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Solangelo Pirate AU --Part Two--

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“Is everything alright, cap’in?”

“Hmm, yes, yes. Have the prisoners given any information yet?”

“Yes, cap’in. Two of them had been those servants of the higher class. Prisoners say they were the lot who frequented the royal family’s quarters and runs ‘em errands.”

“Good. Have you identified them?”

“Yes sir. One, the girl, was a rather feisty little thing. Unfortunately the urchin… um…”

“Well? Spit it out.”

“Little lass went crazy and Tommy had to shoot her.”

Will sighed, rubbing his ring-decorated fingers over his face. No, this simply couldn’t do. “And the other one?” he grumbled.

“Still half asleep and mumbling. I think we might ‘ave hit him on the noggin a tad too hard.”

“Good. Tie him up in my quarters—I’ll be the one doing the interrogating, else you bloody bastards end up killing our key to getting that treasure.”

Captain Solace’s second mate, Lancer, nodded his head of ragged brown hair and offered a crooked-tooth grin. “Pardon me, cap’in,” he said, putting a finger forward. “But how’s killin’ off the royal family going to get us rich? If we do it then… we got’s to do it fast, and we wouldn’t be able to raid all their riches.”

“Hmm… you’re not as stupid as I thought. We will get some of their stuff, but a bounty’s up on their heads. Captain Jackson has a score to settle with the snotty-nosed fools, anyone who can kill them gets a chest full of rubies. Not on his priority list of people to kill, but he hates them anyway.” Will smiled to himself. Pirate bounties were always up for grabs, if you knew where to look. Rich enough pirates, like Percy Jackson for example, could give you a good amount of riches for killing people they want dead but couldn’t bother to do so themselves.

The pirate industry was far better than the trading industry now a days.

Will frowned, glaring at his second mate. “What are you still standing here for? Go tie up the prisoner!”

“Y-yes cap’in!” Lancer stumbled away in a rush, leaving Will alone at the head of the deck.

The waves were calm today. The weather was wonderful and not a single thing seemed out of place. Will had his crew weigh anchor just off the coast of an isolated beach, a little way from the kingdom’s docks. Once the royal family was disposed of, Will would get his bounty and say goodbye to the vast town filled with penniless, miserable people.

Ah yes. Life on the sea was one for him! Well… he will miss someone.  

Nico… He was too sincere, too charming, too wonderful of a person to leave behind. It was a long shot, but Will knew he would find him again. He would find Nico and ask him to come with, to leave the drab city behind. He had so much potential and wonder…

Yes, somehow, when they return to the docks to execute the mission, he’d find Nico. He’d force him onto the ship if he had to.

He just… he didn’t want to lose him.

“The servant’s all ready for interrogation, sir. A feisty one he is, squirmin’ and thrashin’ all about.”

“Alright. Thank you, Lancer.”

Across the deck and into the captain’s quarters Will went, making sure to keep his pistols well hidden within his coat. His first mate, Kayla, was awaiting him by the double doors. She had a small smirk on her face as he set his hands on the knobs.

“I wish you the best of luck, dear brother.” She said, giving a little mock-salute. “You’ll need it.”

Will was all too used to her antics. “That bad, huh?”

She nodded. “Like he’s possessed by the devil ‘imself.”

“Good,” the captain smiled, turning the brass knobs. “I like a challenge.”


Nico’s wrists burned horribly from the rope.

He twisted and turned in desperation to find anything so use as a means of escape. There was a single cot and a dresser on the far side of the room, filled with all sorts of knick-knacks, they were two far away. Crammed against the wall on the opposite side were what seemed to be more dressers, desks and cabinets filled with sparkling knick-knacks of a similar kind. Again, too far away. This left him securely tied to a chair in the middle of a bare floor facing an ominous looking set of double doors.

He tried moving his chair, to inch it toward the pile of knick-knacks, but it seemed to be made of an especially heavy wood or metal because it simply wouldn’t budge. It wouldn’t even topple over!

Frustrated, Nico let out another scream through his gag. This cloth was replaced by something less pungent than what was put on him during the kidnapping, but it was still horribly disgusting. Who knew how many mouths this thing had been used on.

Just as he was ready to give his bound wrists another thrashing, the double doors opened and he froze. The pirates who’d bound him said that The Captain was coming. Oh god…


Holy sh-


Blue eyes, blond hair, sun-kissed skin and a splash of freckles… all fit into one hell of an outfit with a royal-red coat, glinting belts, and a rather flamboyant, black, wide-brimmed hat. What the hell…?

Nico simply could believe his luck- or misfortune, he had yet to find out- as the man approached with an honestly puzzled expression. He tugged down Nico’s gag so he could gape as well as stare in disbelief.

“Nico… what?” Will wondered how Lancer didn’t tell him it was Nico. Of all people who he would soon murder, it had to be this boy. Well… he was the captain, after all. What he says goes.

“Y-you’re a pirate?!” Nico screamed, causing Will to flinch.

“Well, I-“

“You said you were a merchant! You dirty lying-“

“Hey, let me explain!” He raised his hands in surrender. “Would you have believed me if had told you I was one? And if you did, would you still have hung out with me?”

Nico gaped, at a loss for answers. He did have a point. “But…”

“Listen, I found you… well, putting it bluntly, attractive.”

Nico didn’t want to give him any hope, but well… the color rising to his cheeks was involuntary.

“I wanted to befriend you, alright? I wanted to get to be someone in your life. In truth, I was going to find you after we completed what needed to be done, the reason we’re in this kingdom. I was going to ask you to leave the place with me, confess who I really was, but I swear to you, the only lie I’ve ever told you was about my being a merchant. I swear.”

This man was either all too honest and straight-forward, or an extremely good liar. Whichever, Nico found himself wanting to believe Will. He felt like in those two days he was with him, he’d suddenly known every single thing about this man, and admittedly found those things endearing. But now that knowledge was in great doubt.

Will Solace was a pirate. A bloody pirate. They pillaged and plundered and murdered… yet they did they wanted and went wherever they wanted. And Will… Will wasn’t just a pirate, he was a goddamn captain of an entire crew. If Will really did care about him…

Something more to life, huh?

“What… what was ‘needed to be done’?” he asked, his dark eyes scanning the captain for any signs of malice. All he saw was a blink of surprise.


“You said you were only in this kingdom to do a job of sorts. What job is it, and what does it have to do with me?”


“Be honest with me, Will.” His locked their gazes, making sure to convey every ounce of conviction, wanting, and maybe even a bit of desperation, in that one look.

“I…” His shoulders slumped. “Well, I have to tell you sometime, don’t I?” He let out a small chuckle. Then straightened back up, now wearing an expression of relief. “The royal family has a considerably high price on their heads, and we want that bounty. You, Nico, are a servant on the inside. You work in close quarters with the royals and know the ins and outs to their private chambers. You hold information.”

“So… you’re going to murder them?”



Well, those snot-holes were nothing but stuck-up rulers who hoarded all the money for themselves and left the kingdom starving. They were harsh and rude, especially the eldest princess. Hah, at times, Nico found him close to murdering her himself. There were even talks of a revolution around town, a storming of the palace by the people. Well, killing them swiftly and privately would make that whole ordeal easier.

“You do realize that the place is heavily guarded right? And the guards are pretty good at their job so…”

“Does this mean you’ll help us?” Will was absolutely beaming. Nico almost laughed.

“Does this mean you’ll take me as far away from this kingdom as possible?”

“You can count on that.”

“And I can join your crew?”

“Of course!”

“And you’ll untie me? My wrists are burning.”

“Oh, uh, I-I’ll get to that now.” This time, Nico had to actually laugh. Will was flustered and clearly embarrassed as he pulled out a knife and began to cut through the knots. He was adorable.

“Then you have yourself a done deal.”

Will looked up, a wild grin playing on his lips. “One more thing,” he said. “Promise to have a one-on-one dinner with me sometime?”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Um… yes…?”

Nico rolled his eyes, breaking into a smile of his own. “Finish untying me and I’ll think about it.”

Will laughed. “That’s good enough for me.”


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Question Time! What inspired you to do marching band?

I’ll go first! Honestly, marching band terrified me. My older sister did it and just the thought of marching make my stomach queasy. My middle school band director told me I was (out of wanting me to, I was good apparently). And my trumpet buddy marched early at her old middle school because she was THAT good! So, band camp rolled around. And I kinda got it…and I started having fun. These past three years have been an utter blast and I expect nothing less for my senior year. I might not be Drum Major, but I can make it as “assistant” and most definitely will bond with my section and the brass as Brass Captain with my best friend.

the smh marching band au you’ve been waiting for

Eric Bittle—former captain of his high school’s color guard, vlogger extraordinaire, and amateur pâtissier—is starting his freshman year participating in the prestigious Samwell University Wellie Marching Band. It’s nothing like his small underfunded band in the South. For one? They have the money to buy proper equipment–the stuff that Bitty has only dreamed about.

  • Bitty is flipping his shit internally because he knows that college marching band is a whole ‘nother level than high school and it’s not just any college band it’s Samwell, possibly one of the best college marching bands in the states
  • and when he shows up at Samwell that summer for band camp he meets:
  • Jack, a phenomenal trumpet player of legend, not to mention the band’s drum major
    • the son of Bad Bob Zimmerman, the greatest trumpet player in the history of Drum Corps International (basically pro marching band)
  • Shitty, the half naked, obscene, and open minded center snare and drum line captain 
  • Ransom (who is one of too many tuba players) and Holster (who one of the few mellophone players) are the gung ho bro brass captains 
    • they have section headbands and everything, brass players are very enthusiastic 
  • Nursey and Dex, are the woodwind captains who never stop bickering
    • it literally drives everyone nuts
    • the band places bets on how long it will be until they start up another argument 
  • Nursey went to Juliard  as a kid and is a literal clarinet god and owns like seven custom clarinets from France and Dex hates him everyday for it because he’s still beautifully *honking* away at his old middle school saxophone
    • which is not saying much because Dex is the best sax player Nursey’s ever met, and he studied at Julliard  for Christ’s sake. imagine what would happen if he ditched his old Yamaha??!? the world would bow to his feet
  • Lardo, the piccolo player and other drum major who keeps the whole band more organized and in control than Hall and Murray combined
  • and Chowder the sweet innocent flute player who has a vibrato strong enough to make even the manliest men cry

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There's been a lot of unrest in the band since the Drum Major and clarinet sec. Leader broke up, and now the brass captain is dating the Drum Major and people are choosing sides...

I can’t believe people are Twilighting your marching band.

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Tell me all of those Haikyuu!!marching band headcanons


Drum Majors: Oikawa is loved by everyone and he’s known for kind of being an airhead, but his conducting is really solid and his pre-competition talks are very inspiring. Somehow he manages to personally connect with every single member of the band. Kuroo is super intense on the field and while he’s conducting and he scares the shit out of all the rookies, but if he hears you practicing or working drill he’ll come up to you and give you pointers.

Flute: Ennoshita is only 4th chair because he quit band for a year, but no he’s working really hard to improve. He made flute section leader which is really exciting, and everyone looks up to him, even some of the upperclassmen.

Clarinet: The most drama filled section, tbh. Oikawa and Sugawara are both third years (1st and 2nd chair, respectively) who have their separate talents but play very well together. Oikawa can play anything you put in front of him and is a whiz with technicality, but Suga is more musical and works tirelessly to perfect the more difficult passages. Both had heard multiple stories of the incoming first year Kageyama, a.k.a. the “King of the Concert Hall” who’s a child prodigy but also self-centered and unable to play well in an ensemble. Oikawa had helped Kageyama when they were younger and went to the same school, but he broke off relations when Kageyama landed 1st chair in the All-State Orchestra with a score of 98.6 to Oikawa’s 94.3. Suga tries to steer clear of the tension between them while also attempting to mend their relationship to make the section stronger.

Saxophone: Kenma took first chair his first year with his analytic approach to sight-reading, blazing scales, and incredible ear for pitch and section balancing. Kuroo, his neighbor, had convinced him to join marching band even though Kenma abhors anything involving perspiration. Yamaguchi realized within the first half of the summer that he wasn’t good enough to make a place for himself among the great alto section, and took the opportunity to use the school’s only tenor and teach himself how to play. His willingness to improve will propel him far in the band. Tsukishima, brilliant on alto, got bored with the sound and switched over to baritone sax around the time Yamaguchi switched. He’s incredible, of course, and Kuroo (a fellow bari) has taken a special interest in him. Tsukishima seems mostly indifferent to most aspects of band, however.

Trumpet: Daichi plays trumpet in the band, is known for having incredibly solid intonation and a knack for musicality. Hinata, an average trumpet player at best, was only revealed to be an exceptional child when he wailed out a high-C on rookie night. He got up to an E before Daichi dragged him to Director Ukai. His playing is rough, but determination and a fiery passion for music will get him far. His dream is to play with the Blue Devils and he might just make it.

Mellophone: Yaku can play the mello exceptionally well, and often solos in the marching shows. He got the position of section leader and has caught Ukai’s attention to be the next brass captain due to his passion for marching and patient but firm approach to teaching.

Trombone: Tanaka, unfortunately, is the stereotypical trombonist. He’s first chair and section leader, but he attempts to scare the freshmen in submission. At heart, he’s a softie and honestly cares about the success and well-being of the band.

Baritone: There was some concern about 5’2 Nishinoya marching a baritone, but he built up a ton of muscle and positively carries the rest of the band with his powerful sound. Karasuno’s famed brass balance comes from his low-brass section.

Sousa: Asahi has a ferocious sound but is a huge dork. He can be tough on his section when called for, but usually leads through example and quiet, meaningful praise.

Percussion: Section leader Iwa plays center tenor and is known for his incredible internal metronome. With him on battery the section and band rarely ever lose time. He and Oikawa are famously connected during performances. Taketora plays snare very well and extremely clean, but loves to show off to anyone and everyone.

Random extra headcanons:

  • Kags and Hina first met at All-State auditions when Hinata emptied his spit valve on Kageyama’s polishing cloth by accident

  • Tanaka and Noya often reenact the “When Mom Isn’t Home” vine until Daichi hears them

  • Kageyama is super into DCI. He acts nonchalant about it, but put on Tilt or E=MC2 and his eyes get all glassy and he won’t pay attention to anything else. He’s also interested in the Blue Devils

  • Ennoshita and Yaku are surprisingly close and have a ton of inside jokes

  • Whenever a rookie gets Tanaka and Taketora mixed up they have to pay each of them a dollar in regret and shame

  • Takeda is their official concert band director with Kiyoko as assistant, and Ukai is their marching director in-season

  • Noya, Yaku, Kageyama, and Daichi are hands down the most skilled marchers

  • Kageyama is trying to get someone to teach him a brass instrument so he can march in an international drum corps

  • During competitions, Kags, Hina, Tsuki, and Yamaguchi room together, and KageHina always fight about shower order

  • It is universally known that you never bother Suga on practice mornings until he’s had his coffee

  • Kuroo and Oikawa have stickers on their whistles so they don’t get them mixed up

I feel my life force being sucked out of me by RWBY marching band au so here we gooo

Some background: the Beacon High Marching Beowolves are a smallish band, in a smaller division. Ruby Rose is a sophomore student who applied for the drum major position (the one and only spot) to lead the band. Thing is, so did junior Weiss Schnee, woodwind captain and flute player, BUT director Ozpin decided to go with a young candidate who would lead the band for three years. SO Weiss naturally is very jealous of her and so head bumping ensues. 

Pyrrha’s the brass captain and marches baritone and leads a very successful brass section. More on that later probably

MORE IN GENERAL later. Too many people to draw, not enough time =v=

Where are you band nerd + rwby fans I know you’re out there

  • Band director: I remember we used to practice on the student parking lot, but there’d be a car that someone refused to move. One time we just had the low brass move the car, and they all went, "Zoop!" and picked it up and moved it.
  • Mellophone captain: Wait, low brass did that?
  • Band director: Yeah.
  • Mellophone captain: YEEEEAAAAAAH! LOW BRASS SMASH!

I died a little inside :’) God I love CSI
'CSI' Shocker: Original Star to Exit (Exclusive)

CBS’ CSI: Crime Scene Investigation will say farewell to one of its last remaining original stars this season. Paul Guilfoyle, who has played Captain Jim Brass on all 14 seasons of the procedural, will exit the drama this season, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively.

Not surprised at all. It felt like his arc with Ellie this season was his swan song and he’s been in fewer and fewer episodes this season. I wish Paul all the best because I love Brass so much. I’ll miss him. I think we all will. I hope he and Sara get a final scene. I’ve always loved their relationship.

And for the record, Hollywood Reporter gets the cast status of Jorja wrong in this but whatever.