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The Rest Of Ali's Q & A

Okay I’m kinda tired of uploading videos and I’m spamming my mutuals’ dashes lol so the rest of the questions:

7. Who else are you close with on the team?: Alanna Kennedy, Marta, Maddy Evans, Chi.

8. Favorite forward?: Christine Sinclair, she’s one of the greatest players in the world. I’m tired of running down fast players like Ohai and Dunn.

9. How did you feel about the captain’s armband?: I wasn’t nervous at all. I don’t think you need an armband to be a leader on the team. I think I’m a leader if I have it or not.

10. What other # would you want to be? 22

11. What other players do you want on the team? We need a strong central mid. Someone like Formiga, Vero, or Melanie Behringer.

12. Biggest inspiration?: My mom and my brother

13. If you weren’t a soccer player what would you be?: I tend to shy away from that question because I love to live in the present and this is what I’m meant to do. I love soccer and my heart is still in it. But I would love to get into broadcasting.

14. Do you ever see yourself as a coach? Ahh um, yes I would. I don’t know if I would love to be a head coach but maybe an assistant role. I would be able to have a more personal connection with the players.

15. Future goals? To win another World Cup. I-I guess I just play in World Cups [laughing] not Olympics.

at dawn

presenting the gryffindor quidditch captains through the years to celebrate the new @hpquidditchnet !

It starts at dawn.

Minerva McGonagall stands broom in hand, eyes on the lilac stained sky. She feels the urge stirring in her bones, the urge to take off, to feel the cold breeze under her ribs, to fly. The smell of broom polish is intoxicating, the soft rustling as robes flutter in the wind a symphony to her ears, her heart soaring underneath the red and gold crest.

She is home.

It starts at dawn.

James Potter watches the tired faces of his team as they complete drill after drill. His eyes track their movements, scribbling notes in his head over the lists of names that burned through the evening paper the night before. He etches drills and plays over the images that haunt his dreams, filling every space in his skull with scrawling diagrams until it is just a sea of ink. Marlene sails the quaffle through the hoops, fist in the air and cheer in her throat.

This, he thinks, this is what we’re fighting for.

It starts at dawn.

Too damn early, in Charlie Weasley’s opinion. It had seemed like a good idea when the new keeper, Wood, had suggested it, but now he’s freezing his arse off at five in the morning instead of buried under duvets he’s reconsidering. The sun’s lighting up the pitch, igniting the fire that burns in his stomach.  It’s this feeling in his chest, the one he gets when he flies high above the stands, that makes him feel like he could breath fire.

It starts at dawn.

And Oliver Wood is ready. Because the feel of a broom under him and goggles holding his hair back on his forehead does something to him. Like every part of him finally settles, slotting together to make a machine of blood and bone and sinew. He is ready, captains armband tight around his arm, ready to carve his team into history where they belong. There is lighting in his bones and thunder in his heart.

A storm is coming.

It starts at dawn.

Angelina Johnson can already feel the weight balanced between her shoulder blades, already hear the fears whispering in her ear. But there is fire in her veins and she won’t go down without a fight. She watches her team, her family, fly. Katie and Alicia, laughing as they duck and weave through the air; Fred and George trying to aim bludgers through the hoops; Ron, looping the pitch slowly as he adjusts his gloves; and Harry, Harry with his eyes that have seen too much, making pulling out of a dive look like a lost art.

There is hope yet she thinks.

It starts at dawn.

Well, it should be starting at dawn but Harry Potter has never been known for his timekeeping abilities. He doesn’t know what he’s doing, he never does, he probably never will, but standing there, boots crunching under leaves that have swept onto the pitch, he feels a tranquillity he hasn’t felt in a while. The team is different from the one he entered six years ago but it’s still the same warmth in his chest as he kicks off from the ground.

The pounding in his chest reminds him he’s alive.

It starts at dawn.

Ginny Weasley bites her lip as she leans against the base of one of the hoops. The pitch is one of the few places she can come without hearing the screams of battle, without smelling the smoke of war. Her hand is still shaking though as she glances to the stands where she used to sit and watch games, watch her brothers, watch Fred. A new morning breaks as the sun rises and she walks to the huddle of scarlet clad players.

And so the game plays on.


Everton 0-3 Chelsea

We are all that fan aren’t we. As Cahill scores, and then runs over to the fans to tell them we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna win the league. Scenes. Come at me if you don’t think he has deserved the captains armband this season, crucial goals, just like JT used to score. The fans ending the game with ‘we’re gonna win the league’ and also ‘are you watching Tottenham’ just like that night in Munich. Beautiful.


Part of the prestige and tradition of the beautiful game; it’s a tradition that other sports have copied. The sport of soccer worldwide has only one captain. Vice captains will take over the band when the captain is subbed out, injured, or card suspended. But there is only one captain on the field at a time.

A captain is the coach on the field. She represents the team as a whole to answer or dispute any officiating within the game. A captain has earned the respect of her teammates. A captain will lead by example and doesn’t use a band as an attempt to stroke her ego. A captain will lead her team and pick them up when they are down. A captain wears the armband on her left sleeve. a symbol of wearing your heart on your sleeve.