Captain Charming Smut for Captain Charming Friday

Dom!Charming, Sub!Hook, Cheating, BDSM, Happy Friday

He’d called around to see Emma and Emma wasn’t there. They hadn’t arranged anything, he told Charming when he answered the door and said she was doing something with Regina - and Snow had run out to the store. Charming was only in his underwear, his body big and warm. Even near-naked there was something pure about him.

Oh, to corrupt this flesh.

And Hook looked right at Charming’s dick, ready to laugh and say, “Sorry, mate. Couldn’t help meself,” if he got the wrong reaction. But he didn’t. He looked up again to see Charming staring, lips parted. Panting.

“Dave?’ he said, wondering what was about to happen, sure something was. And then, somewhere behind David, Neal cried, and the moment snapped.

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