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Kylo Ren (Star Wars)

Imagine encouraging Kylo when he’s in doubt about his dedication to the dark side
Imagine demanding Kylo to use the Force on you because he doesn’t want to believe you actually care for him
Imagine Kylo hunting you down after finding out you’re force sensitive
Imagine Kylo putting his black cloak around you because he notices that you’re cold
Imagine swimming in a pond with Kylo on an unknown planet at night
Imagine realising you’re force sensitive while kissing Kylo Ren
Imagine being Kylo’s apprentice and showing up sick for training because you don’t want him to think you’re weak
Imagine being Kylo’s apprentice and he decides to marry you off. What he doesn’t is that you’re in love with him (Part I)
“I love you and it fucking scares me” (Part II)
I think I know how I can cheer you up (NSFW)
Imagine killing Rey in order to protect Kylo
Imagine watching Harry Potter with Kylo
Imagine Ben Solo being your teenage love. When you leave for a mission and return a few years later, you find out he…
Imagine Kylo Ren saving you from slavery and teaching you the ways of the Force.

Eric (Divergent)

Imagine Eric throwing you in a pool
Imagine falling asleep against Eric’s shoulder
Imagine saying goodbye to Eric because you’re leaving Dauntless
Imagine Eric making your life in Dauntless a living hell
Imagine Eric saving you from a knife attack
Imagine getting stuck in a train with Eric in the middle of nowhere
Imagine accidentally hitting Eric with your water pistol
Imagine spending Halloween with Eric in Dauntless 🎃
Imagine Eric finding out his death is a part of your fear landscape
Imagine being Eric’s girlfriend and Peter finding out you’re afraid of clowns, so he decides to… 🎃
Imagine being bullied by the other initiates and calling motivating you to keep going
Imagine loving the Christmas season but Eric absolutely hates it. Still, you spend the day forcing him… (NSFW) 🎄
Imagine being caught under the mistletoe with Eric 🎄
Imagine having your first kiss with Eric on New Year’s Eve 🍾
Imagine finally opening up to Eric on Christmas 🎄
Imagine Eric and you being sworn enemies but forced to plan a Christmas party together 🎄
Imagine Eric taking you hostage
Imagine being Tris’ sister and hunting Divergents with Eric, your boyfriend.
Imagine kissing Eric while sparring with him in the training room
Imagine Eric thinking you’re cheating on him because you spend a lot of time with Four. What he doesn’t know is…

Captain Boomerang (Suicide Squad)

Imagine Captain Boomerang teaching you how to throw boomerangs (Part I)
Imagine Captain Boomerang taking you hostage (Part I)
Imagine Captain Boomerang comforting you (Part II)
Partners in crime (Part III)
Imagine running from the police with Captain Boomerang and him showing them he’s got you “in his grip” (Part IV)
Imagine cuddling with Captain Boomerang to stay warm
Imagine Captain Boomerang buying you drinks in a bar
Imagine joining the Suicide Squad and impressing Captain Boomerang with your skills
Imagine Captain Boomerang introducing you to the Suicide Squad (Part I)
Imagine helping the Suicide Squad on their mission to hook up with Captain Boomerang (Part II) (NSFW)
Imagine hiding Pinky from Captain Boomerang (NSFW)
Happy Birthday
Imagine being pregnant with Captain Boomerang’s child and the Suicide Squad finding out
Imagine being Captain Boomerang’s girlfriend. You get caught for interrogation concerning his…
Imagine Captain Boomerang being your cellmate. You befriend each other and make up plans to escape
Imagine Captain Boomerang being the only one who knows about your boyfriend being abusive (Part I)
Imagine being very skittish because your former boyfriend has been abusive. Captain Boomerang is the only… (Part II)
Imagine taking a shower with Captain Boomerang (NSFW)
Imagine trying to rob Captain Boomerang
Imagine being Captain Boomerang’s girlfriend. You’re a meta-human being and forced to join the Suicide Squad. (Part I)
Imagine being part of the Suicide Squad and Captain Boomerang, your boyfriend, trying to protect you. (Part II)
Imagine being Captain Boomerang’s wife and being used as leverage to get him to cooperate
Imagine taking care of a needy Captain Boomerang when he’s sick
Imagine being part of the Suicide Squad and Captain Boomerang constantly teasing you
Imagine Captain Boomerang stopping you from trying to save El Diablo
Imagine Captain Boomerang saving you from your pander (NSFW)
Imagine Captain Boomerang taking your virginity (NSFW)
Imagine Captain Boomerang taking you on a date (NSFW)
Imagine Captain Boomerang and you constantly fighting because of your different nationalities (NSFW)
Imagine having sex with Captain Boomerang in a pile of leaves (NSFW)
Imagine being a meta-human running from your abusive father. You join the Suicide Squad and…
Imagine stitching up Pinky for Captain Boomerang after he’d accidentally got it ripped up
Imagine finding out that Captain Boomerang can sing
Imagine comforting Captain Boomerang after he’s had a nightmare
Imagine fulfilling one of Captain Boomerang’s childhood dreams by adopting a puppy
Imagine going trick or treating with Captain Boomerang and your child 🎃
Imagine teaching Captain Boomerang about the American Halloween traditions 🎃
Imagine being badly injured when trying to protect Captain Boomerang in a fight
Imagine Captain Boomerang getting jealous when a soldier flirts with you
Imagine Captain Boomerang finding out you used to date The Flash
Imagine Captain Boomerang meeting your ex-boyfriend
Imagine Captain Boomerang being jealous because you are able to speak Spanish with El Diablo
Imagine Captain Boomerang having a crush on you and thus getting soft whenever he’s around you, having the…
Imagine being a meta-human and part of the Suicide Squad. Everybody hates you for your recklessness and pranks…
Imagine being a meta-human superhero and in a relationship with Captain Boomerang without knowing about…
Imagine Captain Boomerang finding out you’re ticklish
Imagine being caught under the mistletoe with Captain Boomerang 🎄
Imagine decorating your apartment for Christmas with Captain Boomerang. 🎄
Imagine Captain Boomerang being the only one spending Christmas with you 🎄
Imagine threatening Captain Boomerang to beat him with your spoon if he keeps stealing… 🎄
Imagine Captain Boomerang being terrible at wrapping Christmas presents 🎄
Imagine “celebrating” Christmas with Captain Boomerang and Harley and Flag walk in on you (NSFW) 🎄
Imagine doing Secret Santa with the Suicide Squad and you get Captain Boomerang 🎄
Imagine dating Captain Boomerang but being caught under the mistletoe with Chato. Digger doesn’t approve. At all. 🎄
Imagine getting lost in a forest at night and Captain Boomerang, worried for you, finding you.
Imagine being Amanda Waller’s daughter and getting kidnapped by Captain Boomerang
Imagine Captain Boomerang’s daughter coming home with roses on Valentine’s Day, with him freaking out and you…
Imagine asking Captain Boomerang to ask period products for you and him just being utterly confused (NSFW)
Imagine Captain Boomerang trying to rob your apartment but you surprising him
Imagine singing under the shower with the whole Squad listening. When Captain Boomerang, your boyfriend,…
Imagine stargazing with Captain Boomerang
Imagine Captain Boomerang getting you jealous by flirting with Poison Ivy until you snap and he reveals that he likes…
Imagine slipping Captain Boomerang notes because you’re too shy to tell him about your crush. That is until…
Imagine Captain Boomerang kidnapping you for ransom (NSFW)

Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad)

Dating Harley Quinn would involve… (NSFW)
Imagine Harley Quinn having a blatant crush on you but you never realise until one day, she catches you… (NSFW)
Imagine wearing matching Christmas sweaters with Harley Quinn. 🎄
Imagine Harley Quinn asking you to spend Christmas with her 🎄
Imagine Harley Quinn eating all the popcorn you had wanted to use for decoration 🎄
Imagine Harley Quinn meeting you at a costume party and taking a liking into you. (NSFW)

30 Days Writing Challenge ~ October 🎃

“Oh shit… it’s October” | feat. Harley Quinn
Cuddling up~ | feat. Captain Boomerang
“…I think I’m getting sick” | feat. Eric
Cool mugs, warm drinks | feat. Captain Boomerang
Cloudy skies and fog | feat. Loki
Leaves | feat. Kylo Ren
Apple picking | feat. Captain Boomerang and Chato Santana/El Diablo
Candle shopping | feat. Harley Quinn
Pumpkin Spice Everything | feat. Loki
“Dude, check out my sweater” | feat. Eric
Hayrides, scarecrows and cornfields, oh my! | feat. Eric
House decorating | feat. Harley Quinn
Cats, cats, cats! | feat. Loki
“Let’s watch a scary movie!” | feat. Loki
-squints- “the crows…” | feat. Captain Boomerang
To The Pumpkin Patch! | feat. Loki
AHH, spiders! | feat. Captain Boomerang
(Spooky Scary) Skeletons | feat. Loki
ALL OF THE CANDY! | feat. Harley Quinn (NSFW)
Oh look! A Haunted House! | feat. Loki
A walk in the woods | feat. Captain Boomerang
Bats, man! | feat. Loki
“Awwoooo!” | feat. Eric
A(n) (un)authorised graveyard tour | feat. Loki What’s your costume gonna be? | feat. Captain Boomerang
AHH! Nightmare! | feat. Eric
Which witch? | feat. Captain Boomerang
BLOOD | feat. Loki
“IT’S ALIVE!” | feat. Eric
“… that was totally a ghost.” | feat. Loki
HALLOWEEN! | feat. Captain Boomerang (NSFW)

Loki (The Avengers/Thor)

Imagine Loki carrying you to bed after you’ve fallen asleep
Imagine taking a bath with Loki (NSFW)
Imagine shamelessly flirting with Loki whilst being drunk
Imagine getting trapped with Loki in an ancient castle
Imagine Loki calling you his queen for the first time
Imagine Loki controlling you with his scepter. When Thor manages to reverse the magic, you stay with…
Imagine getting Loki to dress up as the Joker on Halloween and annoying him with your Harley Quinn impression 🎃
Imagine Loki taking you to Jötunheim so you can see real snow for Christmas 🎄
Imagine Loki teaching you how to ice skate ☃️
Imagine “celebrating” Christmas with Loki and Tony walks in on you (NSFW) 🎄
Imagine sneaking out in the middle of the night with Loki to play in the snow ☃️
Imagine introducing Loki to your favourite Christmas movies and spending the day watching them with him 🎄
Imagine Loki accidentally hurting you while teaching you how to ice skate and then… ☃️
Imagine Loki asking you what you wish for Christmas but there is nothing you want. Except him. (NSFW) 🎄
Imagine telling Loki to wrap the Christmas presents and he fails pathetically. 🎄
Imagine decorating the Avengers Tower for Christmas with Loki 🎄
Imagine being the only one Loki wants to spend Christmas with 🎄
Imagine Loki pulling pranks at a Christmas party. The mistletoe, however, wasn’t his idea. Or so he claims. 🎄
Imagine Loki managing to cheer you up after another lonely New Year’s Eve 🍾
Imagine Loki taking you out to a ball (NSFW)
Imagine losing your job because of your relationship with Loki. Your mood for date night seems ruined… (NSFW)
Imagine trying to convince Loki to stop his attack in New York
Imagine trying to prank Loki on April Fool’s Day. (April Fools!)
Imagine Loki teaching you how to play chess (NSFW)
Imagine being a Frost Giant and not being able to touch anyone… except Loki (Part I)
Imagine flirting with Loki in the midst of battle (Part II) (NSFW)
Imagine being pregnant with Loki’s child and about to give birth while he’s locked away in his cell

A(n) (un)fortunate present (NSFW) (posted on @/imagine-loki)
The Face Of Trust | AO3
Three times and one (Part I) | AO3
Three times and one (Part II) | AO3
Three times and one (Part III) (NSFW) | AO3
Three times and one (Part IV) | AO3
A cage of golden glass (NSFW) | AO3

Captain James Conrad (Kong: Skull Island)

Imagine Captain James Conrad being assigned to train you (Part I)
Imagine Captain James Conrad teaching you how to fire a gun (Part II)
Imagine trying to seduce Captain James Conrad during a survival training (Part III) (NSFW)

Newt Scamander (Fantastic Beasts)

Imagine bringing Newt Scamander, your boyfriend, to meet your parents at Christmas. 🎄
Imagine Newt Scamander helping you to study
Imagine having your first time with Newt Scamander (NSFW)

Adam (Only Lovers Left Alive)

Condolescence (Chapter I) | AO3
Condolescence (Chapter II), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter III), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter IV), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter V), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter VI), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter VII), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter VIII), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter IX), AO3
Condolescence (Chapter X), AO3

Captain Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

Imagine saving Captain Jack Sparrow from the Gallows


Imagine cooking Christmas dinner with… (Crossover: Divergent, Suicide Squad) 🎄
Imagine cooking Christmas dinner with… (Crossover: Thor, Suicide Squad) 🎄

A Tim-fan-friend of mine has been having some rough times and since he likes Owen too I drew this for him!

Owen’s in his Throwback outfit since this obviously takes place in the AU where Owen’s not dead and became an official good guy as well as Tim’s partner.

Also Tim in Unternet costume because yes.