captain cold adventures


If there is anyone attending this weekends
1\2 July MCM convention who is cosplaying either The Adventure Zone or DC comics (particularly The Flash Rogues)
Message me, I’ll be cosplaying Magnus Burnsides and Captain Cold (CW) for this con and if you want to organise a meetup for either.

Me and some friends plan on having a small Adventure Zone group on the first day



It’s by no means perfect, and this is the first ever real prop I’ve built, but here we have it. The finished Cold Gun, complete with goggles and electroluminescent energy bar.

(yes that’s a gradient of paint its not just shit lighting)

The New Adventures of Captain Cold #2 (other part of the script)
  • *****Every time it says "Sweeney" I mean Rupert Johnson. I just forgot to fix it.*****
  • Captain Cold knocks on the door.
  • Sweeney: Oh. We have a customer.
  • Captain Cold walks in.
  • Sweeney: Hello sir.
  • CC: Hey hey. How are ya?
  • Sweeney: Welcome to my barber shop. Did you come here for a shave today?
  • CC: Uh. Ya no, no.
  • Sweeney: Your name is Captain Cold, correct?
  • CC: Ya. How did you know know me?
  • Sweeney: Who in this wide world doesn't know Captain Cold.
  • CC: Uh.
  • Sweeney: Meet my neighbor, Mrs.Lovett.
  • CC: Hey nice to meet you. How ya doing?
  • Sweeney: Shake her hand, sir.
  • In the “interview room”.
  • Mrs.Lovett: It it started out I was at a party and he, uh, came up to me and offered me a...he said it was a “regional theatre” job, um, doing Sweeney Todd. Which is, ya know, great. And, uh, I went up to his house the next day to “audition” and, uh, there was this outfit in my size.
  • Lightning: Rupert is my buddy. He used to come to the rock,n, roll festival with me uhhh. And I said to him “you should follow your dreams because I followed my dreams and NOW I ROCK,N,ROLL!!!
  • CC: I come in and and there's this guy and I have to say that I was a little off put by the blood on the,ha, on the sleeves. Um. Then there was some confude. His neighbor was there reading a book. Um. It was ju- it was all really sketchy. To say the, to say the least. I was, uh, I was afraid.
  • Sweeney: May I interest you in a shave?
  • CC: No. I don't want a shave. I'm-
  • Sweeney: ♬The closest I ever gave. ♬
  • CC: Do barbers even give shaves?
  • Sweeney: ♬Have this Banana please.♬
  • He hands Captain Cold a banana.
  • CC: Um. Okay, uh. I'll take the banana.
  • Sweeney: Uh. I added my own thing. Sometimes I add my own thing. Uh, for instance today it was a banana. The whole banana thing, I thought he'd go with it. I thought, ya know, go with it. Uh, I know that, I know that he was getting kinda creeped out by the, by a lot of the situation. Uh. I'm sorry. I'm a fairly normal guy. Uh, I just have a few interests. Sweeney Todd is one, Sweeney Todd is two.
  • Captain Cold is sitting in a chair and Rupert is splashing his face with shaving cream.
  • CC: Puh, puh, puh, puh. It's in my mouth. Puh, puh.
  • The “Interview room”.
  • CC: Um. The more I got into it. The more I realized, it uh, this guy was not right. Um. He didn't, he didn't, he didn't have any real, uh. He splashed me with something that could have been urine.
  • Captain Cold is sitting in the chair while Rupert is splashing stuff that could be urine on his face.
  • Sweeney: ♬Pretty women. silhouette in.♬
  • Mrs.Lovett: What really should've put me off is when he wanted me to sleep in a cage. But I, ya know, I figured that well maybe it was some sort of method acting.
  • He continues to splash Captain Cold with a suspicious substance.
  • Sweeney: Women
  • CC: You just can't
  • Sweeney: ♬Oh yes. Women.♬
  • CC: Women?
  • Sweeney: ♬Pretty women.♬
  • CC: Please quit shaving me. Please
  • Lightning: I like Sweeney Todd. It's my most favorite musical. It would only be better if a rrragggahgggraddadsklk!
  • Sweeney: ♬The closest I ever gave.♬
  • CC: You really need to quit saying that.
  • Sweeney: ♬Hold this ice cream scoop please.♬
  • CC: Um. Alright. Um. I-I-I.
  • Rupert picks up a butter knife.
  • Sweeney: ♬Now then my friends. Now to your purpose. Patience.♬
  • CC: I can hear you.
  • Sweeney: ♬Revenge can't be taken.♬
  • CC: I can hear you quite clearly.
  • In the “interview room”.
  • Sweeney: Ya, uh. He just, he just would sing along with me. Um. Just wouldn't do it. I, I tried. I assumed he knew the words. Um. Just wouldn't do it. I don't, I don't know what was up with that.
  • CC: It looked like it was taking place in like, like a soccer moms house really. Um. Like I was thinking maybe, ya know, maybe it was a suburban house with like a barber shop on top. There wasn't. It was just, it was just, like, a dining room really.
  • Mrs.Lovett: *sigh* But I've, I've never had to do anything like this.Uh. Ya know I did have my own place. I didn't have to stay here, um, nut he called my landlord and told her that I was a crack dealer. And he actually planted crack in my apartment.
  • CC: What's wrong with you?
  • Sweeney: Nothing, sir. Nothing.
  • CC: I just want a haircut. Can I get a haircut please?
  • Sweeney: ♬ The closest I ever gave.♬
  • CC: You keep saying that but you can't get a close haircut.
  • Sweeney: ♬The closest I ever.♬
  • The “interview room.”
  • Sweeney: I've got several fr-I've got Tobey. He's a little-he's a little boy that lives with me. He's got red hair. He's a very hairy little boy. Uh. Sometimes we make pies. For some reason he always wants to put doggy treats in them, but that's his thing.
  • CC: Uh. Hey! Hey! Don't I know you?
  • Sweeney: My face isn't all that recognizable, sir.
  • CC: Oh no..
  • Sweeney: Then again, maybe the face of a tenant. The face of a man who applied to be your roommate in the dark isn't all that memorable, sir.
  • CC: Oh ya! You're Rupert Johnson, right?
  • Sweeney: RUPERT JOHNSON!
  • Rupert cuts Captains neck.
  • CC: Uh. Okay. It's clear that you are not a barber. That this is just your house and that, that's probably not you're neighbor.
  • Rupert: That's Mrs.Lovett.
  • CC: That's, that's not Mrs.Lovett.
  • Sweeney: That is Mrs.Lovett
  • CC: That is a fictional character
  • Sweeney: THAT IS MRS.LOVETT.
  • CC: That is a fictional character.
  • Rupert: SIR!
  • CC: I am going to leave.
  • Rupert: I gave you a banana, sir. Sit! Sit, sir, sit!
  • CC: I'm outta here. I'm- This is unhealthy for you. This is unhealthy for me. I'm leaving.
  • Looks at Mrs.Lovett
  • It's nice to have met you. I'm out of here.