captain hollister

Stasis Leak

To what can only be described as a journey to trip out city….

Rimmer is so unhinged in this episode…but Lister giving  him shrooms is so awesome. And Lister straight up reads his diary…now this was too far…they are both so vicious sometimes. Granted, Rimmer is technically dead and Lister is getting bored.

Xpress Lifts and the Cyanide capsules… “…in the highly unlikely event of the lift needing to make an emergency landing, death is certain”

“I loved that little lemming.” That whole sequence though…

“I’ve come to warn you in three million years you’ll be dead.” Real smooth

The Ganymede Holiday Inn…

“Dog!! And he is trying to strangle that woman!!”…..struggle ensues…..“Don’t worry madam, his strangling days are over!!”—Me whenever I see someone wearing fur

It’s aaalwaaays WINE….well yes Lister…it is ;) I wish I could meet the kind of guy he claims women leave him for…

That’s a lot of shade towards Olivia Newton-John

The Cat steals the champagne…MY BOY

The fucking ending…fucking…SLAYS ME

“Before anyone says anything else, I would just like to make a little speech…GOOOOO AWAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A really funny episode but not a very poignant one, but once again the science fiction theme, the ‘stasis leak’ is simply fabulous

Now for a rather random Red Dwarf question. hard-light-hologram rimmergazpachosoup allsortsofsmeg I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to call on you guys as my “go-to’s” for Red Dwarf questions, since you seem to know way more than me about it :)

So, the topic is the ranks within the JMC. Specifically, as they’re shown in series 8 (mainly because that’s the series I’ve been watching the most of lately):

One thing I think I’ve got my head around is that the pips (is that the right word?) that Captain Hollister is wearing here indicate that he’s Captain (no kidding). Now, from other space shows I’ve seen that have utilized a military ranking (basically Star Trek), the main doctor is usually quite high up in the command structure. Of course, that would be presuming that Doc Newton IS the main doctor aboard Red Dwarf, which I would think she is, since she sits in on the gang’s trial.

Ackerman seems to be fairly high up in the command chain as well, though. His pips are almost the same as Hollister’s, just without the top v-shaped ones. They’re quite different to the Doctor’s though.

Now this is where it gets confusing. Thornton, who I thought was the head of security aboard Red Dwarf (which is arguably a better position than Ackerman’s), has only one of the v-shaped pips. And then you’ve got McClaren, a presumably high-ranking psychiatrist, who isn’t seen to be wearing any pips at all (I don’t know if that was a goof just in this scene…?).

So after all that (you know a post is rather long when you try to hit Ctrl+S on it), my question is: does anyone know anything about how the ranking system on Red Dwarf works? I looked at a couple of photos I’ve got of Clare Grogan’s Kochanski (I didn’t want to put them up though since they’re not mine) and she’s not wearing any pips at all, but that could have been because they hadn’t worked it all out that early. 

Anyway, I hope someone can help someone who gets way too focused on the little details! :)