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Ugh! Captain Charming. Where to begin??

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What is not to love?

Although they got off to a rocky start, I think the phrase ‘like father like daughter’ fits the progression between these two.

Like Emma, David wasn’t having any of Killian’s saucy attitude. 

“I’m winning you over I can feel it”

But all it took was for Killian to prove he was honest in his intentions of helping them and David was won over. 

I love the way David was lowkey warming up to him way before he’d ever admit it.

They way they’d both help each other and team up without having to even think about it. 

But this moment here. 

I want to talk about this particular moment.

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I love how Killian totally outed Emma. It was like he knew David would be outraged. 

Look at him. He’s all “That’s right, Swan. I’m getting your father involved. He’ll agree with me. Ain’t that right, Dave?”

And poor David is all “You were gonna marry some man I didn’t even meet? That I didn’t get to know or approve of? Emma, what were you thinking?!”

“Did you miss the part where I said monster, mate? You thought having a pirate for a son-in-law was a bad choice, imagine having a flying monkey over for Sunday dinners. I’m not looking so bad now, am I?”

“Killian, I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this sooner - Emma, i’m in shock.”

“We’re just looking out for you, love.”

These two are probably my absolute favourite BROTP of all time and i’m so excited to see what we’re gonna get from them in season 6.

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The real reason they didn't put the crocodile on that tombstone.
  • Killian:Can’t we just write Crocodile?
  • David:I'm pretty sure it has to be a real name. What about Gold?
  • Killian:Do *you* know his first name?
  • David:Mr?
  • Killian:*long suffering sigh*
  • David:I'm pretty sure there is a Z in there somewhere. Rum...pel...stilt...zkin?
  • Killian:There is no Z in there.
  • David:I don't see you doing much better, pirate. You’ve been trying to kill him for centuries and you can’t even spell his true name?
  • Killian:I didn’t exactly write it down, Dave. IT WAS ATTEMPTED MURDER, NOT A LOVE LETTER.