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Youtubers I adore pt. 1

Stef Sanjati: Visits us from Final Fantasy, makeup artist, plays WoW and Skyrim, transgender, is secretly a purple corgi, smile and good spirit is incredibly infectious. 

Jon Watson: Does everything we wish we could do. Documents his travels around the world, volunteering at cheetah and big cat rescue parks in South Africa, a lot of swimming and diving, paragliding, basically lives like his life is one big bucket list and shows us that wonderful things are happening that we can be a part of if we want.

CaptainImaginary: A wonderful lad from Sweden. Documents his travels, cosplays, talks about books and his obsession with world flags, very mature despite his young appearance and goofy antics. Also loves sharing his adventures with unique bus drivers.

Dance With Me? (Steve x Stark!Reader) Oneshot

A/N: Alrighty, this is for an anon who asked this on my personal blog and I had to, because Steve x Stark!Readers are my weakness. Enjoy, loves :) The song I listened to while writing is right here

I actually started this on my phone, but it came out terribly and it ended up having not much to do with the original prompt.

       DANCE WITH ME, a Steve x Stark Reader oneshot

     Honestly, in the past few years, you had come to terms with being the big oops. Your parents, Howard and Maria, were quite old when you were born, and had been in an accident when you were barely 2. Tony, being 18 yeas your senior, was charged with raising you. Which, obviously, was not the optimal choice regarding child care. 

   Currently, you were 26 and living in the Avengers tower, having been recruited by the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. himself as an engineer and part-time super hero. How you had landed a job saving the world was beyond you, but you had a feeling that it had something to do with your last name.

 “Stark.” A smooth-as-silk voice snapped from your thoughts and brought you back to reality. Both you and Tony looked up to see Steve Rogers leaning in the doorway of the lab. 

  “You’re gonna have to be a little more specific there, Spangles.” You quipped, diving back into your project (which, as an experienced engineer and mechanic of sorts, was an old arc reactor that was falling to complete shit and had only gotten worse since you had decided to fuck with it). Tony grinned as he went back to repairing mark 42 of the Iron Man suit. Little did you notice, Steve looked you up and down. His eyes followed the curves of your body that were perfectly outlined in a pair of black leggings and a baseball tee with a Led Zepplin album cover on the front. One thing he had always loved about you was your work effort. You pushed and worked until you achieved your goal.

  “I meant (Y/N).” Steve smiled at you. You pushed a hair from your face and left a streak of something (whatever the hell it was) on your forehead and looked up at him. 

  “Alrighty, what can I do ya for Cap?” You asked, grabbing a rag from the table. You called out to Jarvis to turn the music down, and before you could finish your request, Tony cut you off, promptly telling Jarvis not to listen to you. . “Prick..” you muttered. Steve laughed quietly and you felt a familiar heat creep up to your cheeks. Gently, you ushered Steve outside and looked up at him expectantly. You, just like Tony, had been cursed with the Stark height gene, or, lack thereof really. Steve started talking, but you didn’t quite hear him. You just looked him up and down, admiring his beautiful eyes and god-like physique. Of course, you would never say anything of the sort to his face, seeing as he was almost 80 yeas your senior and considering his love/hate relationship with your brother, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea to pursue anything. So, you ignored your amazingly huge crush on the Star Spangled Man with a Plan and were determined to keep it quiet for however long it was present.

 “(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” Steve waved his hand around in front of your eyes, seeing as you had completely spaced out. “(Y/N)!” you blinked a couple of times and looked back at him. 

 “Sorry Capcicle. What was that again?” you flashed a grin. Steve’s heart fluttered.

 “Well, I wanted to know if you could teach me how to dance, actually… I mean, because er– well, you know.. Tony has a party coming up.. And uh, there’s this girl I’ve seen around and I’d love to sweep her off of her feet with a dance.” Steve stammered, suddenly taking interest in his shoes. Your heart stopped for a minute, smile melting from your face. 

  “I don’t know if I can right now, Steve.. I have.. I have some things I need to do.” You faked a smile, feeling about ready to cry. As you turned back into the lab, Steve gently grabbed your arm.

  “Please, doll?” Steve’s eyes searched yours as you turned to face him, You melted, nodding quietly. 

 “Hey, dumbass.” You called into the lab. 

  “I only respond to ‘Your Majesty’.” Tony replied. Rolling your eyes, you shot back at him without missing a beat.

  “Okay. I have a thing that needs to get done King Schmuck. Catch you on the flip side.” Steve stifled laughter as you heard a bolt hit the glass behind you. “Better luck next time.”

Once the two of you were safely in the bar and common area, you looked up at the ceiling.
  “Jarvis, whats the last song I listened to?” you asked.
  “God is Dead by Black Sabbath.” The AI’s cool voice reverberated throughout the empty room. You looked at Steve, who’s expression was a mix of shock and confusion.

  “Okay.. Um.. Put on Half the World Away by Aurora. On repeat.” You replied, walking over to Steve and dragging him to the middle of the floor. As the music started, you felt your heart flutter. A light beat rang throughout the otherwise silent room. Placing Steve’s hand on your waist and settling yours just shy of his shoulder on his chest, you felt warm and fuzzy. Content. Whoever this bitch happened to be that Steve had suddenly taken interest in, you hated her. It was probably Sharon, and you would take extreme pleasure knocking her teeth down her throat right about now. “bitch…” you whispered to yourself.

 “What was that?” Steve asked, having sworn he heard you speak.

  “Nothing. Okay so you’re going to need to keep up with the beat.” You said. “For now, I’ll lead. All you need to do is follow the beat. I think it’s a three count..” Gently, you guided him through the steps. 

  One you had been there for at least 30 minutes, Steve stopped you.

“I think I’m getting the hang of it.” he muttered, taking the lead. You smiled sadly, hoping it wouldn’t end too soon. The two of you waltzed around in complete silence, a comfortable silence. He raised his arm for you to twirl under, and he couldn’t get his mind off of how absolutely graceful you were.

  “So.. Who’s this girl?” you asked, trying your best not to sound bitter. If Steve had noticed, he didn’t say anything.

 “Well,” he started. “She’s absolutely beautiful, in every way imaginable. She has these eye, oh god her eyes. They shine brighter than any star I’ve ever seen. She laughs at my stupid jokes, her laugh is so contagious. It sounds like birdsong.” Steve smiled, a blush forming on his cheeks. “I draw her a lot, when she’s not looking. Candid shots of her are great, because she doesn’t even have to try to look gorgeous… It just sort of happens. She’s brilliant too, a real genius. She could do anything, and she would for her loved ones.. She’s just amazing in so many ways, it’s unrea–”

 Having had just about enough, you shoved Steve away from you, to his surprise. You felt rage bubbling inside you. What a stupid fucking question to ask.

 “Why didn’t you ask her to fucking dance with you?”  You spat, turning around. Steve ran to you, wrapping his arms gently around your torso.

 “You know, for someone so smart, you can be incredibly dense sometimes.” He laughed quietly, his breath tickling your ear. Your eyes widened.

 “Wh-” Steve spun you around so you were facing each other.

  “What I’m saying is.. (Y/N) Stark, you are the most amazing, beautiful, brilliant woman I have ever met… I am yours, and I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you.” His forehead was now on yours. Your heart was hammering uncontrollably in your chest, and you could feel his. Smiling, you stood on the very balls of your feet and smashed your lips against his. Your eyes fluttered closed and you snaked your arms around his neck, one hand tangled in his golden blond hair. His arms fell to your waist and tightened around you. The kiss quickly became hungrier, more desperate. He picked you up, placing you on the bar behind you. Your legs wrapped around his waist, and you felt a gravely chuckle work its way out. His tongue explored your mouth and as soon as you began to pull off your shirt, you heard the elevator door open. To your horror, Tony, Bruce, and Pepper fell silent at the sight before them. Slowly, you pulled your shirt back down over your torso, quickly concealing your bra. Steve cleared his throat awkwardly, turning away from you quickly and running his hand through his hair.

  “Were you just– Did that just–” Tony sputtered. Pepper and Bruce stifled laughter and you could swear you saw the ghost of a grin on Steve’s face. “The 90 year old virgin was just feeling my sister up! Rogers, what the hell!?” Tony’s face was now red, and you couldn’t help but laugh. Pepper grabbed Tony’s arm, forcefully dragging him away.

 “I’m 95, not dead..” Steve muttered, chucking a bit. 

 “I can tell.” You smirked, hopping off of the bar. “My room, 5 minutes. Don’t be late Captain.” You turned around to see that Steve had turned a bright shade of red and pulled at his clothes nervously. You winked and made your way to your room. 

 And that was the beginning of your relationship with the famed Captain America.

i love you, love you

the five times he told her he loved her and the one time she finally heard him

he’s eight years old and riley is the only one in his class who’ll invite him to play. a little blonde girl is the captain of an imaginary pirate ship. riley claims to be the queen of the galaxy and asks farkle to visit him on her home planet. maya calls out to him and says he can get there in her ship which is equipped for both sea and space travel.
when recess is over and the kids are lined up and farkle has a smile so wide he reveals his missing tooth. as they walk back to class, farkle taps riley on the shoulder.
“riley?” he says.
she turns around and replies, “yes?”
“kids! quiet in the hallways, please!” their teacher reminds them.
“thank you for playing with me. i love you,” he whispers.

he’s eleven years old and sits behind her in her father’s history class. farkle stares at the back of her head every day. he wonders if anyone else notices how bright and kind and wonderful she is. he loves her. he doesn’t know exactly what it means, but he loves her and he doesn’t care who knows it.
“i’ve been in love with riley since the first grade,” he declares.
and yes, she hears him but she’s not really listening. yeah, yeah, yeah; he’s in love with her. riley throws her hands in the air and thinks, why me?

he’s thirteen and he cares about her so much. she wipes away tears and hugs him. riley feels warm even on a night as cold as this one. he never wants her heart to break. he does everything he can to make sure it doesn’t.
“i love you, farkle,” riley says.
“and i love you,” he answers. and again, she hears him, but he knows she means as friends, so he means that too.
she wipes her tears one last time before her date appears. farkle’s decided what to do. he’s putting her happiness first because he loves her; he really does.

he’s fifteen and she might move thousands of miles away. he’s up all night thinking of ways she could stay. he tosses and turns in bed and knows that if she leaves, he’ll never be the same.
the next day, he tells her he loves her: past, present, and future.
“thank you, farkle,” riley says and then lightheartedly reminds him he has a girlfriend. he knows that and of course he cares about her.
but when riley’s mom says they’re not going anywhere, absolutely nothing else matters.

he’s sixteen and they’re sitting on her bedroom floor. his girlfriend broke up with him and he was fine until he saw her with someone else. farkle swears he’s okay, but she knows him too well. it’s not long before she gets a real smile out of him. they sit and talk and talk and talk until their eyelids get heavy.
the sun rises and the rays come through the window to wake him. riley’s head is on his shoulder and he’s careful not to move her. he’s never stopped loving her.
“riley?” he whispers.
she’s still asleep.
“i love you, riley,” he says.

he’s seventeen and it’s a rainy day. the usual group, minus riley, is sitting in the cafeteria. when she walks in, her hair is slightly wet from the rain.
“hey guys!” she says to the her friends. “sorry i’m late, i had to go talk to my dad. did i miss anything?”
zay begins to tell everyone about his french presentation. they all listen and laugh, but farkle can’t stop looking at riley. she’s laughing and combing through her hair with fingers. he really loves her.
when the day is over, farkle walks riley home. it’s like any other day, except his heart is beating fast and he’s not sure he can feel his hands anymore. he’s going to tell her.
“hey, riley, do you mind if we take the long way home?” he asks.
“yeah! the weather’s really nice today!” she exclaims.
they walk slowly, taking in the view. riley looks at the clouds in the sky. farkle looks at riley. they keep walking and riley interlocks her arm with farkle’s.
“don’t you just love the way everything feels after the rain?” she says.
“the earth smells fresh, and the trees are all dewy, and there’s puddles everywh—”
“i love you, riley,” he interrupts.
“well, okay, that came out of nowhere, but i love you, too, farkle. you’re my best friend,” she smiles at him and keeps walking.
“no, riley.” they stop again. “listen to me. i love you, love you. like, since the first grade and you know that, but i don’t just mean i love you like i love maya or like i love my computer. i mean i love you, love you, ri—”
“farkle,” she interrupts him, holds his face, and kisses him. “i love you. love you, too.”

We love you, America. No matter what. 
#CaptainAmerica #MoonKnight

►MoonKnight is probably the least popular,  least known character. He is the psychopath/crazy version of Batman and a HUGE FAN of Captain America’s- MoonKnight’s alias is Steven Grant and his sidekick/assistant is named Buck. In the 2012 Bendis/Maleev series, MoonKnight suffers from schizophrenia, and one of his disassociated identity was his “imaginary friend” Captain America, and his Cap hallucination was one of the few “people” that he talked to and communicated with, and the ONLY thing that kept him sane throughout the story. 

►MoonKnight is a 2nd-tier Avenger who’s despised by his peers and isolated from them at the West Coast. But despite all mental and real life challenges, he is still willing to fight, still willing to dream, and he still believes in the hope of making the world a better place. He’s still got his untainted pure LOVE for Captain America, and all the values Cap stands for. He holds himself responsible for doing good, as he remembers that it was Cap who made him an Avenger, and he would trade his life to honor the trust Steve Rogers has given him.

►MoonKnight LOVES Captain America, in his own crazy yet meaningful way. And I find it HELLA ROMANTIC. 

“My dear imaginary Captain MacKenzie, you are not real and never will be. I, however, am a true and eternal fool.

Here, have a drawing of a snail.”

Okay look, can I just tell you that I’m like five pages in and already in love with Maddie? She has character! And flaws! And is adorable and witty! And I just adore her and want good things to happen to her. And I’ve already laughed twice and I think this author is going to rock my world.
Can’t Stand It (Cap x Reader)

AN: So this was a request from @always-a-marvel-addict for StevexReader fluff. NGL, I’m kinda proud of this one.

 Warnings: As always, Language. Oh, and Fluffy Cap with a side of Sassy Clint and Nat.

 Song - Can’t Stand It by NeverShoutNever

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

   “Steven Grant– Jesus Christ can you pay attention for five minutes?” You sighed, raising an eyebrow at your boyfriend of 2 years over the edge of your coffee mug. 
  “Hm?” the Captain inquired, his eyes still trained on the napkin he was sketching on. 
 “Babe.” You snapped your fingers between Steve’s eyes. He glanced up at you, his oceanic blue eyes holding a hint of annoyance- although it was overshadowed by the look of adoration he gave you. Smiling, Steve placed his head on his hand and looked at you. “Hi. Nice to see you back on earth.” You joked.

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Photographer: Captain Imaginary (Photography page)

Character: Qunari Inquisitor.
So this is the first picture of my finished cosplay! I plan on uploading a few more later that shows of the whole costume a little more.
 I’m also going to upload the final WIPs in the next couple of days.

It was a lot of pain fun to wear, and I hope to wear it again soon! 



I have to leave the work employment office and there for will be cut off from getting money from them. So I am in need of getting some pay from other ways if I am to survive and be able to continue meeting brilliant people like you.

SO I am taking commissions. 8D

All of the commissions will look along the lines of the ones above this, it is the way I draw and I suck at drawing anything below waist. So all commissions will be busts.

If you want one of yourself then;

  • E-mail me at
  • With two picture of yourself, both front and profile
  • Wearing the clothes, hair, accessories that you want to be in the drawing
  • And the expression you want your drawing to have.

The shipping costs 2$ to anywhere in the world!

Yeah, I don’t do digital, only real stuff on paper!

And excluding the shipping cost… You can pay what amount of money you want to pay me for the drawing, really.

I mean, yeah I kind of need money but I also just want to draw and make you people happy!

But let’s say like this!

  • If you pay me over 5$ (not counting the shipping) I will include a fun letter!
  • If you pay over 10$ (not including shipping) I’ll include a fun letter and a fun extra super drawing!
  • And seriously, if you pay me over that amount… I’ll frigging ad what ever fun stuff I can find and stuff in an envelope.

Does this sound reasonable?

Any questions: just message me.

So e-mail me if you want one:

(and um, if you could reblogg this, I would be a really happy Chaz :3)