captain and danneel


You know… I think this is one of those relationships that there is so much more to it which a lot of people who ship it just don’t notice it. 

So here’s my contribution to it 

Jensen and Danneel were friends …good, old friends in a large group

You know why I love that fact so much? Because it gives a diversity to their relationship. It’s not the traditional ‘love at first sight’ …it’s one of those movie like ones where one day you wake up and say DAMN! …ALL ALONG IT WAS SO CLOSE TO ME! 

Not to mention that it’s just SO perfect to be best friends with your lover 

Jensen and Danneel enjoy doing rare (but absolutely AWESOME) things together …it’s cute and unique …like instead of sitting around the Christmas Tree at Christmas together, they go snowboarding together. Or they go whale sighting, diving, getting (fake!) tattoos together… and that’s one of the things I truly adore and I think it goes back to the fact that they can have fun together as best friends and love each other at the same time

Jensen and Danneel don’t show PDA. Partially, that’s because they’re both very private. And I freaking LOVE that; you know why? I love it that they value their affection for each other enough that they want it to stay something only between them and only for them. Also, they know that they don’t need to show anyone that they love each other. THAT is true love people. You trust that you love a person; you don’t need to prove it to anybody. 

But then …we get snippets of little things that melts our hearts and dare we think of when they’re alone …UGH DON’T LOOK AT ME IT’S CUTENESS OVERLOAD 

They’re so fucking professional when it comes to planning things together. Just look at how they make their public announcements. Like the time when they announced their engagement when they went to see a game or when they announced that they’re expecting their little one in the PCAs

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how they make fun of each other! It’s one of those things that, again, goes back to their friendship roots but ARRRRGHHHH seriously! It’s one of those very unique and perfect things ever! And it goes both ways… Jensen does it whenever he gets to tell a story about him and Danneel and she does it on twitter. It’s one of my favorite things ever. 

I sometimes see people complain about how Jensen isn’t on any social network. Well, I can’t see why they say so… because he is, really. See, he shares Danneel’s twitter with her. They’re always announcing important things on her twitter. Like the time when Jensen wrote a letter apologizing to fans that he couldn’t go to ParisCon, the time Danneel confirmed the pregnancy news, the “It’s a little girl”, and the charity announcement. THEY SHARE FUCKING TWITTER TOGETHER …GAWD …PLEASE STAHP BEING SO ADORABLE! 

They do little things for each other. Like the times when Jensen grows a beard because “most importantly, Danneel likes it” or the time when Danneel dyed her hair because that’s her “husband’s favorite" 

…Also, the fact that they match/share small things. Like that time when Danneel wore Jensen’s necklace or the time when their watches matched. IT IS GREATLY CUTE I THINK I MIGHT DIE! 

So yeah, I fucking love Danneel and Jensen. I think it’s one of those OTPs where you can go from AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW to miserably crying to hysterically laughing. It’s awesome. I'm judging you if you can’t see it.