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World Collision -- Chapter 3


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Settling In

“Luthor!” Seeker stopped in front of the large circle of technology that was in an area of the large chamber that was closer to the outer wall. “Get over here! We have to connect up to the Watchtower as soon as possible!”

Now?” A bald man pushed himself out from under one of the computer consoles and sat up, glaring at Seeker in an irritated manner.

“Yes, now. Get Brainiac and get the connection set up.” Seeker fixed the man with a frown that sent chills down Myra’s spine and made the bald man stiffen instantly. He was able to recover quickly from it, however, and was soon back with a grumpy persona.

“All right, all right! Just give me a moment!” The man turned and stalked over to somewhere hidden behind a couple computer towers.

“Why is it that Luthor is the one who was given permission to do this?” James asked, frowning. “Why not Gear, or Forge?”

“Because he knows how to get into the Watchtower’s security systems better than anyone else,” Seeker replied. “That, and we needed something to keep him and Brainiac busy.”

“Who?” Myra asked in confusion.

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World Collision -- Chapter 5

If you guys are following me for my part in the Gravity Falls Brain Trauma AU, this is where most of my inspiration goes on a given day. Maria – my main OC – and her adventures across the Multiverse. If you want to know more about Maria, look into my FF profile here. I have plans for some GF-related stuff in the works, but Maria’s not gonna reach that point for a while.

You can start from the beginning of World Collision here on FF, if you want to catch up. The basic summary is that a bunch of worlds got smushed together and something’s gotta be done in order to fix it. Chapter five is also there, if you don’t want to read it on Tumblr.

So, without further ado….

Meeting the World Jumper

When the two girls arrived at the workshop where Myra knew the World Jumper had been taken, Myra was somewhat surprised to find that, not only Captain America was there, but also a small number of other costumed and armored heroes that she had only been really able to see in passing before.

“What are you guys doing here?” Myra asked, looking around in confusion at the small group. “Is it because of the World Jumper?”

She was met with a number of nods in response.

“She’s worked with all of us,” explained a young man wearing blue armor. His green eyes somehow looked old. “We thought it might be a good idea to have familiar faces nearby to start with.”

The figure next to him – Zero, Myra remembered his name from when she had run into him – let out a snort. “And they don’t want her to go berserk again.”

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Many of the faces of evil (with various degrees of mischief) from the DC Super Villains card set, published by Cryptozoic!