digger opened his mouth to argue back but you stood up and nudged him off of his bar stool, “Come on you, back room.” You continued to zap and push him past Killer Croc, who had whipping noises, and into one of the back rooms which was mostly tables and booths.

“What?” He snapped at you. You rolled your eyes and found yourself a table to perch on.

“I just wanted a minute away from the shouting.” You grumbled and reached your bandaged hand up to pinch your forehead. Digger seemed to accept it and stepped forwards so that he was stood between your legs in front of your table.

“How’re ya feelin’?” He asked after a minute, he used one hand to nudge your head up so that you were looking up at him.
“Like shit but I’m sure that you still love me.” You teased.
He swore at you and started to move away, “You’re just as fucking bad as her.”
Laughing you caught his jacket and pulled him back to you and leaned up to kiss playfully along his jaw, “I’m only joking. You know I wouldn’t mind if you were.”

He didn’t say anything but moved his hands down to your hips as you continued to playfully on his jaw and neck. He wrestled with himself for all of a minute before pushing his lips down harshly to yours, his hands pulled your hips to his so that he grind against you as you kissed. He continued to kiss you hard and moved against you while you sat on the table, fuck did he want more but you’d just barely survived a poorly planned escape but that didn’t stop you.

~S S~

He groaned as you pushed his coat off of his shoulders. He dug around in one of the pockets before pulling out a condom and handed it you as he finished pulling his coat off.
Laughing you quickly slipped your top off but left your bra on and held the condom up, “Were you planning on us getting away for some alone time?”
His lips found your neck, leaving sloppy kisses and nipping the skin as his hands undid your bottoms, “Well a guy can hope can’t he?” He gave a breathy laugh against your skin which you returned.
With one large hand under your backside he lifted you off the table and pulled your bottoms off with the other.
You giggled and leaned up to bite his lip, “I forgot how strong you are. Why do you cover your arms up?”
He took off your underwear and undid his own belt, he kissed you hard that you had to lean back, “If I didn’t cover up I think we’d have this problem all the time.”
“You wish.” You teased and you ran your hands slowly up his abdomen making his giggle slightly and let out a breathy moan.  You know you both didn’t have long.

His lips found yours again, his hands ran up and down your sides as you kissed. He lips came away from yours to attack any free skin that he could find on your neck and chest. You reached down and pushed his underwear down before pulling him close again.
“It’s been a while.” He warned you gravelly, his lips against your ear as he took the condom from your lap and put it on. But you didn’t care how long he’d last you just wanted him, it had been a long time for you too.

You hid your face in his chest to cover your moan as he entered you; he leaned over you with his hands on the table and hissed out a curse. He gave you barely a moment before the pace was set fast and desperate, the same as all your mid heist quickies.
You clawed at each other, your hands roaming his chest, back and arms, his lips bit and kissed all over your shoulder spurred on by your moans in his ear.

It had been so long since you’d been with him, it didn’t take long for you feel a familiar stirring, your electric buzzed under your skin and made Digger let out a sinful moan.
“Fuck, whaddya doing to me?” He groaned and moved his hands to yours hips to pull you to him. You moaned loudly and bit your lip to try to stop another moan coming. You threaded your fingers into Digger’s hair and pulled, making him moan, until he moved from your shoulder to look at you so you could smash your lips to his.

Diggers groaned into your mouth, he voice always went so deep when you two snuck off, you bit his lip and he groaned again. You felt yourself ready to let go as he sped up his thrusts, his breathing and movement becoming desperate.
Your name hissed in your ear was all you heard as you buried your face against him like something building up and up and up until it all at once it released leaving you scratching at his back and desperately trying to pull him closer to you. Your reaction sent him over the edge; he bit down into your neck with hissed string of curses.

~S E~

As you took a moment to let your breathing calm you settled into your usual routine, you kneaded his shoulders as his arms remained around you and he gently kissed the bite marks that he’d left on your shoulders while your static buzzed between you both.
Digger started chuckling as he kissed you briefly before stepped away from you. He held his hand up and grinned at you expectantly. You rolled your eyes but high-fived him anyway which made him give a deep childish laugh.

“Such a child.” You shook your head at him as you found your bottoms and pulled them back on.
He held out your shirt and when you reached for it he pulled it away slightly, you raised an eyebrow at him and he asked, “So, it wouldn’t be so bad?”
It took you a moment to click but when you did you gave him a cheeky grin, “What you mean loving m-”
“You don’t need to say it.” He shook his head at your teasing smile so you simply nodded at him. He seemed content with your answer and threw your shirt making sure that it would get you in the face.

“Its things like that make me just want to electrocute you.” You tormented and bent down to pick up his coat for him.
“And its dirty talk like that which makes me like you.” He slapped your backside hard. You jumped back straight and threw his coat at him. He was busy laughing when you stepped over and kissed his lips softly.

“It’s not like I haven’t thought about me feeling the same way you know.” You informed him quickly, kissed him hard and rushed off before he could catch you.
“Hey wait a minute!” He rushed after you but you’d already headed off and stepped into the main bar with Digger on your heels.

Everyone turned to look at you, including Rick Flag who must have showed up while you were…busy. Harley wolf whistled you both and Flag’s face dropped, “Please tell me you two haven’t been…I got told to watch you two.”
“What? No.” You tried to play it off but your face flushed bright red and you didn’t need to look at Digger to know he was grinning like a teenager.
“Boomerang, your hair is all static.” Killer Croc laughed deeply and if possible you flushed darker. You turned slightly to see him trying to pat down his hair, his grin wasn’t any less annoying.
“And these walls are crazy thin.” Deadshot badgered.

You chose to violently ignore them all and moved to retake your seat, Digger followed you but as you walked by Flag he took out his neck-bomb control pad and smashed it on the bar telling everyone that they were free to go.
Digger wrapped one around the drinks on the bar and lifted you up with his other arm and rushed out of the bar carrying you with him even when you laughed and hit at his shoulders.
He took you out to the alley where it had stopped raining and finally put you down.
He was grinned at you until you reached up and placed your hands on his cheeks, “Dig, that’s not the only control panel. We need to get it deactivated like mine.”
His face fell and he instantly started to tantrum and curse, throwing his arms up and shouting as though he could scare the thing out of his neck. You let him vent and drank one of the cans that he’d brought out.

He stuffed his hands into his pockets in the middle of his strop and paused, he gave you a slimy smirk which you narrowed your eyes at. He pulled another condom out of his pocket and held it up to show you, he jerked his head in the direction of the alley, “How long do you think we got before they come out?”

He gave you a dirty chuckle and you rolled your eyes at him, “You need a new hobby.”
“Need me to get the arms out?” He joked and started to push down his coat slowly like he was doing a scandalous strip tease.
“We’re all going to die and all you can think about is having sex?” You shook your head and continued to drink.
“No we’re all going to die and all I can think about is having sex with you.” He correct and stepped up to kiss you and maybe it was because you were both on death row, or that you loved him, or that you were both massive wrecks but it was actually kind of romantic.

I was a bit unsure on the scene were the readers grief comes through as maddess…
As always thank you for reading and I appreciate any feedback :)

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I’d like to think it was your humanity that stayed your hand.
          I’d like to think that too. But I had some help.

killian jones is the definition of “glorious hot mess” and i can’t get enough of him

a gentleman raconteur who can ooze repulsive innuendo specifically to annoy the female enemies that he regards as equals

a canon alcoholic and mutineer and criminal who can scootch close to a lady on a tavern bench and discuss exotic foreign lands in hushed whispers and then politely withdraw when she turns him down

a skilled sailor and swordsman who lost four fights in a row to a tiny librarian, the same tiny librarian, a pawnbroker with a limp, and the hood of a speeding car

he’s tight pants and leather jackets and neatly buttoned waistcoats and the worst bedhead you’ve ever seen

he’s snarl and anger and self-defensive snark and calmly perceptive reassurance and helpless hysterical anxiety for his danger-courting girlfriend

he’s crushing a heart in his hand and radiating with dark magic and summoning evil spirits from the underworld while laughing that he’ll never be controlled again and wearing the sweet, gentle smile of a lover

he’s bleeding from a hundred places and bruised and limping and eloquently spitting out challenges to a literal god

he’s the self-hating, self-doubting loner drowning in his past who holds the savior and the entire hero squad by their heartstrings


killian jones, man. go ahead, write an entire show around this guy. i am on. board.


Someone Like You (1/3)

But what happens after the end of the story?·What happens when the heroes lose and the villains win and nobody at all is happy? Perhaps you write a new ending. Perhaps the story goes on.

(Canon Divergence from the Season 4 finale)

Rated: T | Words: 4541 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3FF.NET | Ao3


Stories are simple. They have a beginning, a middle and an end. Stories have structure and syntax and plot. They have an ebb and a flow. A music. A rhythm.

They are not this. Breaths shallow, heart fast and running, running, running.

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The Fever Inside

Summary: Future CS moment. Emma is looking for a way to unwind, so she spends some time sunbathing on the roof. But when Killian sees her in her teeny bikini, he only gets wound up. Shameless smut ensues.

A/N: For those who’ve read I Can’t Get No (Satisfaction), consider this a sequel. You can find that one [here].

Rated: M

She can feel sweat rolling down her neck in delicate little beads, pooling between her breasts. The sun is blinding even with her shades on, and she’s not sure how much longer she can last out here. Just who exactly is she trying to prove a point to - Killian? Herself? Ivory-skinned people everywhere? Sunbathing on the roof sounded like such a good way to relax, but this is starting to get ridiculous.

Five more minutes. She could make it a half hour at least, so that Killian doesn’t have too much reason to tease her when she goes back in.

He wanted her to stay inside with him and while the afternoon away in bed, especially when he saw her in her tiny string bikini. His eyes had widened profusely as he took her in, his hand coming to his mouth as if she reminded him of a luscious treat. (Well, it was either that or he was wiping away the drool. She is well aware of the effect she has on him.)

“Please Killian, I just…I need some time to myself,” she had told him. His face had fallen, but he nodded solemnly. She didn’t need to say much for him to understand her instinctively. Open book and all that.

After she had been released from the darkness, there was a lot of need - to heal, to let go of regret, to help the pain of the past ebb from her body. Sometimes a brisk run was in order, the abuse of her muscles allowing her to physically fight against the pain. Other times, she just wanted to be still and breathe. Today was one of those days, and being hot and sunny, she remembered the chaise lounges on the roof and knew exactly what she wanted to do.

Forcing herself to breathe deeply, she allows her mind to wander. Her skin is hot, and she can feel a humming beneath the surface. It could be her blood rushing through her veins or it could be wisps of magic that are always a part of her anatomy, but for some reason it feels a lot like arousal.

Despite her best intentions, her thoughts return to Killian’s face when he had first seen her in her swimsuit. Three delicately placed triangles and a scrap of fabric to cover her bum left little to the imagination, and though they were living together now, their hunger for one another had yet to die down. (She wasn’t sure if it ever would.)

When he looked at her like that - eyes darkening, tongue flicking across his lower lip, something about the way he held his brow - she felt it instantly. Their bodies were so attuned to one another, one look from him was all it took to set her pulse racing. Fire. Heat. Desire. Rapture.

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