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12. Character with your favorite voice/seiyuu

Tobio Ooike~

(This is non biased by the way.) XD

I think that Tobio’s japanese voice is like the cutest thing since sliced bread! When I finished watching Metal Fusion, I started to watch some Metal Fight episodes, and I was like like “N'awww.” And whenever he spoke I was like ~stareeeee~.

In my opinion I prefer his Japanese voice to his english voice. Theres nothing ~that bad~ about his English dubbed vouce, it’s just that it goes a bit retarded sometimes. Like in that episode when he and Ginga are battling in that weird desert looking town. His voice so… weird in that episode that I can’t help but laugh at it. Ah.. I love that episode. xD

I was so happy when I watched the Sol Blaze Movie and he had an appearance in it.

I nearly died.

Unpopular opinion


Tobio is one of my favourite characters.

Unpopular opinion?