the best thing about giving captain america a boyfriend is that cap is literally supposed to be the perfect human.

the serum is supposed to have taken away all his physical flaws.

if they made him attracted to guys, it would send out a loud message that being lgbt+ is NOT an illness or a problem or something wrong with you. it would strike a huge blow to idea that being gay makes a guy less of a man. that lesbians are really just bitter straight girls who’ve been hurt by men. that bisexuals are going through a phase before settling down into compulsory heterosexuality.

if cap had a boyfriend, anyone could be gay.

  • Sam: I'm kind of tired of walking.
  • Steve: Well if you tried you can always get on my back and I'll give you a piggy back ride.
  • Sam: Okay! [gets on Steve back]
  • Steve: [starts running with Sam on his back]
  • Tony: Quick Bucky, let me get on your back!
  • Bucky: Why?
  • Tony: So we can race those idiots, so come on we can't let them win!
  • Bucky: ...Okay! [let's Tony on his back and starts chancing Sam and Steve and all four start racing]

My friends Narelle and Jose told me of a Nintendo art contest over on Twitter revolving around their newest IP, “ARMS”.  I decided to give it a go to break up some of the work I’m doing and because of course, I’m a Nintendo fanboy.

Here’s how I’d imagine Captain Falcon might look if he joined the fight!  He’s sorta mechanized and I figure a fun variant to his glove might be little Blue Falcons that burst out faster than other fighters.  I wanted to make these default gloves stylized Falcons but I didn’t have much time so pretend they are for me!


P.S.  Here’s the work over on my Twitter:

  • [arguing in the kitchen]
  • Bucky: Fine!
  • Tony: Fine!
  • Bucky: Good!
  • Tony: Great!
  • Bucky: Do you want to go to our place and make out?
  • Tony: Does Stephen Hawking roll through the quad?
  • [they storm out]
  • Sam: [looking at Steve] The new neighbors are weird.