captain cur

Lightening shears the darkened skies
exposing faceless demons
whose voices roll and echoes long
express their morbid treason

against god, against man,
as they mount each rising swell
that smashes down my stricken ship
with the waterfalls of hell.

A blackened cloud hides the hand
of fates intent and mammoth purpose
that grips the tip of the topsails mast,
that steadies and supports us

in trials that test the pitch
filled seams of hollow boats,
that wears down human flesh
and sheds the skin that coats

the temporal spirit that thrives and lives
despite our base afflictions
that rises above the diseased mind
of criminal addictions,

Do I possess the will to break
the bestial need to hunt,
or wear the squalid shame of men
who fail on every front.

—  Captain Cur, Demon Seas, Part 2
Songbook Of My Heart

Words of love that sing forever
fill the void that plagues my soul
in the kiss of first time lovers
linger sounds that form new worlds.

Those I loved who came before me,
those I love when I depart
I sing this present moment
from the songbook of my heart.

This world that does excite me;
this world that brings me pain,
the journeys that have taught me
and the journey that remains.

Lifetime the budding flower
dreams which make it grow
truth tills the soils richness
in the greening of my soul.