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Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (14/?)

Lunchtime Drabble: See Me (14/?)
Pairing: Leonard McCoy x Fem!Reader, Kirk x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1022
Series Warnings: Some swearing, mention of death, a few injuries.
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You drifted back in consciousness slowly and kind of sideways somehow. The medicine apparently was still in your system enough to make you feel dizzy and disoriented but you were sure you were waking up. Without opening your eyes, you took stock of your body. Toe wiggle: check. Leg twitch: check. Slight knee bend: check. Hip wiggle: check. Fingers and hands: check. Arms and shoulders: check. Neck: check. Head: to be determined. A soft, deep chuckle sounded to your left. Leonard’s chuckle. A tiny grin worked its way through your dizziness.

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Tano and Kenobi: A Respite from Excitement

Previously on Tano and Kenobi…

Ahsoka Tano and Obi-Wan Kenobi successfully negotiated their freedom from the Ohnaka Pirate gang led by the colorful matriarch Mama Ohnaka. After making the exchange of prisons on Mirial, Ahsoka and Obi-Wan return to Coruscant with the rescued civilian crew and Jedi Master Sifo Dyas.

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“Knight Tano? Padawan Kenobi? Might I have a moment of your time?”

Ahsoka and Obi-Wan looked up from the storage container they were sorting through searching for some extra pillows and blankets. While their cruiser could in theory house up to fifteen sentients, that did not mean the accommodations would be the most luxurious and they were making up beds where they could.

“Of course, Master Dyas,” Ahsoka said, standing up and dusting her hands off as Obi-Wan closed the storage crate and pushed it back under the berth it came from. “What do you need?”

“I would like to speak to you two in private, if I may?” he asked, standing just outside of the doorway. “I understand you were going to turn this room over to Captain Penyo and her crew?”

“They’ll take three of the staterooms,” Ahsoka explained as she followed Master Dyas out into the hallway, Obi-Wan trailing after them. “Obi-Wan and I will double up in a room, which leaves a room for you and Captain Avett and Pilot Lincae.”

Master Dyas nodded as they passed down the hallway, returning a greeting from Joti, who was handing out freshly brewed caf to his crew mates. Ahsoka smiled at the relieved survey crew and Obi-Wan held up a hand as they passed by, taking a turn towards one of the smaller, more private rooms that was usually used for sensitive diplomacy or to negotiate delicate matters.

“Please take a seat,” Master Dyas gestured to the room’s round table circled with four plush chairs. He walked over to a hot water dispenser that was built into the wall and opened up another cabinet that held a collection of blue-grey porcelain cups. “Would either of you care for tea or caf?”

“We’ll take tea,” Ahsoka said, looking over at Obi-Wan, who watched the master with sharp blue eyes. “And honey too, if we have some.”

“No honey but we have some excellent sun nectar from Arcadia,” Master Dyas replied as he finished the preparations for tea and carried over a tray of three warm cups. “Drink up. I imagine you two are exhausted after everything that’s happened to you in the past few weeks.”

Ahsoka poured herself a generous helping of sun nectar before handing it over to Obi-Wan who, in true teenage fashion, gave himself perhaps a bit more than he really needed. “I’ll be happy to return to the Temple, where the most exciting thing to happen to me is deciding if I should run to catch a turbolift or not.”

Master Dyas and Obi-Wan laughed softly at her joke and Ahsoka let out a breath she hadn’t been aware she was holding. “So… what did you want to talk to us about?”

“Two things,” Master Dyas said, smiling behind his tea cup. “First of all, I wanted to tell you both how impressed I was with your handling of the Ohnaka gang out on Florrum. That could have been a tragedy on all sides but not only did you two manage to rescue yourselves and your own crew but you were able to rescue the civilians as well. Captain Penyo has spoken glowingly of your actions.”

Ahsoka felt a proud grin rise to her face and she tried to remind herself that a Jedi should always be humble and that she should present a good example for Obi-Wan.

“I agree,” Obi-Wan spoke up, his eyes glowing. “Master was amazing!”

Well, so much for modesty.

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Guys it’s not Marvel’s fault, it’s Nick Spencer’s fault. He’s the one who fucked up. So Marvel might fire him for what he did because of this huge backlash everyone had with the new comic.

They might issue an apology, pull the rest of the Captain America issues from the shelves and fire Nick Spencer.

Even Chris Evans said he fucked up, but not really he did post.

So it’s up to Marvel to fix the shit that Nick Spencer did, because he fucked up big time.

so when Steve goes to save Bucky from under the metal beam they keep flashing over to Bucky and he is very scared and he is trying to scramble away from Steve.

Moment of Epiphany - Episode 1

So I had an epiphany today whilst driving to work.  I’m sure others have already come to the same conclusion much earlier than I have…and I have no idea why it took me so long to realise this.  

It’s about the moment during Comic Con when Stephen Amell states the following:  

I’ve always been pretty convinced that Olicity is endgame and that they are the big love story of Arrow.  However, there was a minuscule part of me (0.001%) that thought there is ALWAYS a possibility for Laurel and Oliver to get back together.  I mean, never say never…right?  

When Stephen made this statement, they had already started shooting the episode ‘Sara’.  It is impossible for Oliver and Sara to ever get back together again because…well..she’s gone.  Stephen put Laurel and Oliver in the same boat.  We won’t see them together “ever again”.

So for all of you who are still worried about Lauriver?  Don’t be.  Comic-canon or not, whether Oliver carries her out of the car next episode or not, this statement is pretty clear.  It is as impossible for Oliver and Laurel to be together again as much as it is impossible for Oliver and Sara to be together again.  

The captain has spoken.  Don’t doubt him.