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Law and Order: SVU
Olivia Benson: U have to testify
Fin Tutuola: I came from narcotics
Amanda Rollins: Back in Atlanta…
Elliot Stabler: I hate pedophiles
John Munch: The government has been keeping tabs
Captain Cragen: Liv, Elliot, my office. Now.
Melinda Warner: blunt force trauma to the head
Rafael Barba: Not enough evidence
Nick Amaro: Hola
Victim: Im not testifying

SVU Questions

Objection: Least favorite Ada

Precinct: Favorite Character and why

Officer Down: Least Favorite Character

Case File: Favorite SVU Fanfiction

Handcuffs: ALL of your SVU ships

Captain: Cragen, Harris, Murphy, or Benson?

Benson: Favorite Olivia Benson hairstyle based off season

Shield: SVU 1.0 or SVU 2.0?

Arrest: Which perp do you hate the most?

Battery: Favorite SVU quote

Overruled: Best Dressed SVU character

Suspect: Best SVU guest star

Undercover: Best Undercover Moment

IA: Do you like Tucker?

Feds: Favorite FBI Agent

Court: Most Awkward SVU Moment

CSU: Favorite SVU Tech

Untouched pt. 6 FIN

Bucky x reader 

Notes: SMUT, FLUFF, swearing, (smutsmutsmutsmut)

Summary: the whole team is surprised to find out you’re still a virgin, and the news seems to make you more allegeable to some of the men around the compound. Bucky is no less surprised than the rest of the team, and finds it even harder to keep his eyes off you as he nurses a secret of his own, which he feels obliged to reveal to you after an incident in the training room.

Sorry if this seems like another unexpected finale, but when I finished the chapter, I realised that I had nothing left to add to this story :) hope you all enjoyed it! xx

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‘Buck?’ Steve knocked on the door of his bedroom. Bucky was half asleep in your arms, his head resting on your chest. The tears had stopped, but you weren’t able to convince him that he wasn’t going to lose Steve over something like this. The Captain went through hell and back for him, in comparison to everything that happened to the two super soldiers, this was nothing but a little white lie.

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I want you all to know im very sorry... I promise that i didn’t start out planning to draw this.

I just wanted to draw Socks and it just turned into this. I have no idea what this is or why i drew this but im putting it in queue because it currently 5:00 am (probably why this got out of hand). I don’t even know why i spent 3 hours drawing this but here ya go.

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The Kree/Skrull War commission by John Byrne. 2008.

At the time John posted this commission, he had this to say:

So – Jim Warden asked for a 30x40 of The Kree/Skrull War, which sounded like fun! I pulled out the appropriate ESSENTIAL volume, and flipped thru the issues —- and promptly discovered that all those keen scenes we remember so well were spread thru the whole epic, and hardly any of them happened in any way that could be considered “adjacent”. What to do?

Well, I’d been thinking a few days earlier that it had been a while since anyone asked for a montage. Was a montage the way to go? Answered that pretty fast – no. At least, not a conventional montage composed of isolated images around some kind of central figure. But what about an “action montage”? What if I pretended that all those significant moments did happen at the same time, in the same place? Wouldn’t be the first time I’d folded such scenes into a single image – lots of covers done that way, after all.

Here’s the result!

I’ve also included a photo of John and Jim Warden holding the commission so you can get an idea of the size. 

Issues (Yondu Udonta x Reader) Chapter One

Requested by @edolinlu : The reader is somehow stuck with the ravagers and they have to teach her how to fight, Yondu is jealous of others touching her physically but he doesn’t understand why, during a mission the reader gets hurt and he discovers his true feeling and ends up deciding to teach the reader himself… Could be fluff or SMUT.

A/N: This story will be divided into 2 or 3 chapters. I’ll hope you will enjoy it, my lovelies.

Warnings: Not much for this chapter. A bit of Angst and Harsh Language.

~ ~ ~

Yondu leaned against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest as he watched the young Terran woman train with the ravagers. He studied every calculated movement you made; how you changed the angles of your body to block and avoid every punch. Yondu had to admit that you’d improved a lot in the past few weeks you’d been with them.

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The past few days have been a Fin Whale extravaganza! We have had 17 sightings in the past 6 days alone- with several of them being muggings!

Drone pilot Domenic Biagini captures this surfacing sequence. From this point of view, it is easy to see the beautiful white coloration on the right side of the whale’s jaw! Fin Whales have an interesting asymmetrical coloration with white on the right side and dark grey or black on the left side of the jaw.