captain gregson*

I want more scenes where Joan doesn’t simply walk in on Sherlock doing an experiment but actively seeks out these moments to specifically disrupt him as revenge for waking her up constantly.

I want this to turn into an all-out pranking war in which Joan recruits Alfredo so Sherlock enlists Ms. Hudson and it isn’t until they both start loudly arguing over who gets Marcus during one of their cases that Papa Gregson steps in and puts a stop to the shenanigans.  And then probably denies wholeheartedly that he ever helped Joan even though let’s be honest Joan is his favorite child

“Maybe I’m just crazy.”

Detective Marcus Bell laughed. “I think it’ll be a cold day in hell before you get described as ‘crazy.’”

Joan smiled widely and handed him back the brown folder.

“Thank you, for looking this over,” he said, standing awkwardly next to her cafe table. He squinted, the sun’s midday light hitting his eyes. “I know today is supposed to be your day off–“

“But Sherlock is off on another one of his wild goose chases with the Emerson case and Captain Gregson said to not come back to the precinct until you had an answer.”

“Yeah,” Bell said, nodding his head. “Something like that.”

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Elementary Fic Rec

Gen, strictly platonic

Hi guys, just wanted to share with you some of my favourite Elementary fics in honour of Fic Rec Days. I made a shippy Joanlock list as well, its over here.

The lives of others by Notesfromaclassroom

Observing isn’t the same thing as seeing…or so Sherlock claims.  Yet the people in his life deserve more observation than he gives them.   Each chapter is centered around one of the “regular irregulars” in Joan and Sherlock’s world.

A gorgeous fic that highlights some of the show’s secondary players, from Ms Hudson and Captain Gregson to Teddy and Emily. It’s beautifully written and absolutelly fascinating in showing how all these characters relate to Joan and Sherlock but also their lives outside of them.

Quiet, the storm has passed by Marchare

Follows Season 3 ep. 14 (The Female of the Species)
This is how I imagined the rest of the evening might go.

Watching this episode all I could think was “Seriously, Sherlock, just go ahead and sit at her feet already. I promise she will not be surprised.”

Joan decides to spend the night and test a theory she has about Sherlock. They might not have a “normal” relationship but it works for them. Comfort for both characters ensues.

The author’s summary is just about perfect. This fandom has some really great Dom/Sub fics and this one is no exception. It’s a short story but so great, just the thing if you want a sweet, partner-y fic.

The bad day by LouBlue

Joan Watson is having a very bad day. She thinks she’s the only one, but quickly discovers Sherlock is having a worse one, for reasons that catch her off guard. Lots of feels with hurt/comfort.

This is one of my absolute favourites. Without giving too much away: Sherlock thinks something happened to Joan and freaks the hell out, which leads to a very long talk about love and all it entails and how he is a goddamned emotional mess. Also, it features the very important image of Sherlock holding Joan so close he has to be told to put her down almost at gunpoint.

A house built out of stone by Lunas

‘It’s so different,’ she says, and he angles his head towards her while pouring hot water into the teacup, ‘it’s like the world makes no sense,’ it’s like she’s navigating uncharted waters, she doesn’t say, thinking it will sound too dramatic.
 He nods seriously, and she takes it to mean he feels the same way.

An accident leaves Joan deaf and Sherlock blind. They learn to deal.

An amazing fic that will make your heart ache so bad but it’s worth every single minute of pain. Because, even in an extreme situation, Joan and Sherlock always find a way to prevail together.

The greek scientist by calvinahobbes

“There’s a baby on our doorstep,” Joan said.

This fic is such a treat and charming as hell. it has everything: A baby. A cool case. Ms Hudson being her smart, beautiful self. Sherlock staying at home to take care of the baby (and being wonderful at it) while Joan and Ms Hudson solve the case and get to be badass action ladies.

for the sane mad and the bravest monsters by language_escapes

He sees her, and his heart breaks.

I’m not gonna lie, this is a very painful fic. It also creates a really wonderful backstory for Sherlock (it contains some delicate themes so maybe  check the warnings), and it has one of the greatest –and closest to ACD canon– takes on Irene I’ve ever read. Sherlock’s history of despair until the magnificent ray of hope that is Joan Watson.