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She ends up dating a Hyde-sque guy (all zen and with fame of being the bad boy, but is actually a good guy), but he is shy and likes... I don't know, I don't think disco. Blues? Hyde doesn't like him, but Jackie defends him and thanks to her, he is allowed to see their daughter lol

[From last week’s amazing conversation]

Jackie telling Hyde he doesn’t like their daughter’s boyfriend because he remains him of himself and he

But the truth is that NOBODY is ever worthy of his daughter, NOBODY. And it warms Jackie’s heart so much, she has to kiss him to oblivion and make sweet love to him all night, because god she is so lucky to have such good man with her and to be parenting with him. She takes all credits for making him such a good daddy, since he has make her such a good mommy too. They, as always, bring up the best of the other; so parenting, while difficult and new at the begining, become an easier and better thing for both of them eventually.

Let’s do this, baby zen’s boyfriend likes jazz. Which is fine for Hyde and Jackie likes teasing the boy by saying it means he is boring, and when he gets the innuendo that he is boring in the sack, both him and his girl gets too red to handle. I can see Jackie being the Mom That Knows Everything™, like Kitty: she knows what her daughter is up to, but as long as she knows how to take care of herself and get away from trouble, she is fine. Of course, some fun at the house is never bad, after all, Jackie is Red’s favorite in-law you know? She learned good ;)


okay I’ve officially gone batshit from that movie someone set me on fire

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wait wtf are all the jontron memes im seeing help im confused

Apparently captain dumbass said some of his usual racist bullshit and everyone is sick of him. His sub count is plummeting like a barrel down Niagra falls.

Remember when Spock and Droxine became all buddy buddy and he started telling her about pon farr?

You know, that thing he told Kirk “no out-worlder may know”.  He’s talking about it to her.  Almost as if it’s not that big of a deal, really.

… almost as if Spock just didn’t want to tell Kirk….