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Now that Will and Grace is coming back (28th of September this year) I feel like it’s the perfect time to share something I learned a while ago. John Barrowman, probably best known from Doctor Who, Torchwood and Arrow,  Barrowman was also considered for the role of Will in Will & Grace, but the producers reportedly felt he was “too straight” and the role eventually went to Eric McCormack instead. Like have you seen John Barrowman??! 





Here’s the link to his wiki if you don’t believe me:

PS: I’m really happy that Will & Grace is coming back, I have a lot of fond memories of watching it wiht my older sister.

Imagine Chris fulfilling his promise.

A/N: Yes, got this finished before I head out for the day. Thank God the time zones mess with my sleep schedule, right? 😂 This is a request from @ateliefloresdaprimavera. I hope you like it, love. I did, it’s honestly so cute. ❤️ And I love Mckenna, she’s really a doll. I can’t wait to watch ‘Gifted’, I’m going to sob like a baby.

Chris’ head titled as he watched you with a smile on his lips; he still couldn’t believe that he finally got to meet you in person. You’d both been in attendance of the same award shows and parties before, but he’d never gotten to chance to cross paths with you. It wasn’t until the 89th annual Oscars, at the Vanity Fair after party, that he finally caught you. You were talking to Octavia Spencer, who was a dear enough friend to Chris for him to butt into the conversation and introduce himself to you. The second your hands touch, Octavia excused herself. The look of adoration in Chris’ eyes did not go unnoticed, by you or Octavia. You were a fan of Chris’ so you’d heard him talk about how much he liked you on his interviews which was incredibly flattering, and as for Octavia- Chris had told her numerous time that he’d kill for a chance to speak with you; she wanted to get out of there before he killed her.

“You’re staring again,” you said and chuckled when Chris darted his gaze away. “I’m teasing,” you laughed and placed a hand on Chris’. “You’re fine. I like it when you stare, it’s very flattering.” He smiled and turned his hand palm up, entwining his fingers with yours. “So this is Chris Evans flirting, huh?”

“Actually,” he chuckled. “This is Chris Evans trying very hard not to freak out.” You smiled, brushing your thumb over his hand. “I’m so honored to be in your company, like you have no idea how happy I am right now.” You felt yourself blush. “You’re just such an amazing person, Y/N. This is the first time I’ve officially met you and I can say without a doubt that I’m in-love with you already.”

“Okay,” you chuckled, “I’m not that amazing.”

“I’d beg to differ,” he smiled. “You are that amazing.”

“You just met me, Chris. Are you seriously that sure about me already?” You quizzed and he nodded, smiling. “Oh please,” you giggled. “You think you know me, but you just know the person I portray when I’m in public. When you take me out on that date, you’re going to realize that I’m not all that and you’re going to get over this little crush you have on me.”

“That’s not going to happen,” he shook his head, chuckling. “Because sweetheart,” he pulled your hand to his lips and mumbled into your skin, “I’m going to marry you one day.” You laughed and nodded mockingly. “Just you wait and see,” he winked.
• • • • • • • •
You sat backstage with Lisa and Mckenna’s mom at the Ellen show where Chris and McKenna were being interviewed for their upcoming movie, ‘Gifted’. You smiled as you watched your husband through the TV, enjoying his interaction with Mckenna as you subconsciously smoothed your hand over your small baby bump. He was just going to be the greatest father when your child came along and you couldn’t wait until your little one arrived.

“Was it fun working with this guy here?”

“Yes,” Mckenna looked over at Chris, smiling. “We were always singing and dancing and he’s so nice. He has such a kind heart. He’s always doing charity and…” She trailed off, giving Chris time to respond to her sweetness.

“I pay her,” Chris chuckled, waving it off though he thought it was a huge deal that Mckenna liked him so much. It gave him a glimpse of the life he was about to have with you, hoping his own child would adore him as much as his on screen one did. “It’s not a big deal.”

“You know what’s a big deal though,” Ellen began, smiling because she too was incredibly happy for you and Chris. “You’re going to be a dad soon,” she said. Immediately Chris smiled and Mckenna clapped, bouncing excitedly in her seat. “Your lovely wife, Y/N, who is someone I absolutely adore.” Chris nodded, his smile growing wider with each second. “She’s how many weeks now?”

“She’s about fourteen weeks, so um- we’ve still got a while to go before the baby comes,” Chris answered. “We’re very excited, yeah. It’s been a long time coming, I’ve been waiting for this moment for what seems like forever.”

“Yeah,” Ellen chuckled. “I think she said the last time she was on the show- I believe it was your second wedding anniversary?” She quizzed and Chris nodded. “She said that you actually told her you were going to marry her the night you met her.”

“Uh…” Chris chuckled, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah, I did.” He nodded and the audience clapped. “Um- She’s just one of those amazing people that you have a small window of opportunity with, y'know? I’ve been waiting for a chance to speak with her for so long that when I finally got it, I knew I wasn’t going to let it get away. She’s the one,” he shrugged, smiling. “Um-” He glanced over his shoulder when the audience clapped; Ellen had put photos of the two of you up on the screen. “Yeah, she’s beautiful and perfect and- I’m just the luckiest man on the planet.”

“Awwww,” Mckenna cooed, making Chris laugh. “That’s so sweet! You see what I mean? He has such a kind heart! He’s such a nice person, Ellen,” she told Ellen who nodded in agreement. “I just think he’s going to be the best dad and Y/N is going to be the best mom. They’re so lovely and I really like them together.”

“Aw,” Chris laughed, wrapping an arm around Mckenna, “you’re such a sweetheart. Y/N and I love her, we’ve told her parents numerous times that we’d gladly take her in if ever something happened to them.” Everyone laughed; you looked over at Mckenna’s mom, smiling, and she chuckled. “I just hope that my child loves me as much as this one.”

“Oh, of course!” Mckenna looked shocked that Chris would even say that. “Chris, you’re going to be so amazing as a dad and your baby is going to love you so much.” Chris smiled. “Trust me, you’re so much fun. There’s no way that your baby is going to love you any less than I do.”

“I agree,” Ellen nodded. “Both you and Y/N are going to be amazing parents. I wish you all the best and I urge everyone to watch ‘Gifted’ which comes out on 12th of April! The movie is absolutely amazing, the two leads are just so incredibly talented.” Chris and Mckenna smiled at each other before turning to the audience. “Chris Evans and Mckenna Grace, everyone!”
• • • • • • • •
“Hey you,” you smiled at Chris when he entered the green room with Mckenna by his side; she ran over to her mom to talk about how well she did. Chris, on the other hand, smiled and walked over to you, pulling you to your feet to hug you. “You did so good, baby. The tap dancing was top-notch,” you teased and he chuckled.

“Thank you for marrying me,” he whispered into your hair after pressing a kiss to your head. “I don’t know where my life would be if you didn’t say yes. I definitely wouldn’t be as happy as I am now, and-” he pulled away to place his hand on your bump. “I wouldn’t be a father.”

“You’re going to be an amazing father,” you smiled and placed your hand over his. “And I believe I’m the one who should say thank you. We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you, Chris. So thank you,” you wrapped your arms around his neck and his hands landed on your waist. “Thank you for fulfilling your promise to marry me one day.”

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Imagine introducing your boyfriend, Chris, to your daughter. Things are starting to get serious, but you want to make sure she likes him before things go any further. The three of you spend the weekend at a house on the beach, swimming and building castles in the sand. When Chris offers to go pick up dinner for “his girls” your heart sails to the moon. You can definitely see the three of you becoming a family.

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Billy Batson in basically a walking Wikipedia when it come to mythology,with or without the wisdom of Solomon

“Billy! BILLY!” a small black haired head popped up from the hammock strung between two trees next to the Big House at Camp Half-Blood. “What?” Percy Jackson and Nico came to a sliding stop next to the hammock panting. “Okay, dude we need you too settle something for us” Percy said waving his finger between Nico and him. “Apollo is the god of like statues, making statues, right? Nico says he’s not but that’s dumb I mean he’s god of art, making statues is art so…” 

“I’m telling you he’s not! I’m the one dating the Apollo kid! he’s not statues it’s some one else!” 

“oh come on, don’t bring Will into this!” 

Billy looked back at the book he’d been reading “Nico’s right, statues are Hephaestus” 

“What! NO!” 

“yeeeees! you’re cleaning my cabinet for the rest of the summer”

“but it’s so creepy in there!”


“So there we were having just beaten back like six Chimera!”

“they were Manticores Jason”

“damn you’re right, thanks Billy, any ways this two headed dog jumps Captain Marvel here”

“his name is Orthrus” 


“What the hell is that thing!” Carter Kane held his Khopesh high and thought through the symbols he’d need. “Oh that’s Black Adam” Billy said helpfully. “I know who he is! what is he riding!”

“oh! that’s a Hieracosphinx! very interesting! we know almost nothing about them but they’re all over Egyptian art, mostly having to do with-”

“yeah great! Billy it’s not the time, make with the lightening before it runs us over!”

“oh yeah sorry”


a jet of flames wiped over head and the 4 teenagers flattened themselves. “Dragon” Magnus said “I hadn’t noticed Mango” Alex hissed back. Billy cleared his throat “well this isn’t really my area but I’m pretty sure that’s Fafnir” 

“honestly Billy, not the time” Sam said as she stood and threw a spear after the the Dragon which wheeled around. Alex and Magnus were on their feet, Magnus had his sword out and Alex her wire and they charged after Sam. 

Billy sighed heavily and stood dusting himself off, cracked his neck and smiled 


I’m just gonna say it: I love Emma’s wedding dress. (x)

Aside from the fact that I’ve always adored that style (both my grandma’s wore similar dresses for their weddings) but also because of the inspiration.  Grace Kelly is famous for many things but one thing that people may immediately know her for, alongside her Hollywood career, is her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.  She had no ambitions to be royalty (Hollywood royalty perhaps) but the woman from Philadelphia became just that because she fell in love.  Princess Grace was the fairy tale that little girls dreamed about.

Now we know full well that Emma has no desire to be a princess of any kind.  She got a taste of that life in the Wish Realm and found it lacking, for many reasons.  We also have an idea that she’s not the biggest fan of the clothes from the Enchanted Forest if her wrestling with that corset is any indication.  What she does seem to enjoy though is dressing up for the occasions that warrant it.  The main example is her first date with Killian.  For the first time we saw her really opening herself up to the romance and the potential of what could be and her dress reflected that.  It was soft, in both color and design, and showed that she really cared about how she presented herself to someone she could truly see a future with.

Which brings me to her wedding dress.  Emma, growing up in the world without magic, wouldn’t have had many encounters with princesses and elaborate gowns outside of movies and television.  Even then, with her upbringing in and out of foster homes, the shine and romance of them might have worn off long before she could romanticize them for her own hopes and dreams.  It’s only because of Henry finding her, reuniting with her parents, loving and being loved by Killian that she’s opening herself up to the dreams and fantasies that many have had for years.

Emma would probably reject anything that even closely resembled the dresses she’d seen in movies, especially ones of the Disney persuasion.  She also probably wouldn’t consider anything that reminded her of the dresses in either the Wish Realm or the Enchanted Forest.  They aren’t her worlds, even if she was born in the latter.  It wouldn’t be far off to say, though, that she would want to look like a princess.  Just not one that you could find in a story book.

For her, the first princess to jump into her mind would be Princess Diana.  Look how quickly she jumped to use the name Prince Charles during her and Killian’s trip to the past.  Princess Diana was and is still known as a fashion icon and her wedding dress is iconic.  Yet, even if Emma didn’t remember the dress in exact detail she would most likely almost immediately dismiss the possibility of it being her dress.  I mean look at that thing:

Originally posted by rememberdiana

A quick Google search would have been enough for her to decide that there was no way she was getting near a dress like that.  Then, maybe in the results of that search or from some distant memory she might remember a princess named Grace.  One or two clicks later and she would find this:

Simple yet elegant.  Beautiful and soft.  Regal and modern.  A princess but not a spectacle.  Perfect.

Emma Swan has found a wedding dress that not only embodies the grace and bearing of a princess but one that doesn’t overwhelm or overbear the strength of the woman wearing it.  It’s a dress that somehow encapsulates the magic and romance of a woman who became a princess not because she wanted it but because it was meant to be.  A dress perfect for a woman who is marrying the man she loves.

I know this dress is sparking up a lot of debates, sneers or smiles, and probably a lot of dissections like this.  I didn’t write this to bully people into falling in line with me.  I just had a lot of thoughts about how I feel about it and I wanted get it down.  I love the dress, I love Emma in the dress, and I’m sure I’ll be a mess when the episode airs.  The Savior Princess is marrying her Pirate Hero and I couldn’t be more elated.  Even if they were both wearing potato sacks.