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Hellsing Character Names

So today I was googling the names of some of the Hellsing characters and thought I’d share them with you :D

Integra = (Latin) “Important”

Seras = from the Latin name Sera, meaning “heavenly/winged angel” (here’s the post I found the info from: )

Pip = (English) “lover of horses”

Walter = (Germanic) “ruler of the army”

Enrico = (Italian variant of Henry) “home ruler”

Alexander = (Greek) “defender of men”

Luke = (Greek) “light giving”

Jan = (Hebrew) “gift from God” (WHAT)

Hans = (Germanic) (coincidentally…) “gift from God/God has been gracious” 

Zorin = (Sanskrit) “strong/powerful”

If any of you guys know about the meanings of the names of any other characters feel free to add them!

This was quite a long one, and I am so sorry it took me so long, but here it is! And I am going to have this separate from this, which is how Millennium expresses their love, since this could be a little different.

GIF Request: How They Flirt - Hellsing + Millennium + Iscariot


This smooth-mofo is incredibly knowledgeable on what and how to seduce his partner. He knows exactly what will make his partner blush and what will get them in the mood.


Most of the time, Integra is not one to flirt. She is not one to flirt, instead allowing her partner to flirt with her. She will tend to resist up to a point before giving in and allowing herself to get lost in their affections


Seras is a very shy flirt, shooting her interest lots of glances. At times, she will try to throw in a line or two, but will stutter it out and not know exactly how to handle it.


Pip is, as we already know, incredibly smooth. His flirtatious gestures are always the perfect mix of subtlety and obviousness so that his partner understands the intent without being put off too much.


Walter has a plethora of pick-up lines, all of which range from corny to incredibly smooth. Whatever the case, his lines tend to fluster his partner, which is exactly what he wanted.

The Major

His flirtations would most likely come during dinners that they have together, since that would be his only calm time with them. He can actually be pretty smooth at times, though sometimes comes across as creepy when he gives gestures or looks.

The Doctor

The Doctor is surprisingly playful, though only when his partner initiates it. He will be doing something serious and then his partner may come in and do something mischievous. If it were anyone but them, he would be angry, but plays back with them instead.

The Captain

He will flirt by highlighting his skill, showing that he can take care of you. As shown above, he may include you in said workouts, sneaking in kisses or nuzzles whenever he is able.


His flirts would be playful and not seemingly serious since he’ll compare you to silly things and just make playful jests and gestures.


Zorin is awful with compliments and isn’t able to rightly show her affection. Any kind of show either comes across as rude, insincere, or creepy. Her partner is going to need to get used to this and be able to recognize her trying to be affectionate.


Rip is a clumsy lover, trying to be seductive, but many times falling around or stumbling over her words. Most of the time, though she is embarrassed, her partner finds it incredibly cute.


Luke really enjoys showing off for his partner, whether that means showing off physically or mentally. Knowing that his partner thinks he is amazing is very important to him.


Not only does he use innuendos at all times, he also tends to be rather playful as well, touching his partner whenever he can. Of course, sometimes he can be a little too rough for them, but always tries to make up for it by further playfulness.


Tubalcain is incredibly vocal with his affections, telling his partner how much he cares about them and how amazing he finds them, always reminding them how much he sees in them.


Enrico, like most of the Iscariot, is unable to show traditional affection since he would have to hide his relationship. Instead, he would leave little gifts for his partner, mostly sentimental ones, anonymously.


Anderson and his partner are not able to be a normal couple, not even being able to express affection normally. His flirtations more come from sincere confessions of love and compliments.


Both personalities are ecstatic lovers, tending to their love’s needs in attentive ways. As well, she tends to be rather playful, enjoying surprising her partner, the nature of which depends on which side is in control at the time.


Oh my God forgive me for this GIF. Heinkel is actually rather awkward at times when it comes to flirting. They will try to be smooth, but will sometimes comes across as confusing or strange.

Why of course!

GIF Request: Reunion with Lover: Hellsing + Millennium


He is not one to make a big deal, no matter how long he and his partner have been separated. His affection will instead show in private or while his partner is unable to react, in which he will look at them tenderly or run his fingers through their hair.


At first, she will remain calm and collected. However, when she was in front of her partner, her composure would fade and she would throw her arms around them, a soft smile on her lips as she held them tight.


She would be angry at first, screaming how they were gone for so long and she had no idea if they were even alive any more. Then, the embrace would happen, most likely brought on by her partner, as tears streamed down her face.


He would approach his long-lost love casually, remarking how he knew that they thought he would never return. They would run to him and he would catch them, playfully teasing them about their lack of faith in him.


Though no one would have known, the separation had a huge impact on Walter, and he went through a severe mourning process when you left. However, when you were in his arms again, he squeezed you hard, wanting to make sure you were real.


He would use all of his strength to sweep you up, eliciting a giggle from you. He would exclaim his happiness for all to hear as he held his most beloved in his arms once more.


It would definitely be a classic run-into-each-others’-arms deal, only going in slow motion in their heads. He would wrap them in his arms, not wanting to let go of you ever again.


The two of you would stand a bit apart, tears forming in your eyes as you looked at him from a distance, disbelieving what you were seeing. When you finally cried out his name, he would run, fast as he could, to hold you.


While her partner would be ecstatic, should act indifferent, never allowing her joy to show through after being away for so long. She would hold them, probably not realizing how long she’d been holding them.


A reunion with Schrodinger would be playful. He would lift his partner into the air, twirling them around as he laughed and shouted how much he missed them.


Her joy would be immense. She would want to dance with you before ever allowing you to hold her. She would quote every romantic line she knew before you shut her up with a kiss.


He would find you, wanting to surprise you with his return, before appearing behind you and wrapping his arms around your waist. At first, you didn’t know who he was, until he spoke your name, causing you to smile and turn to rest your head against his chest.


He would act like it was nothing, allowing his partner to run to him, probably tease them on how he didn’t recognize them. He did miss them, but his pride wasn’t going to allow them to know that.


He would want to touch every part of his partner, especially their face, when they back together. He wanted to remind himself of everything the two of you had, and somehow memorize it.

anonymous asked:

how would the millenium and hellsing feel with an s/o that can read thoughts and see into people's past?

Alucard feels relieved. He doesn’t need to explain his actions to you, as you already know everything about him before he’s even thought to tell you. Both of you communicate through subtle glances and knowing nods.

The last thing Seras wants is for you to use and exploit her past. She has no idea that you already know and are horrified/sad that she went through such a childhood, but you never mention it to her. Instead you love her as purely as you know how.

Pip has no idea of the things you know. He wonders why you constantly surprise him with his favorite things or inside jokes from his childhood.

Walter didn’t stand a chance. You knew his secrets and inevitable betrayal and notified all the right people. You could never love a hypocrite, so instead you gain his trust and play him for a fool.


Major knows that you know everything. He only asks that you don’t see him as any less of a human. You respect this and use your ability to his advantage.

Doctor wonders if you’re jealous of his two wives, especially the one he married after the first died during childbirth. You know he’s tired of the jealousy his second wife displayed at all times, so you give him space and relish in the fact that he loves you infinitely more than both.

Captain is nonchalant about the whole thing, and appreciates you understand him on a deeper level.

Zorin is horrified of you. Her games don’t work on you, and your abilities have the tendency to cause her power of illusions to rebound back to her.

Rip Van Winkle is perplexed as to how you know to hug her every year on the 21st of May. You’ll never tell her that the loss of her child breaks your heart.

Schrodinger wonders how you know just where to find him when he thinks of doing a prank. You never let on.

Luke thinks you are the worst kind of monster, and so does Jan. You exploit their fears and insecurities whenever they do you wrong.


(I’m so sorry this wasn’t put out when you weren’t feeling well then, but I hope it makes you smile nonetheless!)

GIF Response: Sick Lover w/ Hellsing + Millennium + Iscariot


Originally posted by welcometoyouredoom

Wouldn’t be overly attentive but would bring you whatever you needed when he was able, and I do mean anything


Originally posted by myboyswickedsmartt

She HATES getting sick, so expect her to keep her distance even when checking up on you


Originally posted by ipunch5yearolds

Will do anything and everything for her poor partner, especially since she can’t get sick anymore but remembers what it felt like


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Yeah…he has no idea how to take care of himself, let alone you - don’t expect much help


Originally posted by r0llcake

As a butler, he is well-equipped to care for you, cooking only the healthiest for you as well as providing any other things you need


Originally posted by ealylo

He will lay in bed with you, relaxing by your side until you’re better, though this is more of an excuse for him to laze around than anything…


Originally posted by chiaramiller

You are in very good hands with the Doctor at your beck and call. Granted, he’ll probably try to over-analyze you for his research, but his heart is in the right place


Originally posted by staywithmeforevr

(I can’t believe I forgot him!) He will be there for his partner when he can, bringing them medicine and food whenever they need it.


Originally posted by blaringblack

Will make you laugh because that’s really all he can do in this situation, as the Doctor will undoubtedly have to be the one to take care of you in the end


Originally posted by disquettesdemec

Won’t know what to do and will end up panicking if you don’t get better soon. She just gets so scared at the thought of you dying


Originally posted by virginiaboredwoolf

Is rather insensitive (what else do you expect from her) and just wants you back on your feet without consideration to how you’re actually feeling, but it’s only because she cares, I promise


Originally posted by drugsandtvshowsallday

Believes that alcohol will fix anything and you end up getting drunk very quickly thanks to his “medicine”…Luckily the Doctor is around to help


Originally posted by r5totallyrocksrosey-blog

Instantly thinks that he knows exactly what will make you feel better even though he knows next to nothing about medicine. While not as bad as Jan with his alcohol medicine, he’ll make you take a bunch of weird stuff


Originally posted by to-cut-a-womans-hair

Is actually pretty skilled with cooking and will prepare lots of soup for you, though won’t stop his daily routine


Originally posted by haidaspicciare

Is very attentive so you are back on your feet in no time. He especially loves to serve you meals in bed


Originally posted by future-run-away

He won’t have any clue and will request that Anderson keep an eye on you as he doesn’t want to get sick nor does he know what to give you


Originally posted by misssparkle7043

Will risk getting sick just to be near you, no matter how ill. She’ll stay in bed until you’re better, loving to cuddle up to you


Originally posted by rukiimi

Is the most tsundere of them all. Gets angry that you weren’t taking care of yourself and tries to distance themselves, though ends up feeling bad and bringing you what you need

“Come Back To Me, That’s An Order" 
[A Pip Bernadotte x Seras Victoria FanMix]

Take Care-Florance and the Machine
Latch- Disclosure ft. Sam Smith
Maps- Maroon 5
So Mean- Matchbox Twenty
How To Be a Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds
Troublemaker- Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida
Locked Out of Heavan- Bruno Mars
Still Into You- Paramore
Next To Me- Emeli Sande
One on One- Hall & Oates
I Will Never Let You Down- Rita Ora
The Way- Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller

Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Car- Billy Ocean
Mercenary- Panic at the Disco

I hope you guys enjoy this little mix that reminds me of Pip and Seras! <3 I tried to throw a few oldies in there because you can never go wrong with some of the classics! Thank you everyone for your follows and threads with me! Pip and I love you all!


Imagine: How the Hellsing characters and Millennium would react to their significant other being shot in front of them.

A request from anon, thank you very much!