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She ends up dating a Hyde-sque guy (all zen and with fame of being the bad boy, but is actually a good guy), but he is shy and likes... I don't know, I don't think disco. Blues? Hyde doesn't like him, but Jackie defends him and thanks to her, he is allowed to see their daughter lol

[From last week’s amazing conversation]

Jackie telling Hyde he doesn’t like their daughter’s boyfriend because he remains him of himself and he

But the truth is that NOBODY is ever worthy of his daughter, NOBODY. And it warms Jackie’s heart so much, she has to kiss him to oblivion and make sweet love to him all night, because god she is so lucky to have such good man with her and to be parenting with him. She takes all credits for making him such a good daddy, since he has make her such a good mommy too. They, as always, bring up the best of the other; so parenting, while difficult and new at the begining, become an easier and better thing for both of them eventually.

Let’s do this, baby zen’s boyfriend likes jazz. Which is fine for Hyde and Jackie likes teasing the boy by saying it means he is boring, and when he gets the innuendo that he is boring in the sack, both him and his girl gets too red to handle. I can see Jackie being the Mom That Knows Everything™, like Kitty: she knows what her daughter is up to, but as long as she knows how to take care of herself and get away from trouble, she is fine. Of course, some fun at the house is never bad, after all, Jackie is Red’s favorite in-law you know? She learned good ;)

Okay after this weeks episode I’m 100% on the third year Tsukishima and Hinata as captain and vice captain train.

-They considered Kageyama for vice for a hot second cause he’s still a genius player and crazy good at everything, but his smile scares first years. (Hinata never lets him live it down that his number is higher than Kageyama’s)

-Yamaguchi would have made a great mom vice captain, but he thought that Hinata’s energy was more needed in the role.

-None of them ever considered anyone but Tsukishima for captain. Tsukishima tried to protest it at first but they all made it clear they weren’t having it any other way.

-They knew they needed Tsukishima’s calm and reliable energy as captain, just like Daichi and Ennoshita before him. He still doesn’t shine in the spotlight as bright or as often as the freak duo, but they all know he is the very backbone of their defense. He is his own force to be reckoned with on the court. They trust him to be the foundation of the team; to stay calm under pressure and to use his rational way of thinking to bring out everyone on the team’s best strengths.

-He gains more confidence in telling the team about his observations about the other team, and it makes them all even more annoying to deal with.

-Tsukishima and Hinata are still polar opposites, in personality and how they play, but now they use that as an advantage to help train the first years and keep their competition on their toes. They never know what kind of play Karasuno is gonna use.

-Hinata’s pep talks are always loud and usually end with him jumping like 10 feet in the air. Tsukishima’s are quiet. You have to be listening to hear them, and everyone always is.

“The game is played one point at a time. Keep in it for every play, no matter the score. The game’s not over until the last ball hits the ground. Let’s make sure that happens on the other side of the court.”

-Their kohais don’t see their captain get excited too often, but when they do, it brings out an intense side of their team.

-Hinata is the one that gets everyone pumped up and is super enthusiastic about the progress all the first years make and gives them lots of compliments and meat buns. He gets excited about very point scored. He’s always willing to stay late and help the newbies practice, and usually forces Kageyama to stay and help as well.

“You’re the vice captain, dumbass, not me! Why do I have to stay!”

“Shut up and toss to me, idiot!”

-Tsukishima always points out the technical ways they can improve. He always pushes them to be better. He doesn’t dish out compliments the way his vice does, but their kohais always know they’ve done well when they look over at their captain and he gives them a little nod.

-Hinata jumps on Tsukishima’s back every time they win, which in the beginning he protests, but by halfway through the season his hands start automatically coming up to catch the shrimp’s legs after he launches himself up, both of them yelling.

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Wow. Abby, the last chapter of This is Us is full of surprises. From Murtaugh dancing with Claire to John Grey as a musician. I had requested an outside love interest to fully round the characters and to shake things up a little. All the players are on board, Gellis, Geneva, Leoghaire, Anallise? and John. John would surely complicate things, but who is/was that love interest of Jamie? How did John know Jamie was behind the tree with drunk Claire? Can't wait to see where this will go.

How could John not know where they were? He’s upstage and Jamie is wearing a kilt! 

I understand the request for a love triangle.

However, my concern with throwing that in as a larger plot point in this particular AU is I think it sends readers down a frustrating rabbit hole.

The miracle – to me — of  Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp as a character in fiction is that her self worth has never been defined by whether she can win the guy away from the other girl. 

That doesn’t mean she doesn’t get jealous– it just means that the love triangle in that context doesn’t really work for her. As readers we do not need to see her proving her value as a person worth of our interest because of a love triangle.

At the risk of offending defenders of the love triangle, here is my take on it and what concerns me about love triangles in general (that being said many writers do them very well and they do work great in many stories):  

No matter how well done, in some love triangles, to get the man to chose them over their rivals, women end up slut-shaming and bitch-slapping their way to the top Sigh.   

The other choice as a writer is to show both or one of your protagonists as: wishy-washy,, crazy, jealous, stupid, uncaring, neurotic, insecure, mean, petty, shallow, back-stabbing, criminal, stupid or dominant to the point of aggressive….Sigh

With one of the parties portrayed as suffering in silence and dignity and really in the end a very good person– such a very good person that don’t you end up wondering why in the hell they are still stuck with Captain Dumbass and haven’t found a love interest more worthy of their better character? I do.

As I said, to me Claire defies all these stereotypes as a protagonist.

But yes, in this story there will be jealousy and those feelings of possessiveness that do arise on both sides–brought out by their interactions with others– but not a full blown love triangle. I hope you understand and will find the story has a lot of plot points that create interest and tension even without a triangle as a central plot device.  

me, who is captain dumbass: hmm i have two hours to draw a birthday present for my friend
me: madoka kaname is a great choice

The more I watch the scene with Phillips telling Steve they’re not going to rescue anyone, the more I feel Phillips is playing him. “Nope, we’re not going to go after them, because - and let me point out very clearly and specifically on this map exactly where they are - it is in dangerous territory and I will not order anyone to go in there”.

“Incidentally, Rogers, I know you have hero-issues coming out the wazoo and you want to be respected as a soldier and a man, so I will diss you to your face, call you a chorus girl, and basically wind you up to the point that you do something damned reckless and stupid without orders, because you’re the kind of dumbass hero who will jump on a grenade for your fellow-man or chase down an armed man while unarmed and barefoot in your shorts and I know this because I watched you do it before.”

“And Carter, if you’re about to say something, just don’t, because no one needs to know that I know exactly what I’m doing. It’s called ‘dance, monkey, dance’. And if he dies, wasn’t on my orders.”

You notice that he’s not exactly surprised about Steve being Captain Dumbass Hero. You’ll notice he’s also not massively surprised when Steve returns.

Colonel Chester Phillips. Didn’t get to be head of the SSR because he’s just a pretty face.

“Yes, please stop. This sort of behavior should not be encouraged.” Thank you Weiss. It really shouldn’t.

*proceeds to have her space invaded as he leans over her even as she backs up* “Okay that’s a little too close.”

Jaune. Start shaping up or I am relabeling you Captain Dumbass. I warned you I would revoke your cool name privileges if you weren’t worthy. I am not afraid to follow through.


okay I’ve officially gone batshit from that movie someone set me on fire

Ghostfacers - Part 1

Word Count: 1862

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language

Series Rewrite Masterlist

February 28

“Alright, so…” You pulled out the notebook where you’d written everything down about your new case. “Appleton, Wisconsin. Every 4 years on February 29th the Morton house is the most haunted place in America.”

“Haunted how?” Dean questioned.

“The leap year ghost.” You read from your notes. “He shows up at midnight on February 29th with the ghosts of people he’s killed. Of course nobody’s ever survived an entire night there so there’s basically nothing else to go on.”

“I’m in.” Dean smiled. “It’ll be like our Grand Canyon.”

“You are?” Sam and you asked at the same time.

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