I do not ship Captain Swan just because of Killian. Considering I’m not into guys


I ship Captain Swan because Emma loves him and he loves her back


I do not dislike Rumbelle or Rumple because Rumple is Killian’s nemesis

I dislike Rumple and Rumbelle because Rumple is manipulative, a back stabber, and a mass murderer through my eyes (also considering I ship Red Beauty)


I do not dislike Swan Queen because I’m homophobic. Considering that I am a lesbian that is into f/f ships and creates homosexual characters

I dislike it because Regina belittles Emma and uses personal insults that are below the belt


I do not dislike SwanFire for any reason other than Neal taking advantage of a minor (keep in mind that Emma was hungry for love) and then laughing in her face when they see each other again

Making assumptions is useless. Liking a ship or character does not define who you are. But the way you act really shows your character

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“Guilty, Your Honor” (4/7) | Once Upon a Time

Title: Guilty, Your Honor - (4/7)
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Rating: M
Genre: Romance
Words: 9,278/28,145
Completed: 09/27/2016
Summary: Modern!AU Captain Swan. “It was a one-time thing,” is definitely one of the last things you want to say to your new boss on your first day at work. For lawyer Emma Swan, this case is open-and-shut. The verdict? Completely hopeless.

Written for the @captainswanbigbang; thank you to @icecubelotr44 for looking this over and to @captainswanandclintasha for the gorgeous art (and let me know if these tags start to get annoying, lol)!

On FF.net here | On Tumblr under “Read More”

Guilty, Your Honor

Chapter 4

Emma has visited the downtown courthouse enough times that the path from the food carts back through the lobby and winding hallways to the courtrooms is a familiar one.

What is not familiar is the sight that greets her upon her return: Killian Jones, shoulders hunched, elbows on his knees, jostling his leg with a speed that suggests he may be getting ready to launch from a runway.

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'Hook doesn't care about Emma'

Bitch please don’t make me laugh, Killian is the only person on this show that 100% cares about her. He’s died for her three times, one of those times he didn’t even know who she was. He constantly builds her up instead of knocking down, he’s the only person that always knows when they is something wrong with her, he does what ever to make her happy, he’ll fight for no matter what.

Like, Snow I love you but your too busy babying your step mom (aka the woman who ruined you life) instead of looking after your daughter. Mother her instead.

And Henry, let’s face he stays with Regina half the time and criticises her unfairly sometimes. Like, only sometimes. It’s okay Henry, I still like you.

I mean, Charming is probably a second contender. Daddy daughter time am I right. He still cares for his girl, that’s a plus!

At First Sight- A Killian Jones One-Shot

Title: At First Sight
Request: Meeting Hook for the first time and he falls in love, deeply with me
Pairing: Hook x Reader
AN: This is written in Hook’s POV :)

I had never found much in Storybrooke, just another town with it’s ups and downs.
I would spend my days on my ship, the one place I felt at home.
Every day, a woman would sit on a bench facing the sea.
She always held a notebook, and seemed to be drawing or writing in it.
One day, I approached her.
“Day three our here this week I see love?” I smiled.
She looked up and smiled, with the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen, “Spying on me, Hook?”
She was looking down at my hook, as everyone did.
“So you know me already, I see. Since you do, how about you tell me who you are and what you do here everyday?” I asked.
“My name’s Y/N.” she responded, “I’m out here drawing the sea, it calms me down.”
“Aye, the sea does many wonders for the mind. Soothing, calm, never ending.” I added.
“So Hook, you were spying on me then?” Y/N asked.
I smirked at her, “Killian, call me Killian. And yes, I just happened to see a very beautiful woman and I looked at her for a while.
To my satisfaction, Y/N blushed, "Well you’re not to bad on the eyes either.”
“I get that a lot.” I responded.
She looked down at her watch, and suddenly got up, “Oh crap, I got to get to work.”
“Alright love, I’ll see you tomorrow? Same time same place?” I asked.
Y/N nodded, “I’ll see you then.”
She walked away, and I watched her intensely.
Y/N was beautiful, and the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen in any place on Earth.
I couldn’t get here out of my mind after she left.
I couldn’t get it out my mind that I was falling in love again, and I was falling deep.

The next day, Y/N was sitting on the same bench.
“Hey, Killian.” she smiled as I sat down beside her.
“Aye, love.” I responded.
“I finished the drawing.” she said, holding out her notebook to an open page.
Her drawing was perfect, so detailed and exquisite.
“That’s amazing, you’re so talented.” I said.
“Thanks.” she responded.
“Can I ask you something?” I said abruptly.
“Yea, sure.” Y/N responded.
I looked her right in her eyes, “After yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking of you. I really like you, I don’t know if we believe in love at first sight, but you made me believe. Did you feel it too?”
Y/N’s face went completely red, “God yes, I haven’t thought of anything but your bright blue eyes since I left this bench yesterday. If love at first sight is real, then it happened yesterday.”
Without thinking, I leaned in a kissed Y/N.
She did the same, our faces hitting each other as we laughed into the kiss.
“Since you love the sea so much, how about you come on the ship and I take you out sailing?” I asked.
Y/N smiled, “I’d love to.”
I reached for her hand, and walked her onto the ship.
As we sailed into the sea, I looked at Y/N in awe of how she looked at the blue water.
She was amazing, and in her eyes I saw my future, I knew she was the woman I needed to be with.

Years later, she is still mine.
I love her with all my heart, my soul, and my mind even.
Love at first sight is not a myth, but the thing that changed my life.


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OMG is my Captain Beauty brotp going to happen again this season? I love them! I was sad that we haven't seen that in a while. The thing is Killian is my favorite character so I love all his brotps

OH IT’S HAPPENING AND IT IS GLORIOUS IN ALL THE BEST WAYS!!!  I love the Captain Book friendship soooo much.  I love the development between them, and I especially love how Belle is the second wife of Rumple’s to turn to Killian for help in getting away from him!!  Killian is definitely one of my all time favorite characters (right along with Emma of course).  I like to see that the writers are giving a lot of focus to his relationships besides Emma this season, while not taking any time away from his and Emma’s relationship.  Captain Charming, Captain Book, and Captain Cobra are what I’m looking forward to most besides Captain Swan this season!  

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Would you ever let Hook drive your bug? I mean if he can sail a ship, surely he can learn to drive a car.

Probably not. It would really depend on if he learned to drive in a car that wasn’t my bug, but since he has showed no interest in driving my car or learning to drive, it isn’t much of a concern.