captain blagdog

Bless this fan so much honestly 😭😭😭 I’m crying my goodness

I don’t have Twitter to go thank her but if you do please go there

Also do you think I shouldn’t post this? I’ll take it down if you think not I just really want people to see it

“average person thinks about enjolras and grantaire 1832 times per day” factoid actualy just statistical error. average person thinks about enjolras and grantaire 0 times per day. Georg Blagden, who lives in europe & thinks about them 10,000 times each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

Actual real life conversation between myself and my cousin.
  • Me: Blagdog is the captain of the E/R ship
  • Cousin: Can I just, like, meet him?
  • Me: And then Aaron toots by on a little tugboat and looks up at the giant E/R ship and is completely confused.
  • Cousin: Yes!! Then Blagdog throws him a lifeperserver and pulls him up onto the ship!
  • Me: And then Aaron's like ".....When's lunch?"
  • Cousin: And then there is a unified face palm from everyone in the ship.
Gift for Captain Blagdog of the SS E/R

So a couple of weeks ago I got drunk and made an E/R photobook on Shutterfly (it’s a long story that you can read fully here), but the moral is that I now have an E/R photobook and no real need for it.

I had jokingly mentioned sending it to George, as he is captain of the E/R ship. Then he released the cover song that completely broke the entire fandom, and I realized that I definitely needed to send it to him.

Anyway, I am sending it to him one way or another because I can think of nothing better to do with it, but the thing is, because of the way Shutterfly does their photobooks, there’s a couple of blank pages. And I was thinking, since I’m sending it to him regardless, if any of you wonderful people wanted to send me a message to include with it, I’d gladly do so?

So yeah. If you want to show George how you love him shipping E/R as much as we all do, send me an ask or submit something and I’ll include it (or if you want, just send me your name and location and I’ll include that as well). Please keep message short, as there is a limited amount of space.

I have no idea if anyone is actually going to want to do this, so, uh, deadline is September 15th (or when I run out of room, if that happens)? I think that’s about everything. Hit me up if you have any questions!

so i’m going to see Les Mis on stage in a couple of days and I am so fucking excited so I’m just watching interviews and the making of for the 2012 movie and listening to earlier versions of the song and reading e/R fanfics and listening to George singing because he has a gorgeous voice and I just

am so done