captain forehead

when ur otp does the forehead touching thing╰(◡‿◡✿╰)

  • Director: Alright, Andy. Michonne's gonna run into your arms and you're going to squeeze her tightly.
  • Andy Lincoln: Got it.
  • Director: Aaand...action!
  • Andy Lincoln: *holds Michonne in his arms and reaches down to squeeze tightly just like his director told him to*
  • Director: *closes eyes and palms forehead*
Percy Jackson Headcanons #2

•Percy talks in his sleep. Mostly of the time it’s just gibberish, but once when Jason was staying with him at Percy’s apartment, Jason heard Percy say in his sleep, clear as day, “Quiero afeitarme un gato.” Which is ‘I want to shave a cat’ in Spanish. Jason doesn’t even know where Percy learned Spanish.
•Piper and Percy often go out and play laser tag. Piper pays most of the time, but Percy makes up for it by bringing her blue cookies, made by his mom, which Piper thinks are just heavenly.
•On Frank’s 21st birthday, Percy and Jason took him out to a bar to get him drunk. Percy and Jason were the ones who got off-their-ass drunk and after a drink too many, the two were flirting (as if that was something new). Frank had to drive them home and explain to their girlfriends of their failed plan.
•Jason passed out while Frank was driving him home, so when he got home to Piper, Piper joined with Frank to draw on his face.
•Jason woke up the next day wondering why his head hurt so badly and why he had a drawing of Captain America on his forehead.
•Annabeth, Piper, and Hazel once went on a girl trip to the mall. Most of their time there was spent with Annabeth and Piper dragging Hazel away from today’s technology. Some of their time was also spent with Hazel and Annabeth trying to stop Piper from Charmspeaking her way into lower prices for clothes.
•Percy invites Frank to family gatherings all the time because while he’s not close family, he is still family. Sally loves him all the same, and she even has a separate bedroom for him in case he needs a place to stay while in New York. He takes up that offer every time he is in New York.
•He sometimes invites Hazel, but Sally’s number one rule is that Frank and Hazel can’t be in the room together with the door closed.
•Neither of the two remember it until they look at old class photos, but Percy and Piper were in preschool together. Piper often makes fun of Percy because of how goofy he looks and Percy responds that “not all of us are child of Aphrodite. Gods, Piper!”
•After having their first child, Percy and Annabeth were tired most of the time. Mostly Percy because he’d wake up in the middle of the night to check on their baby then accidentally wake her up and have to make her a bottle to get her back to sleep. Because of that, Annabeth (and everyone else for that matter) finds Percy asleep in the most random spots. Jason once found him asleep under the Poseidon table, curled up in a ball. Like a cat.
•Jason acts like this tough, strict, Roman leader guy, but in reality Piper has found him more than once singing songs such as What Makes You Beautiful and Call Me Maybe in his cabin. Once when she found him, she scared him and Jason screamed and whacked himself with his “mic” which was a hairbrush out of fear.
•Despite what Venus had told her, Reyna keeps trying to find love. She actually found love with a son of Apollo. The two were together for awhile, to a point where Reyna told Venus to suck it. (Mentally, not verbally. She’s not that stupid to insult a goddess).
•Percy ended up in the hospital from being in a car crash. It was nothing serious, but everyone was acting like it was. Piper even joked that if he didn’t make it, she’d be taking his mom and making Sally her mom so she could have blue cookies whenever she wanted.
•Once Percy heard Nico and Will talking and decided to eavesdrop. He heard Will ask Nico teasingly “then what is your type?” to which Percy interrupts and practically screams at the two “NOT ME!”
•On the day of Percy and Annabeth’s wedding, Jason was the best man and he was suppose to give a speech. He completely broke down with everyone staring at him, and he just blurted out all the bad moments that he’s had with Percy, including a moment where Annabeth walked in on Percy on top of Jason while the two were wrestling, making it a very awkward moment. It wasn’t until Percy kicked him off of the “stage” that Jason shut up.
•On the anniversary of Leo’s death, the demigods get together and play some songs that remind them of Leo. Someone (*cough* Piper *cough*) made the mistake of adding Things We Lost to the Fire, which the eight demigods laughed over but soon started to cry.
•The Athena cabin has a bunch of stupid jokes that only they (or anyone else who was smart enough). One joke that Annabeth once said made everyone laugh then made them realize how sad it was that they all understood the joke, and it ended up with most of the Athena cabin sobbing and saying “we’re a bunch of nerds” while Annabeth tried to say sorry.
•On the day of Piper and Jason’s wedding, Piper was terrified that she’d tripped and fall and make a fool of herself. However, it was actually Jason who tripped.

… I don’t know what to do with my life.

Avengers Preference: Your First Date

A/N: I really like preferences. This is my first one with Loki, so enjoy :)

Request: Preferences, first date?? Include Bucky and Loki as well please

Warnings: none!

Loki: On your first date, the god of mischief picked you up, surprisingly on time. He took you out to dinner and was a perfect gentleman, until the waiter got a little too flirty. “Loki! What was that? Where did he go??” “If he is going to act like an animal and flirt with MY princess, I will lock him in a cage.”

Thor: You and Thor went on a coffee date. He met you at your favorite coffee shop, because he adored the “strange mortal drink”. He ended up spending almost fifty dollars on coffee because he wanted to try every drink, and that much caffeine took its toll on even his godlike body. You spent the rest of the night at the Avengers Tower, laughing as the blond god ran around like a child, to the dismay of the others.

Wanda/Scarlet Witch: For your first date with Wanda, you went and watched a foreign film that just so happened to be in Romanian. She spent the first half of the movie translating for you, her lips right next to your ear, but that ended quickly when your desire got the best of you. On the bright side, you could now scratch “getting yelled at by an old hipster woman for making out in a movie theater” off your bucket list. On the downside, Tony now demanded a hand check whenever you and Wanda were watching Netflix on the couch.

Pietro/Quicksilver: Pietro took you to a local indie rock show on your first date. You weren’t expecting him to look as…well, hot as he did in skinny jeans and a flannel. When you opened the door, you took a moment to check him out, fully appreciating how lucky you were. As you eyes flicked back up to his, the smirk on his face told you that he knew what you had been doing. “What can I say? You look good, Speedy.” The night was a whirlwind of dancing and flirting, and when you woke up in his bed the next morning you knew you could do this forever.

Bucky/Winter Soldier: For your first date, Bucky just invited you to his house to watch a movie. He was still adjusting to the world, and he didn’t want you to be in public and have to contain him if something happened. The two of you settled in with a silent movie (“It was my favorite growing up,” he explained with a shy smile) and you spent the whole time feeding each other popcorn and cuddling and laughing at the antics on the screen. You fell asleep on his normal shoulder, and he smiled softly at you, brushing your hair out of your face and gently kissing your forehead.

Steve/Captain America: On your first date with the super soldier, he took you swing dancing. He had heard of your love for it, and he figured he would take you and show you how they really did it back in the day. You both dressed up for the occasion, in authentic 40’s style, and he had never looked more handsome. As he swung you around on the floor, you told him, “It’s a wonder you never had a string of girls back in your day.” He smiled softly at you, “I was just waiting for the right partner. I’ve waited 70 years, but I think I’ve finally found her.”

Natasha/Black Widow: You and Nat went to the shooting range for your first date. To the others, it seemed like an odd choice, but you both knew it was perfect. Once you got there and starting shooting (really, it was more flirting than shooting), some random douchebag decided to come and try to hit on Nat by offering to give her a “private lesson”. She laughed and looked at you, knowing you had a jealous streak a mile wide. You smiled at the guy as you wrapped an arm around her, saying “Yeah, that’s nice, but we’ve got a private lesson of our own scheduled later tonight.” Nat visibly grabbed your ass, and the guy got the hint and walked away, muttering about how “the hot ones are always gay”.

Clint/Hawkeye: Ever the one to try and impress you, Clint took you to play paintball with Wanda and Pietro (no powers allowed). “This way, I can finally shoot the quick little bastard” he told you with a wink, making you throw back your head in laughter. At the end of the game, you suspected that he had paid the twins off to make him look good and make you feel better, because there’s no way that he could hit Pietro that many times (powers aside, he still was quick) and you knew that you didn’t even fire as many times as Wanda claimed you hit her. It was cute, though, the way he looked at you to make sure you were watching when he made an incredible shot. So you rewarded him with a gross, dirty, paint-stained make out session in one of the bunkers while Wanda and Pietro shot at each other :)

Tony/Iron Man: To the surprise of exactly no one, you and Tony went clubbing on your first date. He complimented your dress with a wink and drove his nice car way too fast, which suited you just fine. You loved Tony in part because of his wild side, and because he made you feel like royalty. He helped you out of the car and straight past the line, and you spent the night dancing way too close. At one point you challenged him to a shots contest, and the two of you woke up beside the pool on the roof of his tower. Despite the fact that one of your shoes was missing and he had lost his jacket AND his shirt (Tony looked hella great in just a tight white undershirt, though), the two of you went out again the next night.

Bruce/Hulk: You planned your first date with Bruce, and you took him to the children’s interactive science museum in the city. When he realized where you were he laughed at you, saying “Really? Why here?” You smiled and told him that it was a lot of fun, and you knew he’d enjoy it. Boy, were you right. As you went through the museum, you could see his shy exterior melting away. When he stopped at yet another exhibit to give you an in-depth explanation as to how it worked in that nerdy, kid-in-a-candy-store way of his, you stretched up on impulse and kissed him. He blushed. “What was that for?” “You’re cute when you’re excited.”

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11 for Han and Leia 👀

11. “No one will ever believe us.”

“Well, look at it this way. It’ll be a hell of a story,” Han pointed out.

Leia snorted. “I don’t know about that. I’m guessing most of the base has already written their version. Though I don’t think we really have room in here to smoke cigarras afterward.”

“Yeah, cigarras ain’t a good idea for a smuggling compartment,” he agreed. “Don’t really much like smokin’ on the ship anyway.” He shifted a bit, to allow Leia a little more room to maneuver in the cramped space. “You’re being a real good sport about this,” he said. “What’s gotten into you?”

Leia made a dramatic sigh, pressing the back of her hand to her forehead. “Why, Captain Solo,” she said in an exaggerated, breathy voice, “I simply got carried away by passion. I could no longer resist your charms.” As best as she could manage, she draped herself over his body in a languid pose, looking up at him to see his reaction.

She’d been expecting him to laugh; he’d already apologized for accidentally locking them in the smuggling compartment together, and had seemed much more contrite than he would normally be at such a mishap. And, to be fair, it had been her idea to jump into this compartment in the first place, the one that happened to have a faulty lock.

But now Han was looking down at her with wide eyes, his grin not fast enough to mask his surprise at Leia lying across his body. Leia was suddenly very aware of her breathing, and his. She looked away from his face, only to find herself staring at the chest hair peeking out from his shirt.

When did being near Han start to feel so dangerous?

She tore her thoughts away and went back to her plan to joke and bluff her way through this. “The real story—no one will ever believe us,” she said. “So we might as well have a little fun.” She began to loosen her hair from its braid, and Han gasped.

“Um—” he stopped her. “How much fun were you wantin’ to have, exactly?” His breathing had picked up, and hers had too.

Her heart was pounding, but Leia was determined to remain in control. She smirked down at him. “Don’t get excited. Just thought we could give them a little something to talk about after we get rescued.” She raised an eyebrow. “Chewie is coming, right?”

“He’s comin’,” Han confirmed. “But I commed Luke, too, just in case he’s closer.”

“Good.” Leia shifted to find a more comfortable position, and felt Han resting a hand on her hip to support her. There was an awkward silence for several minutes, until they heard Chewie’s footsteps and growls approaching.

“We’re saved,” Han said, and to keep the Rogues talking, Leia bent down and kissed his collar, where the lipstick smudge would be visible. Even if I can’t afford to be.