captain charming bromance

Masterpiece (1/1)

“Make everyday a masterpiece”-Wooden. 

Killian talks of running and it makes her head spin. After all, this was the man who stayed

Rating: T

“Have you ever thought about moving?”

The question is so out-of-the-blue that Emma halts all movement, leaving her red leather jacket hanging at her elbows. She cocks her head, turning slowly to the centuries-old man who just stumped her.

“Excuse me?” She is standing in the foyer of their house, the place the damned pirate had chosen himself. It’s pretty and she can afford it and it’s close to his stupid sea so what on–Oh.

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Captain Charming: “The Get Along Shirt”

Brotp since the end of season 2! 

Break from ‘Ask the ouat crew’ like damn that had turned out to be more popular than expected! I apologies for being a tad bit slow with the answers, it takes a while to come up with something and draw it, like damn guys 50+ questions! 

Anyway! Yes Hook has two hands, I keep forgetting the hook until it’s too late… OTL

  • Charming: Hook! Mate!
  • Hook: Dave! Mate!
  • Hook: Wait what's--are you wearing guyliner?!
  • Charming: You like it?
  • Charming: Check out my new outfit too!
  • Charming: Now we match!
  • Hook: Whoah
  • Hook: you stole my look?!
  • Hook: not cool bro
  • Hook: anyway it looks better on me
  • Charming: What?!
  • Charming: way to break a man's heart bro
  • Hook: look I can't help it that being roguishly handsome comes more naturally to me
  • Charming: right that's it
  • Hook: *draws sword* BRING IT ON YOU WANNABE
  • David: bro you'd carve my name into that rock for me?
  • Killian: anything for you bro
  • Killian: bro look I even made the little dot above the i into a heart
  • Killian: do you like it?
  • Killian: look I added "and Killian Jones 4eva" under your name, bro
  • Killian: bro do you love it cos I love it and now you can stay down here and we don't have to be separated again, bro
  • David: bro I love it

Captain Charming: Mate! 

Please Killian wasn’t pointing at Rumple, he was trying to reach out to Charming! 

 Too soon?