captain daws

Two seasons ago I never thought I might see Daws in another team’s shirt but here he is! He’s been my favourite player since I started supporting Spurs & it’s really painful to see him leave but some things just can’t be changed. All I can do is wish him luck and thank him for each and every game he played for my favourite club!

And what if..

.. what if AVB decide Dawson still has much to give the team, what if he thinks he is good and suit his ideas.. what if he is in the starting XI, what if he is given the captain’s armband… what if you are all wrong?!

I don’t want hate on me, but I think people forget many things fast… Do you remember who was in the defence in 09-10, when Tottenham got the 4th? Do you remember who was called the best English defender by Tevez? Do you remember who played fantastic next to Gallas in two matches against Milan? Do you remember who played with all his heart even when Tottenham were losing 2-0 at Santiago Bernabeu? I DO!! 

And now so many people want him to be sold, just like that cause they think he is not good!!  

Many things have changed, but one hasn’t - Dawson will always give his best, maybe he must just be given some time by manager and fans to become the amazing defender he was 1-2 years ago!! 


People change what they say so fast, change their favourite players, but come on footballers are people too!! They have the right to make mistakes, maybe in the worst possible time, but what!! This game is not only about winning!! 

I have no idea where this story has come from - it certainly has not come from myself or any of my representatives. I think I have always demonstrated that I am a proud player and captain of this club and nothing has changed in that respect. I have an excellent relationship with everyone at this club from the chairman, to the players to the supporters and I wouldn’t want false reporting such as this to impact on that. There has been absolutely no fallout with anyone whatsoever. I still have four years left on my current contract and no issues regarding it whatsoever. It is an honour to be captain of this football club and my sole focus is on getting ready for the new season with Spurs and, hopefully, England as well.
—  Michael Dawson - on rumours he is leaving.